The Good Son Episode 81 Police finds new evidence that suggests Olivia and Dado are culprits

The Good Son Episode 81

The Good Son Episode 81 Police finds new evidence that suggests Olivia and Dado are culprits

Tears flowed as Joseph and Obet each shared a tribute of the life of Raquel and praised her for being a wonderful mother who had sacrificed her own happiness for them.

Arthur seek permission to pay his last respect to Raquel and the police have him the permission to attend the burial before going back to prison.

Obet went with Arthur to the prison and Arthur asked him to be strong. Arthur told him to avenge Raquel’s death. He said Olivia and her family had no right to be living a happy life while they have contributed to the grief of the Reyes.

Olivia could not bear the absence of Calvin and was busy looking for Calvin at the places that he usually frequented but she was not able to find him.

As her search proved futile she went home, at there she saw that Enzo’s face was bruised. Enzo told her that he went to Raquel’s wake and Olivia told him that he should not have done it.

Enzo said he felt guilty but Olivia said they were not responsible for Raquel’s death.
Matias tried to get things back to normal at the house but Obet and Joseph could not stop fighting.

Obet said that he would have been okay if Joseph was the one who died. Joseph said he wished the same as well but there was not much he could do.

He went to the kitchen and took out a knife, asking Obet to kill him. Matias told them that Raquel would not be happy seeing how they were behaving and begged them to stop fighting.

The police interviewed the people who interacted with Olivia, Dado and Calvin and they all said that the family seemed happy without any issues.

SPO3 therefore concluded that there was some inconsistencies with Olivia’s statement.
SPO3 George talked to Olivia again and asked her about the time she spent with Dado.

The neighbours said that they looked like a happy family but Olivia said that Dado controlled how they behaved around other people.

They were yet to find Calvin so Olivia urged them to keep looking for him.
After the fight with Joseph, Obet went to stay at Arthur’s house.

One of Arthur’s friends went looking for him but Obet told him that Arthur was in jail. He also asked that he help him buy a gun and gave him all the money he had.

Obet later got the gun and started to practice using it.
Enzo visited Hazel at her house and said he was sorry for not being a good friend to her.
Ernesto and the other workers at the company returned to work. Ernesto asked them to let things go back to normal so that Raquel’s hard work would not be in vain.

Olivia visited Raquel’s grave to pay her respects and said that she didn’t mean for her to die like she did.

Joseph found her there and demanded to know what she was doing. Olivia said she was paying her respects and told Joseph it was Dado’s fault that Raquel was gone.

Joseph however told Olivia that she wasn’t completely innocent since she was alive because of Raquel.

Joseph was furious after seeing Olivia and he went to see Hazel. He told her that it was Olivia’s fault Raquel died and she would make sure to take revenge on her.

The fighting at Raquel’s house continued so Joseph refused to have breakfast at home. Obet told Matias to let Joseph go hungry since he didn’t want to eat.

Joseph said he didn’t want to argue so early in the morning. Obet asked him what he was doing about Raquel’s death because he was the one who made it happen.
Joseph said he wasn’t standing around doing nothing.

Meanwhile, Olivia kept looking for Calvin and she was worried because it was some time since he took his medication.

Enzo lent her his car and decided to take a cab instead. Olivia wanted to go to the pier where Calvin was last seen and Enzo offered to accompany her.

Olivia however told him to go to the company for his internship since he would run it one day.

Enzo said he felt as if they didn’t have a right to the company since it was Ernesto and Raquel who got it back on its feet.

Olivia said the company belonged to them and they would get it back once they found Calvin.

Joseph went to see SPO3 George and told him what Dado said the night that Raquel died. Dado had threatened to reveal Olivia’s secret if she did not go with him.

He added that she was the reason behind everything that was happening. Dado never got around to saying what he meant so SPO3 could not use Joseph’s statement.

Joseph got mad at SPO3 George and asked him how many more people were going to die before they arrested the real culprit.

There was a mysterious person with gloves and he wrote on a poster that he knew the person who murdered Victor.


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