The Good Son Episode 88 Finale Olivia dies after she suffered burnt injuries through accident

The Good Son Episode 88 Finale

The Good Son Episode 88 Finale Olivia dies after burnt injuries through car explosion

Joseph visited Calvin at the church to talk to him about his health. He told him that he would have to go back to the hospital to receive the needed medical attention to speed up his recovery.

Calvin then asked about Enzo and Joseph said he was in prison. He however promised to do everything to make sure that Enzo was released.

Calvin thought Olivia was in jail as well but Joseph explained to him that she had escaped and the police were currently looking for her.

A few weeks later, Enzo was released. He explained to the court why he had to lie but he was still charged for perjury.

Joseph went to get him after he was released and Enzo thanked him for taking care of Calvin and Matilda.

Olivia was still on the run and her anger towards Victor grew. She became more deadlier and unhappy that Enzo had chosen to take Victor’s side in the end by getting him justice.

Olivia visited Victor’s grave and was bitter that he along with Raquel were the ones who destroyed her family.

She swore to take revenge on their son instead for fighting for justice for him. She did not want to give in to the police for her to be arrested.

The clock chimed, Yes! It was Joseph’s birthday. He woke up to many congratulatory messages from Obet and Matias who had already prepared him breakfast.

Joseph later went to visit Raquel’s grave to thank her for being a good mother to him, as he was there Olivia followed him. She planned on taking her revenge during Joseph’s birthday party.

Flashback to Victor’s Birthday…

In the morning of Victor’s birthday, he had an argument with Enzo because he wanted him to own up to what he had done to his fried Trey.

Enzo did not want to go to prison but all the same, Victor told him that he had to take responsibility for what he did.

Olivia overheard them and decided that she would not let Victor take her son to jail.
In the evening during Victor’s party, Calvin had a talk with Victor and asked him why he and Olivia were always fighting.

Victor told him that he was not old enough to understand such things. He also promised to go with him to their special place since he had a lot of things to tell him.

Later, Olivia overheard Victor on the phone with Raquel and he told her that he was going to her place.

Olivia asked him why he wanted leave his family to meet his mistress? She told him to factor the feelings of his sons saying, “how will the boys feel?” Victor however told her not to use the children against him.

Olivia therefore decided to save her family from emotional trauma by poisoning him. She poured two glasses of champagne and added the poison to Victor’s glass.

She then asked Victor to take a final toast before leaving the house.

Flashforward to Joseph’s birthday…

Joseph went home after visiting Raquel’s grave. There was no one at home. He was locked outside so he decided to calling out for Matias and Obet.

At that instant someone from behind suddenly coveredd his head with a bag and dragged him away.

They took him to his surprise birthday party where everyone was waiting.
They played a video of everyone sharing their best wishes for Joseph as he celebrates his birthday.

There were messages from Brisard varsity basketball team, Jordan and Cassie, Hazel, Enzo, Matias and Obet. Enzo also brought a gift to Joseph from Calvin.

The police got an anonymous call telling them where Olivia was. When they arrived at the hotel though, Olivia was not there.

SPO3 sensed that something was wrong so he called Obet to ask him where they were holding Joseph’s birthday party.

Meanwhile, Olivia paid a waiter at the birthday party venue to add a poison to Joseph’s drink.

When Joseph went up to the podium to deliver his speech, the waiter handed him the drink.

Joseph collapsed a few moments later and Obet saw Olivia watching them from outside. Enzo went after her while Obet and Matias rushed Joseph to the hospital.

The police arrived just after Olivia took off and Enzo told them about the route she took to run.

They managed to catch up with her but Olivia refused to surrender and go to prison. She tried to run away from the police again but SPO3 George shot one of her tyres and Olivia’s car ended up crashing.

The car immediately caught fire and Olivia got serious burns before she was rescued. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Enzo and Calvin visited her at the hospital and she apologised to them for refusing to surrender and making things difficult for them.

Joseph then joined them at the hospital and Olivia told him that he had won. Joseph told her that none of them won because they had lost a lot during the process of finding Justice.

Olivia last words before her death

Olivia then begged Joseph to forgive him for everything she had put him through, for all the pains she inflicted upon his family.

Joseph said that he had already forgiven her. Joseph felt pity for her after he saw her burnt face and how she was suffering after her evil plans Olivia then succumbed to her injuries and died.

Two Years Later

Time flies, it had already been two years, Joseph and Enzo finally graduated from Brisard.

Calvin and Obet went to support their brothers and shared their joy. They graduated with the best of grades.

They received their inheritance from Anthony and his lawyer told them that Anthony hid the company’s money to ensure that their inheritance was safe. They also received their inheritance from Victor.

Obet was able to make up with Sabina and she finally agreed to be his girlfriend.
On the anniversary of Victor’s death, Joseph visited his grave with Enzo, Obet and Calvin.

Although the journey had been tough for them with their loved ones losing their lives in the process, they all agreed to be together for each other as brothers.

Obet however insisted that he was the cutest among them and Joseph agreed since Obet was the eldest. The four of them shared a group hug as they were happy and satisfied in life! Justice had finally prevailed.



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