The Good Son Episode 87 Enzo arrested for killing Victor

The Good Son Episode 87

The Good Son Episode 87 Enzo arrested for killing Victor: Olivia escapes justice

Enzo visited Calvin at the church and he apologised for his inability to send him home.

On the other hand, Calvin was thinking about Olivia, how he would not be happy to see his mother, Olivia in jail due to the recording while he had promised to protect and take care of her.

Enzo told him that Olivia had to pay for what she did to their father and told Calvin that he had done well for getting incriminating evidence against their mom.

He was so enthused that through Calvin, the actual murderer of his father had been found and praised him for his efforts.

Enzo further apologised to Calvin for not being a good brother and for getting jealous of him. He said all those years he had been jealous of his kid brother since he thought their mother, Olivia loved him more.

When Enzo got back home, Matilda asked him why he went as far as killing Victor and Enzo confessed that Olivia was the one who killed Victor.

Matilda refused to believe him, to her Olivia [email protected] Victor but Enzo convinced her it was true.

He said that his plan was to make Olivia confessed to the crime by implicating himself. Matilda was in tears and told Enzo that it was her fault that Olivia turned out as she did.

The police investigated the workers at the company to find out if Enzo had visited there during the time of Victor’s death.

The workers said that Victor’s sons never visited but one of them remembered that Olivia had gone there frequently and even picked up a bottle of poison.

As Enzo and Olivia were looking for Calvin, Enzo confronted Olivia about killing Victor but she denied it again.

Enzo played the recording for her and Olivia said that Dado made her confess to the crime. Enzo asked her to stop telling lies to him and she should confess to her crime.

Olivia refused to accept that she killed Victor and told Enzo that the recording still wouldn’t implicate her even if Enzo took it to court.

Since Olivia would not confess, Enzo waited for the officer to make their decision after Joseph pressed charges against him.

Olivia wanted him to take everything he said back but Enzo wouldn’t listen to her. Olivia therefore asked Enzo to go with her for a drive so that they could talk.

The fiscal made the decision to have Enzo arrested so SPO3 George went to Olivia’s house to arrest him but he was not there.

The maid told them that Olivia left with Enzo while Matilda was at the hospital. The police however confirmed that Matilda did not have an appointment.

With Olivia and Enzo missing, they concluded that they might have escaped. Officer Alfonso called Joseph to ask if he knew where Enzo was but Joseph did not know anything.

Joseph and Obet talked about their misunderstanding while they reminisced about the times that they were happy.

Joseph apologised to Obet for not listening to him and causing a lot of problems for them. He however hoped that Obet would forgive him so that they could go back to the brothers that they used to be.

When Enzo and Olivia stopped at a café, Olivia drugged Enzo’s coffee in order to subdue Enzo for him to go with her willingly.

She had arranged for them to flee by boat and have Calvin follow them once her investigator found him.

She took Enzo to a hotel as they waited for the final arrangements of their escape to be made. Enzo woke up, he asked to leave but Olivia was upset at him and told him to choose his family.

She also took Enzo’s phone away.
Olivia left her phone to go outside for a while and Enzo used her phone to call Joseph and told him where they were.

Joseph called the police to tell them where Enzo and Olivia were and then left with Obet.
Olivia and Enzo were leaving the resort when the police arrived.

He called them to tell them where they were so Olivia abandoned him and left by herself. She didn’t go far because Joseph and Obet cornered her.

Olivia runs

She pulled out her gun warning them to stay away from her and the police finally got there. Olivia grabbed a woman trying to get away from the chaos and used her as a hostage.

Olivia then confessed that she killed Victor so that they would not have Enzo arrested but she refused to turn herself in.

She used the hostage and managed to escape from the police. Meanwhile, Enzo was taken in by the police.

Obet and Joseph went home and told Matias that Olivia had finally confessed to killing Victor but she had escaped.

The police tried to find Olivia’s whereabout as they beefed up their investigation skills to unleash her.


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