The Killer Bride Episode 12

The Killer Bride Episode 12

The Killer Bride Episode 12 Tatiana’s dark past unfolds 

Elias was celebrated for gaining a huge contract at the Estrella Del Sur Ladies’ Society Ball. Intoy told Elias foster parent that at the ball they would meet their future daughter in-law.

They asked Elias who the magic woman was and Intoy said Emma. His father asked Elias if he believed that Emma was possessed by Camila but he said he did not believe.

As Elias was driving Intoy who was drunk home, the came across a spirit flushing here and there.

Intoy was scared and they shouted once they saw the reflection of the spirit in the front mirror.

Elias then toughen up to just find whether it was  human or a spirit. He came from the car and saw Andres in a wedding gown and veil crying they were all going to die.

Elias called for Intoy’s help and they sent Andres into the car to rush him to hospital.

Manay Ichu, Tsoknat and Iking came to the hospital and Andres was still crying that all the people of Las Espadas would die.

Elias explained to Manay Ichu that he found him on the middle of the road. The doctor explained that Andres was drugged with a herb which was making him get mental confusion and having hallucinations.

Luna blamed Emma for Andres’ unstable mental condition but Vito said they should not jump into conclusion as the issue was being investigated.

Tessa and her ladies were preparing for the ball. Tatiana got there with Emma and fought for invitations for Emma. She finally got it for her.

As they were in a car going home, Tatiana asked Emma whether Tessa was beautiful and she answered that not compared to her (Tatiana).

Tatiana spewed that Tessa had always been a second option. Antonia pushed her to Vito and since Vito felt guilty for his loss brother he satisfied his mother’s whims by marrying Tessa.

They got to the hospital and saw people crowded there. Once they saw Emma, they said she was the reason Andres was having a mental problem.

Intoy did not allow the crowd to go in based on Manay Ichu’s orders as Tatiana saw what the people were doing to Emma she went in and Emma followed while Intoy blocked the crowd from going.

Emma and Tatiana got to Andres’ ward and Andres begged Emma to protect him from the killer bride.

Emma recalled Camila’s words and told Elias that they had to find the culprit. Elias said the police were already investigating.

Emma said the town’s people thought she was the one who harmed Andres but Manay Ichu advised her not to worry.

Luna on the other hand got upset that Tessa gave Emma invite to attend the ball. She said the event would be disastrous.

Unbeknownst to Emma, Tatiana was plotting against her and told Tessa to allow Emma to the ball to find her real intention concerning Vito.

Vito visited Andres and he kept saying the woman wearing the wedding dress is angry. Vito tried to make him voice out the truth but Manay Ichu intervened while he cried that the woman would kill all of them.

Luna who surprised Elias in his house, asked him to be her date at the ball but he said he was only invited to deliver flowers.

During the night Luciano was sleeping with a drink in his hand, while Guada also had something in her hand while sleeping.

Luis was doing press ups. Emma went to meet Camila to ask about the person who was behind Andres’ predicament but she denied having a hand in it.

Camila then set a new mission for Emma to concentrate on finding whether Tatiana was the one who was behind Javier’s death.

She revealed that Tatiana could not stand it when they compared her to her (Camila) and also got pregnant at the age of 17 years.

Camila said it was highly possible that Javier was responsible for her pregnancy. Emma stated that she had been spending time with Tatiana and she did not seem to be a person who could kill.

Camila reminded her not to trust anyone, saying when the right button is pushed anyone could be a murderer.

Vito had a nightmare so he woke up thinking about it, meanwhile, Camila saw a  picture of the lover’s tree which Emma talked to her about.

The next day, Vito went with Elias’ foster father to the forest. As Emma was trying gowns for the ball, Tatiana told her that Luis would be her escort.

However, Emma was thinking about what Camila told her concerning Tatiana. Tatiana asked Emma whether she was upset that she did not pair her with Elias.

She told Emma that she saw how she and Elias looked at eachother at the hospital, adding that she also fell in l*ve years back.

Emma wanted to know more, later she and Tatiana overhead some gossips talking about Tatiana’s past.

Melissa said Tatiana became pregnant for a married man and also got involved with Sanny Tang, a drug addict.

In the forest, Vito came across Camila they struggled and Camila managed to escape from his hand. Her watch fell and Vito took it.

Meanwhile, Tatiana narrated that it was true she got pregnant at age 17 and confined in her then best fried, Melissa but the next day she revealed her secret to everyone and made her the gossip of the town.

She then told Melissa that she would reveal her secret, starting with the father of her daughter and told Mildred not to mind her. She then left with Mildred.

Camila tried sleeping but she could not as she remembered her encounter with Vito which made her recalled her good times with him.


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