The Heiress Episode 1 Romina left on the alter during her wedding

The Heiress Episode 1

The Heiress Episode 1 Carlos stood Romina at the altar

It is like fortune is smiling at her! The great gate to a rosy church which could be likened to the Golden Gate of heaven  opens.

Romina stands at the centre of the gate, adorned in her wedding gown, stunning she looks, a bouquet of flower complements her hand, covered with veil, a whole package that could make a man says; “this is the bone of my bone.” All Whites with her gold coloured bouquet.

Greeted with stunning ovation-Hossana, Hossana, Hossana…the applause sounded. Yes the Angel of the day is in.

The Heiress--- Episode 1

Rosanna, Daniela, all other invited guests, heave a sigh of relief. The long wait is over, their body language suggested!

Robert who stands close to the aisle turns to stare at her for a while, Romina walked slowly, the sounds of her feet was a bit heavy, she made her way into the church.

The Heiress--- Episode 1

The glow on her face, suggests she is happy and satisfied as she has been waiting for long for “this day” to come.

“They say that the best feeling in the world is to love and to be loved back. All my life, I searched for it. For a love that will make me whole. For someone who will stand by me, and love me for eternity.”

A voice over by Romina stated she continued to walk, fixing her eyes at every corner, capturing the presence of all guests who honoured her biggest occasion.

She shared a shaky smiles and makes eye contact with Daniela, who gives her an “unimpressed, phlegmatic look.”

“No matter how much we love someone and how hard we fight for them, it’s not always enough to keep them in our lives. Sometimes, the love that we think would make us whole is what ends up hurting us. Even more…” the voice narrated.

Finally, Romina arrives at the aisle, stands beside Robert, who smiles back at her.

Suddenly,  she drops the flowers which to most women who are marrying is a symbol of love, blessing and gift that they share.

Fortunately or unfortunately, a wind of confusion begins to blow. Things move at the pace of the wind,  confused! He was, Robert stares at her in amazement. What could be happening?

She stands on the platform, a mic in her hand, Sorrow drew on her face! Rosanna, her mother is almost on the brink of tears. Things were going to turn out very badly, her eyes signal that fear.

Robert becoming impatient he joined the other guests waiting to hear what the bride has to say.

The Heiress--- Episode 1

“I regret to inform you all,” Romina begins, sniffing back tears as Rosanna, Robert and everyone else stares up at her. “…that the wedding is off.”

Rosanna breaks down into tears, Robert bows his head down, shaking it in dismay while the guests murmur among themselves.

Why would she behave like this, they said.

The Heiress--- Episode 1

“You may all leave. I am sorry for the trouble.” Romina said before she runs out of the church.

The Heiress--- Episode 1

All fulfilling, what she expected has come to pass, Daniela toast with a smile at the unexpected turn of events.

Romina runs as the rain beat her down, she runs as if she will never stop.

Robert puzzled, runs after her, Rosanna follows, calling out to Romina. Robert legs went like a wheel.

He caught her and held her for a moment before she thinks of running again, eventually sinking down onto the floor. is as if the skies bears her sorrows as the heavy down pour of rain mingles with her tears.

Robert fondled her again! Rosanna, who is now out of breath from all the running, finally reaches them. She holds her daughter as she keeps on crying, and Robert just stands there, watching.

The Heiress--- Episode 1

Robert Mondragon owns a fish factory, six months into the scene he stands on an elevated floor, watching the work of his employees.

Romina alighted from a car, as she checks her time, she is ten minutes early, a reckless driver startles her with his horn and she jumps out of his way and falls, eventually staining her shirt with mud.

Someone comes to her aid, she asked the boy not to worry as she is fine. She brushes off the mud from her dress, but the stain still remains, she stops and hurriedly makes her way to work.

She meets Miss Cely who asks her how she got her dress stained and she replied that she tripped and fell.

“Next time make the driver drop you at the entrance,” Miss Cely advised her.

Miss Cely leaves, Alvin, a co-worker comes up behind her and asks what had happened to her.

Romina tells her story …..what happened was an accident and when the guy asks if she’s free today, she says that he already knows her answer, Romina excuses herself and leaves as Alvin looks at her in disappointment.

With her shirt still decorated with mud, Romina walks into the workplace and a co worker asks what had happened to her since she looked so dirty.

“Just my luck,” she replies. She has five minutes left and has to go to the boss.

A colleague stops her!

“Wait, don’t be in a hurry, yes, but will you really face Mr Robert looking like this? No way!”

Knowing Mr Mondragon he is perfect from birth. Handsome, kind and rich, a widower who wants all things to be done perfectly.

A security man pulls the glass door and and Mr Mondragon walks in majestically.

Romina could not wait, her colleague drags her along, saying she has a spare outfit for her to change into.

Romina comes out of a room. She had changed from her mud-decorated dress, complaining that the size of the skirt was too small for her.

While in the office picking up some documents, another co worker comes to inform her that Mr Robert Mondragon had arrived.

It is 8:57am and they still have three minutes left. Romina comes out of the office and gives the file to Eva, who had asked for it earlier.

Romina still looks uncomfortable in the outfit but her colleague told her she looked good, she rushed to Mr Mondragon pulling down the skirt in order to look descent.

In his fashionable suit, Mr Mondragon who is always caring asks Romina whether she still needs time to recover from her earlier experience.

Romina gives a sigh that she has passed that incident, she then gives Mr Mondragon the documents, while going through them, he locked gaze with Romina, she  fidgeted, pulling down her skirt again.

Feeling awkward, she said her old uniform got stained as she had an accident. Robert carried on with his inspection of the document.

Robert in a meeting with his shareholders  at the conference room stated that he has read the proposal that the finance had made.

He sat in his chair with Romina sitting by hid side. Fast forward, he asks the shareholders whether they have to lay off workers and one of them said it was bound to happen.

Showing concern for his workers, Robert asks…. what would happen to the families of the workers who were depending on them?

“Business is not run with sentiments,” another answered! Still concerned about workers welfare, Robert asks whether the company would go bankrupt if they fail to lay off workers? Another board member said “No”, asking if he would wait till things got worse before rolling out a plan to save it.

Robert unenthused by the reply that he can buy them out if they are not happy about the manner he runs his business.

The shareholders locked gaze at each other as Robert continued with his lectures that they should support his vision and mission for the company.

Romina saw co workers making their way to the conference room while the meeting was on going, she decided to meet them.

Romina turns to inform  Mr Mondragon that they have a problem as there was an explosion at the factory.

Crowd screamed, running for a respite and a place to escape. Robert and Romina made their way there to ask what had caused the explosion.

Bryan, a staff shivering said the steam pump had blown and they needed to replace it is right away. They found Miss Cely and she seemed to be sick from all the smoke she had inhaled. Robert told his subordinates to get the car ready.

A helicopter lands on a rooftop, beholds Mr Mondragon’s daughter, Daniela comes out in a radiant red dress.

She meets Bonita, a worker of her father’s company and asked for her father. Bonita tells her that he is at the factory, and they could go there if she wants.

With her usual character, Daniela refuses to go, saying the place stinks. She decided to wait as Bonita tries to confirm from her father’s secretary if he has returned.

An engineer explained to Mr Mondragon    that they were fixing the steam and unfortunately it exploded. Noting it was not the first time something of that sort had happened Robert said their mistake had left some workers injured. The old grey-haired man begged Mr Mondragon  not to fire him. Robert is unhappy with the commotion leaves with the Human Resource (HR) manager to discuss the incident.

Robert pulls up the sleeve of his shirt. Romina noticed that there was some burn marks on his arm, she points it out to him and Robert stares at her in silence.

Daniela tells Bonita that she would be in her dad’s office.

“Good morning, Miss Daniela.”

“Good morning.”


The workers greet her as she walks her way into her dad’s office! As rude as she is she did not respond to any of their greetings.

“What’s up with Mr Robert’s daughter?” A worker asks.

Daniela stands behind a wooden wall, unnoticed, listening to their conversation, a rude look she made on her face.

“Keep it down,” a worker said!

“But what do you expect?” another worker asks. “She is the only daughter. I actually heard she was sent to America because she turned rebellious after her mother’s death. Besides, she just comes in here to get her allowance,” The worker added.

“She looks pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside,” A male worker added and the rest nodded in agreement.

“It isn’t nice to talk about people behind their back,” Daniela reveals her face from her hideout, daring them to say it to her face.

Robert stripped off his suit for Romina to dress the burn on his arm. Commending Romina for her magical touch of healing, “is there anything that can’t do” Romina laughs, saying she is used to give first aid for burns as she was a factory worker before gaining a post as secretary.

Mr Pan issue triggered on her mind, Robert asks why she looks worried

“I was just thinking about Mr Pan”  Romina asks whether Robert would forget about all the good things someone has done just because they make a mistake?

“If it were up to me, I would fire you all on the spot,”

“But who am I here? I don’t have that right, do I?”

“That’s why I expect your resignations first thing in the morning.” With an arrogant smile Daniela warns as she walks in.

The male worker boldly told her that they work for Mr Mondragon and he is the only one who can terminate their contract or fire them.

“I am Daniela Mondragon! The sole heiress to this company…do you really want to be here when I take over? I’m saving you from hell. Take it.”

Romina, told Robert that Mr Pan was passing through some personal challenges, his child has been admitted to the hospital and he can only depends on Robert for survival.

Suddenly the cellphone of Robert dropped on the floor, as both bends down to pick it up, they locked gazes. Daniela walks in to spoil the fire works.

Unimpressed, Daniela mocks Romina for the kind of dress she was wearing!

“Father knows why i am here.”

Daniela told her father that she had  found a perfect place to open her club business. Robert said he has an important meeting to attend the night so  Romina would assist her.

Romina then signs a cheque for Daniela, saying her father earlier said that her allowance had to be managed. Daniela, was pissed off and jabs her for acting like an  accountant to her father.

“I am just following your father’s orders “You very lucky because your coffee allowance alone can feed an entire family for a day.” Romina jabs her.

Daniela wondered why her father trusted romina to an extent of handling blank cheque as she can run away with her father’s fortune.

Romina replies that she does not spend money which does not work for it.

Daniela tears the cheque as she finds out the amount was only 150,000 peso. She needs 200,000 pesos for her business.

Romina signs the cheque again, before she tears that one too, Romina tells her that all their cheque books is finished and it would take about three days to get a new one.

As mad as Daniela was she could only stare in resentment, eventually she left with the 150,000 peso.

Romina bumps into Mr Pan when she closed from work, she disclosed the exciting news to him that the boss has transferred him from the production sector to a desk job.

Carlos appeared and asks Romina what she was wearing, she narrated her ordeal, they gave themselves comforting hug, Robert comes from nowhere to watch them.

Before he leaves unnoticed, Romina catches him and introduces Carlos to him as her boyfriend.

Daniela calling her father she was mesmerised to see Carlos there. Romina did not understand, before Daniela could explain, Carlos interjected that Daniela and him were classmates.


Rosanna lauds  Romina for being a hardworking and completing her secretarial course.

Romina tells her mother that she still has some dreams that were yet to be fulfilled; saving up money to set up their business and entering college to do Business Administration.

A neighbo ur runs up to them to inform them that Carlos had been involved in an accident.

Romina found Carlos lying on the ground, while multitude surrounded them. Carlos says that he wants to be with Romina for his entire life. In the midst of the commotion,  Romina requested for help to send him to hospital for medical attention.

Carlos then pulls out a ring and went on his knees to ask Romina to marry him.  “You scared me,” Romina thrilled about event.

“Before you kill me, marry me first,” Carlos says, Romina accepted the marriage proposal as Carlos puts the ring on her finger and hugs her they were  cheered by the crowd.

At the Mondragon mansion, Daniela thinks about Carlos and the memories of their school days; how Carlos comforted her whenever she shared her problems with him. The hugs and the warmth of his body always gives her hopes that something could trigger among them.

Behold, Daniela wakes up in bed and finds the sheets stained with blood. Carlos comes in with breakfast, asking when she would introduce him to her father. Daniela says she would very soon and says she is all his.

She remembers the time she told Carlos that her father is planning to send her to America so they should to run away together but Carlos disagrees. Daniela was infuriated that Carlos couldn’t fight for their relationship and said it is “over.”

Carlos sends Romina home to break the good news to his father but he said his son was rushing things, Carlos who is seeking with smiles said  that he had been promoted at work so he wanted to be be a man.

” Are you pregnant,” Mr Kulas asks Romina trying to find answer to why his son wanted to marry as soon as possible.

After scolding his two young sons to study hard, he pulls Carlos away and asks if he’s crazy and whether he has thought about it.

Carlos says he doesn’t need to because he loves Romina and Mr Kulas warns him to be careful since Romina might turn out just like his mother.

Carlos demanded his father to respect her since she will soon become his wife and the daughter in-law of the house.

Mr Kulas turns to stare at Romina who seems to have heard the entire conversation from where she sat.

The next day at work, Romina gives Robert the proposal for the upcoming anniversary, telling him that it needs his approval.

Daniela walks in,  saying they have to celebrate since she had been able to get a mixologist (a person skilled at mixing cocktails and other drinks) for her club.

She offers to help in the 25th (millennium) anniversary of the company but she would have to work with Romina.

When her father left, Daniela demands for  all the files and requirements pertaining the anniversary and said she does not need any help.

Daniea tried to advise Romina on how she is close to her father, explaining that people might talk and misinterpret things, even Carlos.

A male worker informed Robert that he has already arranged the contracts for all the properties he had bought.

Romina appeared with two cups of coffee, telling Robert she had finished all the works pertaining to his 3pm meeting and she had already told his driver to pick him up for his meeting with Daniela later.

“You are really lucky with your secretary, she knows exactly what you need,” the man said.

He asks Mr Mondragon whether he  doesn’t want to marry again and Robert stares at Romina as she talks to some co workers outside.

Fast forward Daniela showed her father the venue she had chosen for the anniversary along with one of her associates.

Robert said the place is too big for just 200 guests and Daniela tells him that she had taken over the preparations and invited 300 more guests because Romina is busy with other things.

Robert then tells her daughter that to avoid any problem, Romina has to be in charge of things and not her so she shouldn’t get stressed out.

Daniela asks if he trusts his secretary more than her and Robert says that it is Romina’s job and she’s good at it.

At the midddle of the conversation his phone rang and he left.

To Daniela Romina is getting her father’s attention, her friend Savannah advised her not to allow  common secretary overshadow her and Daniela says that Robert has never been a good father to her and that she is only tolerating him because she needs him for now.

“I won’t need him one of these days,”

“I’m tired of begging for scraps,”  Daniela said in disdain.

Carlos showed Romina their new apartment which they would pack in after their marriage.

“Will it fit all our kids?” Romina asks.

“All five of them, yeah,” Carlos replies. Romina’s eyes  raising five children and Carlos says that he’s just kidding.

Daniela and her associate watch Romina from upstairs as she shrugs off a man who was drunk, warning him to stop harassing her. She then threatens to report him if he doesn’t put a stop to his action.

The anniversary celebration began and Robert Mondragon gives a speech at mark the celebration. He says that his company, which is known as Camila started with just one can of sardine that they shared among themselves because they had nothing at that time.

Daniela sits, holding a glass of red wine. When a worker congratulated Romina for  organising the event well, she stood from her chair and a waiter bumps into her.

“Why are we always hiring idiots,” she screamed getting all the attention, her action interrupted the speech of her dad. Romina turns and Daniela gave her that unpleasant glare.

Delivering his speech, Robert said they had all contributed to the successs of the company as they all collaborated to take care of the company like their own child.

Daniela seemed unhappy to hear that. As people applaud Mr Mondragon for his powerful speech, Daniela made her way to her father still holding the glass of wine. Romina wondered what was going through Daniela’s head.

“Congratulations, congratulations dad,” Daniela says, dragging her smiling father away. “…to your favorite child.” She then addresses those present, saying that her father cared more about the company than his own daughter. Thinking she’s drunk, Robert grabs her and tells her to stop and Romina comes along and offers to help her sober up.

Romina tries to hold Daniela’s hand but she wouldn’t subject herself to that.

“Let me go. Don’t touch me! Get your filthy hands off of me!” Daniela yells as Romina follows her.

Romina says she has already informed her driver to pick her up.

Daniela told her to shut up; “you are  nothing but a cheap gold digger.”

Romina threw the red wine on her face, a reply that Daniela had wrong impression about her Daniela also replied with a slap. do to him?” Daniela asks.

“Did you bewitch him?” She asked if she bewitched the man who harasses her at work

Romina looks agitated, She suddenly slaps her back with her left hand too. Daniela did not expect that from Romina, Romina told Daniela that she deserves it.

“You can belittle me all you want, but I would never allow you to insult my character.”

“How dare you!” Daniela yells, charging at her. She grabs Romina’s hair and starts to pull it.

Robert saw the awful scene between Daniela and Romina and tried to seperate them, while calling on his daughter to stop.

Daniela cries, claiming Romina attacked her first but Robert brush it off.

He tells Daniela that he knows her and if she can’t respect his employees, then she has no business there.

“Apologise,” Robert says but Daniela just stares back at him defiantly. “I said…apologise.”

Daniela then says sorry, and dashed off in disbelief.

Carlos sits outside waiting for Romina. Daniela comes while crying, asking a servant to get her car. Carlos sees her and asks if Romina is in there.

Daniela hugs him and says that he has to get her out of there. Her car arrives and Carlos, who notices that she’s drunk, reluctantly agrees to drive her after she emotionally blackmails him and threatens to drive herself in her drunken state.

After cleaning up, Robert who had been waiting for Romina, apologises for his daughter mean action against her. Romina accepted the apologies and encuraged Mr Mondragon to get back to the party as she was heading home but Robert convinced her to stay.

Carlos sent Daniela home, straight to her bedroom, she thanked him while She  locked the door.

Daniela throws herself at him, asking why he left her for Romina when they had so much fun together.

Carlos says that she was the one who dumped him and Daniela accuses him of not fighting for their love. Carlos says they were children then.

“You are the only man I have ever loved. It’s just you. It’s always been you,” Daniela says.

“That’s the problem,” Carlos replies. “You love me too much and I couldn’t love you the way you wanted.”

“You don’t need to. You just have to accept it.”

Daniela forces herself on him, kissing him several times but Carlos rejects and stops her, telling her that he and Romina were getting married.

“But you aren’t married yet. Carlos, I love you more than Romina does.”

“I love Romina more,” Carlos replies. Daniela stares at him, speechless. Carlos says he’s sorry. He then walks out.

After the party, Romina asks of her leave and  Robert assures her that he would not allow Daniela to treat her that way ever again.

He says after the death Camilla , he had tried to reach out to her but she had created an impenetrable wall around her. Robert adds that now he has realised that he did not know his own daughter.

Romina says she understands him. She tells him that he and his daughter had each other to depend on and that they were still family and nothing could change that.

Robert engaged her with Smiles and promised to work out their differences as  soon as possible.

“I never thought that you’d be so important to me,” Robert says and Romina laughs at that.

“What a beautiful ring,” he adds, noticing the ring on her finger. Romina explains that it is her engagement ring her boyfriend had given her and Robert looks in amazement.

The smile on his face disappeared completely when she tells him that Carlos, her boyfriend had proposed to her.

“Are you leaving me?” Robert asks and Romina seems confused. “…when you get married,” he adds. Romina says that they had not discussed it yet.

Meanwhile, as Robert puts his hand on Romina’s shoulder, congratulating her, Daniela’s  friend watches a few steps away, a mobile phone held in front of her, taking pictures of them.

Trouble looms, it is going to be a great scandal characterised by diabolism…


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