The Good Son Episode 76 Death of Anthony: Dado revealed as the new culprit, kidnaps Cal for his defense

The Good Son Episode 76

The Good Son Episode 76 Death of Anthony: Dado revealed as the new culprit, kidnaps Cal for his defense

Raquel arrived home to meet Matias  setting up the table for dinner so she decided to help him.

She brought out four plates but Matias reminded her that it was just the two of them.

Raquel took back two plates with the spoons, she then got shocked, an instinct that suggested that something bad was happening then suddenly dropped a glass.

As Matias was cleaning the broken pieces, Raquel said that she was feeling anxious and wondered if Obet and Joseph were fine.

Obet was leaving the resort when he saw Dado. He followed him to where he was going and realised that Joseph and Hazel were there and he saw Dado aiming a gun at Joseph.

Obet rushed over and hit Dado’s hand making him drop the gun. This caught Joseph’s attention and he went to defend Obet.

Dado hit him too so Enzo appeared to defend Joseph, he took the gun from the ground and Dado turned the gun, as they struggled he stabbed Enzo and ran off but Arthur who had just appeared went after him. Dado ran off, got into his car and drove off.

Dado stabs Enzo

Hazel, Obet and Joseph brought Enzo to the hospital for treatment. Joseph thanked Obet for saving him and went to call the police to tell them what had happened.

Hazel also called Olivia to tell her that Enzo had been stabbed by Dado.
Olivia was furious with Dado after what happened so when he called to tell her what happened, she told him that he was now on his own. She left for Batangas to to check on her son and how he was doing after the stab.

When the police received the news from Joseph, SPO3 George sent Romeo to go to Batangas and investigate the issue.

Obet received a call from Raquel asking if he was okay. She wanted to know if he had been in contact with Joseph too.

Obet assured her that everything was fine and said that they would talk once he returned home.

Before Obet left, he had a talk with Sabina and she pleaded with him  to understand her situation.

They agreed to meet each other once they were back in Manila.

Enzo’s wound was treated and the doctor said that it was just a minor injury. Joseph went to see him and tried to convince him that they should work together instead to catch Dado.

When Olivia arrived, Hazel was with Enzo. She told Hazel to leave Enzo alone and blamed her for the incident.

Olivia tried to turn all situations around saying that it was her father who had hurt him and she should no longer be involved with him. Hazel therefore left the two of them.

There was an explosion at the mental facility and the medical staff had to evacuate all the patients so that they wouldn’t get hurt.

Calvin was waiting outside with the others when Dado took him.
The following day, the Brisard students returned to Manila.

Joseph went to the police to find out if there were any leads to Dado’s whereabouts.

While he was there, Romeo came with the findings on the ballistic report on Dado’s gun which confirmed that he was the one who killed Anthony. His gun matched with the bullets that were found on Anthony’s body.

Dado swore that he would not let Olivia get away from her since he had done a lot of things for her including killing Colmenares and Anthony.

He remembered going after Anthony on the day that he was leaving for his meeting and shot him.

After the new revelations about Dado killing Anthony and trying to kill Joseph, Ernesto finally made a decision to pull out his investment from the Buenavidez company.

He told Raquel that he did not want his family involved in the chaos surrounding the Buenavidez and Reyes families.

Olivia received a call from the mental institution informing her about the missing of Calvin.

She was on her way to the hospital when Dado called to say that he had Calvin with him and wanted them to be a family.

Olivia still went to the hospital and demanded that they tell her where her son was.

SPO3 George had been informed of the incident by the hospital so he went to assess the situation.

Olivia begged him to help her find her son. SPO3 reviewed the CCTV footage and was able to see Dado taking Calvin with him.

Justine also went to the hospital to see Calvin and found out that he went missing.

She called Joseph to ask him if he knew anything but ended up telling him about Calvin’s disappearance.

Joseph was with Hazel when Justine informed him about the incident and they agreed to inform each other if they found out anything about Calvin.

Olivia went home to tell Matilda and Enzo that Cal was missing but the police were looking for him.

When Matias left, she told Enzo that it was Dado who had Calvin. Enzo wanted them to tell the police but Olivia begged him not to because it might put Calvin in danger.

She said she would take care of it instead. She told him that Dado wanted her to go with him so that they could be a family but Enzo disagreed and said he wouldn’t let her.

He told his mother that they should find another means to save Calvin from Dado’s hand.

They became tensed as they were exploring means to get Calvin back from Dado.


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