The Good Son Episode 73 Obet begins his pick pocketing career after Matias' reveals he was once a thief
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The Good Son Episode 73 Written Update

The Good Son Episode 73 Obet begins his pick pocketing career after Matias’ reveals he was once a thief

After making everyone anxious about what he wanted to confess, Matias revealed to his family that he used to be a thief. He explained that he needed to help his siblings survive so his family turned to stealing to earn a living.

He said he later turned into a new leaf as he saw his action was against the law. He then turned against his family and decided not to ever engage in the act of stealing.

Obet, Joseph and Raquel said they believed him and the important thing was that he had changed his life to better.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Matilda hired a private investigator to look into the issue with Matias so that they could get proof against him for killing Victor, therefore getting Calvin acquitted. Enzo overheard them and said he would help as well.

The following day at school, Enzo approached Hazel and asked her to help him get evidence against Matias.

Hazel however refused and said that Matias wouldn’t have killed Victor. Enzo argued that she didn’t know Joseph’s family well and anything could have happened for him to eliminate Victor. He tried to convince her that she should help Calvin instead since he was her brother.

Hazel told Enzo that Joseph’s family stood by them during the incident with Dado while everyone else turned their backs on them. She therefore refused to help Enzo.

The Good Son Episode 73 Written Update

Enzo wants Hazel to help him gather evidence against Matias

Joseph overheard them and approached Enzo after Hazel left. He told Enzo to keep her out of their issues but Enzo said that Joseph was the one who got her involved.

Joseph punched Enzo and told him not to mess with his family or blame them for Victor’s death.

Olivia visited Calvin at the hospital and told him that Matias was the new suspect in Victor’s case. She assured him that they would get evidence and have him acquitted so that he could return to his normal life.

Olivia went to pay Calvin’s hospital bills, the bill took her by surprised as it was expensive. She no longer had a lot of money to spend so she fired some of the house helps at home. Matilda also decided to help by selling off her jewelry collection.

The police continued investigating Matias’ involvement in Victor’s case and they found out that he was the one who prepared dinner during the night that Victor died.

SPO3 George therefore asked the team to find out if he could have had access to the poison. He also divided the team members such that each team could focus on one case for a thorough investigation and better results.

Hazel talked to Joseph at school and asked that he go to her if he had a problem because he had always been there for her. Joseph also thanked her for defending Matias after Enzo’s accusations.

Justine visited Calvin at the hospital and regaled him with her sister’s singing prowess. Calvin was happy and joked that he would ask her out if he wasn’t locked up.

He therefore asked her to wait for him until he was released.

Raquel did not want Matias to go to work after what had happened but he didn’t want to stay at home.

Raquel therefore went to help him at the market and had to defend him from a fellow vendor who called Matias a criminal.

After Raquel left, Enzo came and tried to force Matias into admitting that he was the one who killed Victor. Obet however arrived and defended Matias.

Obet defended Matias against Enzo

He threatened Enzo and told him to leave his grandfather alone. Enzo told them that they would pay for not telling the truth when they had the chance.

That evening Matias told Raquel and Joseph what happened at the market and said that Obet overreacted. Joseph asked Obet not to cause trouble but Obet said he was only defending Matias.

As Joseph was taking out the trash, he saw a man lurking around their house. He tried to follow him but the man ran away. He saw the same man at the market the following day and he was talking to someone. Joseph tried to speak to him but he ran off once again.

Obet decided to start his pick pocketing career to make money in supporting some household expenses. He did not like it that he was unable to help family at home.

He stole a lot of money from a wallet at a bar and bought a lot of food for Arthur. He gave Arthur some money but Arthur asked him to keep it for his family so that whenever they needed money he could help.

Ernesto and Raquel had to lay off more workers at the company since they were incurring a lot of loses. They were yet to find Villamanka and the lost money.

Joseph suspected Enzo and his family for the person tailing him. He confronted Enzo at school and warned him to stay away from his family.

Enzo asked if he would kill him but Joseph only said that he had been warned so it was for him to heed to his warning.


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