The Good Son Episode 79

The Good Son Episode 79 Arthur shoots Dado countless number for killing Raquel: Will Dado  survive?

Robert anniversary was well organised by the workers of Buenavideze company, guests arriving at the party.

Obet invited Arthur as well and he was glad to be among of those invited at the event.

He was proud of Raquel’s achievements and he ended up saying that he might be a boss at the company once he and Raquel got back together.

Matias heard him and asked that he stop saying such things and not to cause trouble for Raquel.

Enzo greeted some guests and they expressed their surprise for seeing him there.

Enzo said he was an intern at the company and would soon take over but the guests told him to do a better Job than Olivia.

They also said that it was thanks to Raquel that the company was doing well. Joseph interrupted them and asked that they take their seats.

He stopped Enzo from confronting the guests since he knew the real truth about the situation.

Olivia called Enzo to ask him where he was and Enzo said he was at the company’s party held in the name of Robert, his father.

Olivia tried to explain that they were running away from Dado but her phone battery was low and it went off as they were talking. Enzo tried to call back but he couldn’t reach her.

Ernesto took to the podium to thank everyone who stayed and helped the company recover from the near bankruptcy.

He specially thanked Raquel for her hard work and dedication to the company.

Olivia and Calvin arrived at the company and met Enzo on his way out. Enzo wanted to call the police but Olivia said they had to run away from Dado first.

They were in the parking heading out when Dado suddenly appeared so they had to go back to the building to escape from Dado’s wrath.

Raquel was issuing a speech to the guests when Enzo suddenly appeared with Olivia and Calvin asking for help because Dado was after them.

Dado runs after Olivia and Calvin at the Company’s function

There was a gunshot from outside which made everyone panic and they began running away before Dado got there.

Ernesto called the police and asked them to head to the company as Dado was there and was causing chaos putting everyone’s life at risk.

When Dado arrived at the event venue, only Hazel was there and she tried to get him to stop.

Dado aimed his gun at her and told her to move out of the way. Joseph attacked Dado to get him away from Hazel but Dado hit him.

Enzo went to help but he got hit as well. He was able to get a glass and hit Dado which gave them time to escape.

Raquel was with Calvin heading to the top of the building but Calvin did not want to go because he was looking for Olivia.

Olivia finally caught up with them but Dado was right there. Arthur and Obet came and tried to stop him but Dado fought back and shot Arthur.

The incident gave Olivia, Raquel and Calvin time to run to the rooftop.
Joseph and Enzo joined them later and asked Olivia what was happening.

Olivia told them that Dado kidnapped them and was now after them so they ran away from him.

They heard Dado shouting, ranting and calling out Olivia’s name desperately so they took cover and went to hide.

Enzo and Joseph once again tried to disarm Dado but he was too strong for them. Raquel and Olivia eventually came out of hiding to protect their sons.

Raquel tried to get Dado away from Joseph but he shoved her aside and she ended up on the other end of the roof. Joseph caught her and tried to get her to hold on.

Meanwhile, Olivia threw herself in front of Enzo so that Dado would not shoot him. Dado decided to leave her behind and left with Calvin.

Olivia didn’t want to let Calvin go so she went after Dado. Joseph shouted at Enzo to help him get Raquel back up but he ignored him and went after Olivia.

Joseph tried to hold onto Raquel but he didn’t have enough strength, he encouraged Raquel to hold on to him, tears dribbled down his face.

He cast out all his strength, his eyes giddied with worry his strength was failing him. He shouted for help but there was no any, he tried again praying in his head. All his wish was to save his mother.

He had already lost his dad, “no! not his mother”, she can’t possibly leave him. Joseph tried harder but he could not pull her up.

Meanwhile Raquel was advising Joseph to take care of the family and put up a good character so that he could grow to become a successful personality. She asked him to live cordially with his brother Obet and always to remember that she loves them.

She asked Joseph to leave her hand so that she does not fall together with him. Joseph said no she could make it and should still hold on tight to him.

As the scene was ongoing and the guests all troupe outside, one of them saw Raquel hanging on the rooftop and she began to shout. Matias heard and ran in order to save his daughter but a police woman stopped him, saying he could not get to the rooftop. She explained that she has already called for help so Matias should not complicate the situation. He should just stand there.

Matias was devastated and began to cry, he could not help his daughter as Joseph tried his best unfortunately Raquel let go of him, at that moment Obet had already reached the rooftop and was about to help Joseph when Raquel fell from the rooftop to the ground.

Obet crying

They shouted and cried in pain. Obet screamed out loud as they watched their mother falling from the roof.

The Death of Raquel

The police had already arrived at the building and were taking charge of the situation. They stopped Olivia and Enzo from following Dado saying that they would take care of it.

Raquel’s body was taken to the mortuary and Joseph decided to shoot himself for failing to save his mother. Joseph cried uncontrollably, he has lost his mom.

Joseph tried to shoot himself for not able to save Raquel

Matias however sat him down and advised him, saying Raquel would have wanted them to remain strong for each other.

Dado left for the pier with Calvin and he told him that Olivia would follow them to the Island.

There was a search party out for him so the police at the pier managed to spot him and went after him.

Dado ran away with Calvin and got to the boat but this time, the police cornered him and ordered him to surrender.

Arthur was angry about what happened to Raquel so he followed the police to the pier. He pulled a gun from the policeman and shot Dado multiple times before he could surrender to the police and Dado fell into a water.

Arthur shot Dado for killing Raquel

Arthur therefore got arrested while the police tried to look for Dado’s body. Calvin saw what happened to Dado and the voices in his head said that he should take revenge for what happened to Dado.

Raquel’s body was taken to the mortuary, it was all sorrow the days of the Reyeses’ became like night. They briefed bitterly, Yes! Dado has done them harm.

At the mortuary Joseph, Obet and Matias went to see Raquel’s corps.

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