The Good Son Episode 77

The Good Son Episode 77 Olivia runs from home to continue her intimate relationship with Dado

As part of their interrogation, the police visited Emma to ask her if she had any idea about the where about of Dado to help them have a clue where he might have been with Calvin.

Joseph arrived with Hazel, once they saw the police they asked about their mission there and they revealed to Joseph and Hazel that they had seen Dado escaping with Calvin on the hospital’s security footage.

In a soft voice, Emma said she didn’t know anything about Dado and was surprised because she felt as if she didn’t know her own husband.

The police left with a plea that she contact them if she hears of any news about Dado.

Calvin tried to run away from Dado but he caught him and forced him to stay in the house.

Calvin therefore asked to speak with Olivia and Dado called him. Calvin asked Olivia whether she had agreed to let Dado take him. He told Olivia that Dado took him in Olivia’s name and wanted to know if she ordered Dado to take him.

Olivia became nervous she assured Calvin that it was not true but the voices in Calvin’s head kept telling him that she was telling him lies and Olivia had left him to be with Dado forever.

Calvin started crying and grew hysterical saying that Olivia didn’t love him and had abandoned him.

Dado used Calvin go fix his family

Dado took the phone away from him and talked to Olivia. Olivia was furious at him as his irresponsible action had trigger a bad response in Calvin. He was off his medication and they needed to get him treated.

Dado however told her that she had to go to him if she wanted to be with Calvin.

Olivia woke up and went to see Enzo in his room. She decided that she had to do everything to get Calvin back and left before Enzo woke up.

Obet met with Sabina and apologised for the character he put up at Batangas. Sabina told Obet that she had a problem with him not trusting her and thinking that she would go with someone else. She therefore decided that they needed some time apart to think things over.

At school, Enzo saw Hazel and talked to her about Calvin’s disappearance. Joseph interrupted them and told Enzo that they were willing to help him with anything.

Enzo said he didn’t need their help and told them to go since it seemed that they had somewhere else to be.

When Enzo got back from school, Matilda was worried because she couldn’t find Olivia. She tried getting in touch with her but could not reach her.

She asked Enzo if he knew anything and he told her that Dado had called Olivia saying that he had Calvin and that Olivia should go for him.

Matilda asked Enzo to call the police and inform them about the missing of Olivia. When Enzo was on the phone, Matilda got worked up and suddenly collapsed. Enzo became devastated and rushed her to the hospital for immediate medical treatment.

The police found Olivia’s car abandoned somewhere. The windows were broken and there was blood all over.

They went to the hospital to break the horrible news to Enzo. Enzo was scared that something bad might have happened to his mother he begged the police to look for his mom.

That formed part of Dado’s scheme to erase any suspicion. Olivia met up with Dado with wounds on her hand. Calvin was happy to see her and thought they would be going home.

Dado however told him that the three of them were leaving to go to a place where they would be together.

Dado allowed Olivia to call Enzo before they left and she assured him that she and Calvin were fine.

Olivia, Dado and Calvin live together

Obet went to see Joseph at Brisard and stole a wallet from one of the students. The student saw him standing around his things and accused him of stealing it.

Obet stole a student’s wallet at Brisard

Joseph defended Obet and said that Obet was not a thief. Obet dropped the wallet during the argument and dared the student to check him.

He and Joseph argued about the incident at home and Raquel overheard them. She didn’t suspect Obet but said that she would take him to jail herself if she found out he was doing something illegal.

Obet therefore decided to stop stealing because Raquel would disown him if she found out.

He told Arthur that he would look for a legal way to earn money and continue doing his therapy.

Ernesto told Miriam that he was going to leave the company but she asked him not to abandon the people who worked there.

She asked that he helped them save the company as so many people and employees depended on them.

Ernesto decided to listen to her plea and told the board members that they had to fight to keep the company running.

Raquel was glad to hear his decision but there were other members who decided to pull out. Ernesto told them it was fine since it was their decision.

Two months later, the company was doing much better after Raquel and Ernesto managed to get new clients.

Joseph was getting ready to start working there as an intern while Obet was already working there as well.

Enzo had to sell his car to take care of Matilda since she was yet to fully recover. He was also worried about the company since he felt as if Joseph’s family wanted to take it away from him.

Matilda told him not to allow it since the company belonged to him.
The police were still carrying out their investigation to find Olivia, Dado and Calvin. They had not heard anything about them ever since they disappeared.

They grew suspicious of Enzo since he had stopped demanding them to search for his mother. They concluded that he knew something about the hideout of Dado, Olivia and Calvin that’s why they have remained calm.

Meanwhile, Dado was living with Olivia and Calvin at a secluded island. He worked to take care of them and buy Calvin’s medication because Olivia insisted that he must have it.

Dado also bought Calvin a camera so he could take photos. He promised to take Calvin around the Island to take the photos and went to the bedroom to put away his gun and money.


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