The Killer Bride Episode 15

The Killer Bride Episode 15

The Killer Bride Episode 15 Justino dies after trying to rape Emma

“All of them are trying to see Camila’s two version Zero.”

Tatiana told Emma that all eyes were on the Dela Torre all because of her.

Felipe warned Luis not to get involved with the uncultured girl since she could ruin his plans for him. He said Luis could play games with Emma but should not get serious with her.

Luis made it clear to Felipe that he was not into games. A thing fell at the ball and Ornusa told Guada that she sensed danger approaching.

The MC introduced the brighter sons and daughters of Las Espadas. The participants including Emma, Luis and Luna hit the dance floor with an electrifying dance performance.

Vito could not hold it but stared while Guada and Antonia gave themselves strange looks.

Elias imagined himself to be the one dancing with Emma.

“I thought you said you will avoid me.”

“I thought I could do it but I cannot,” He imagined while laughing.

Meanwhile, Tessa went to the washroom to cry, a mysterious woman descended down the stairs. She went straight to the washroom.

Behold it was Camila. She told Tessa that l”v” was like that and it always made one cry. She mentioned Tessa’s name and she wondered how she got to know her name.

“I just want to say this Tessa it may difficult but i want you to be more careful. With your husband’s undeniable good looks a lots of women are lining up to try and seduce him.”

“Oh Tessa, I will make a bid for your bag. I hope I win it congratulations…” she left while Tessa looked threatened.

Meanwhile, Luis complemented Emma and commended her for a great dance moves. He held his charm and went to take a seat while Intoy polluted the mind of Elias to get him more jealous of Luis.

He told him to go for Emma before the counselor did that. Justino came to the table of the Dela Tores to complement Emma’s charming looks.

The jealous Elias cornered Luis to lecture him on drinks for Emma. He told him not
to give Emma too much drink since the last time her system could not respond well to alcohol.

“Let me be the one to worry about her because I am her date tonight,” Luis hissed.

“I got this for you”
“Oh!” Emma got the glass.

Vito and Luciano engaged in words exchanged next to the senator concerning the collapse of business of the Dela Torre.

As Camila was approaching, Vito got carried away. Emma and Luis got close to Tati who was talking to Justino to make Emma see the bidding items before they offered them for sale.

Tati stated that Justino would take her to see the items, Luis offered to go with her but Tati denied him the chance instead she set his mind on Felipe who was exchanging contact with a certain lady while his wife, Alice got jealous.

Luis left them to support his mother. Tati and Emma got to the other side of the ball. She asked Tati whether it was the same gown she wore during the previous ball.

Justino told Emma so she wanted to confirm. Emma then saw Camila. She tried following her to clear her thought.

Tessa went to tell the guys to get the auction items ready. Camila hid in order for Emma not to see her. The auction began and the two rival families tried to compete.

Luciano stopped Guada and she could not add more to the 90,000 Antonia bid.
Justino came to meet Emma and asked her where she was going. She said she was looking for Tatiana and Justino decided to show her where Tatiana was.

Unbeknownst to her, Justino was sending her to his secret room to rape her. He said Tati was so beautiful at 17 years and now she was back to him again.

Emma realised that he was J and fought him but Justino managed to push her to the bed.
Emma kicked him.

“No matter how loud you scream no one would hear you. You are mine,” Emma kicked him and beat him, as she was running she bumped into Tatiana who was holding her phone.

Emma realised she was set up by Tati to victimise her. Tati called Emma a B!tch for ruining her revenge on Justino. She vent out her frustration.

“I got pregnant at age 17 everyone thought I was a slut. He raped me.” Tati recounted that she trusted Justino and that was her mistake.

He told her to enter his room to get something, there Justino raped her and got pregnant but  was forced to abort it.

“That man criminally poisoned my body. Until this day it is ruined. I am now totally barren,” she then told Emma that it was not too late to allow herself for Justino for him to record it.

Emma got upset that Tati wanted to use her as bait but Tati said she could not use Luna, Mildred or any other girl except Emma since  she was a perfect match for Justino as she was a criminal and a fraud.

Tatiana was willing to pay any amount just to make Emma allow herself to be used by Justino to set herself lose from Justino’s threat.

Camila approached Vito to ask to dance with him.

“I hope your wife doesn’t mind that you have chosen to dance with another woman.”
Of course! So you know me?

“Who doesn’t know the famous Vito Dela Cuesta inside Las Espadas. I have heard your tragic love story. I will say you are lucky that your marriage with Camila Dela Torre never pushed through. If you ended up with her your life would have been miserable.”

“You don’t know what you are talking about. She was a murderer so you would have been miserable or dead.”

“You’re wrong about Camila. She was nothing like what they painted her to be. ”

“Isn’t it too late to defend her Mr Dela Cuesta. She was imprisoned and then died while you did nothing,” Camila stated.

Emma ran while Tati and Justino ran after her.
Meanwhile, Camila kept on with her interrogation about the story of Camila and the one who killed Javier.

As Vito tried to find out who she was, Camila fled from there. Elias found Emma sitting in solitude. He asked her what was wrong with her whether Luis hurt her.

Emma asked him to stay away from her since she was tired of being victimised of people who she trusted. She pushed Elias away from her saying people were right for claiming she brought nothing but bad luck.

The light went of suddenly and Elias who was sitting with Emma could not find her while a gruesome murder was committed.

It was Justino who was lying helplessly on the floor with a knife stabbed in him.

Emma found herself inside a cave while Elias was searching for her.


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