The Killer Bride Episode 16

The Killer Bride Episode 16

The Killer Bride Episode 16 Felipe hunts for Emma to get her arrested  

At the function, everyone wondered who could have committed such atrocious act. Vito checked the pulse of Justino and it was not beating.

He asked no one to leave, the people were scared so they did not heed to the advice Juan Felipe intervened. He ordered them not to leave till the police arrive.

Camila saw a shoe, she picked it and wondered who could own it. Elias shouted that the shoe belonged to Emma and asked Camila what she did with Emma.

Camila ran and he ran after her, she managed to escape. In the ball room, Alice asked where Emma was and Luna said Emma killed Justino.

Juan Felipe had a private chat with Tati, Tatiana said she did not kill Justino. Camila ordered  her men to search for Emma wherever the kidnappers had kept her.

She said she believed they have sent Emma to San Lucas De Oro. Meanwhile, Elias arrived at the ball room to inform them that Emma did not escape but was abducted.

He said Emma did not kill Justino but Antonia insisted that Emma commited the act since in similar fashion Camila in her youthful years kill Javier, adding “the killer bride is back.”

Elias spoke with the police that Emma would not ran if indeed she killed Justino but the police said everyone at the event was a suspect including Emma.

The inspector promised to look at every possible angle of the story. Camila cried and was tensed for not seeing Emma.
She recalled the times she spent with her.

At Dako Paroon, the police ransacked the place. Elias came there and learnt about what had happened.

Manay Ichu was upset that the police was treating Emma as a common criminal. Elias informed them that he spoke with Emma and she said she was investigating Tati since she suspected her of being behind the incident that happened to Andres.

Elias failed to elaborate more about it since Emma had told Elias not to tell anyone about it.

Elias told Aran and Ingrid that he was going to the woods to find Emma. They advised him to stay away from Emma.

Manay Ichu went to Dela Torre mansion to point accusing fingers on Tatiana. Ornusa voiced out that they were having spiritual meeting to contact the spirit of Camila to inform them where Emma had been kept.

Ingrid realised that Elias was not home. Tati became scared that Emma would reveal her secret once she was found but Felipe promised to cover her up. Felipe received a call that Emma was being searched for at the woods.

Elias was at the woods, shouting the name of Emma, he saw something and began running but bumped into Vito and Aran.

Felipe, Luis and the police also came there to help in the search in order for Elias not to hide Emma.

The spiritualist chanted and Ornusa confessed that Tatiana knew where Emma was but she said she didn’t.

As the spirit was persisting, Tatiana ran to her room. There a figure arose, it was the killer bride asking her to tell her where she had kept Emma.

She wailed that she knew nothing about her disappearance. Guada and Alice rushed in and she said the killer bride was there but Alice did not find her.

Meanwhile, it was getting dark so Felipe informed the police that they should continue their search later to arrest the suspect.

Counsellor Luis was devastated, he asked Felipe whether it was prudent to arrest Emma even when there was no enough evidence to prove that she was the actual killer.

Felipe seemed not to be bothered but counselor was consumed with rage. As it was getting dark Vito and Aran told Elias that they should leave but Elias ran back in search of Emma.

Emma managed to untie herself but saw the killer bride appearing and disappearing. She shouted but none was there to save her.

Camila took off her wedding gown and descended down a pit. She changed and went in search of Emma she also went into the woods.

Lucky for Emma, Elias managed to see her first. She told Elias about the presence of the killer bride. Elias saw the killer bride with his own eyes. They fled and hid somewhere where the killer bride would not see them.

Ornusa met with Camila. A flashback revealed that Camila had been plotting with Ornusa. She paid her huge sums of money to be her ally to keep an eye on Emma.

It was also revealed that the maid went to temper with the electrical appliances to make the spiritual work more terrifying.

She informed Ornusa that she did not find Emma at San Lucas De Oro. She told her that she had paid her allies so she would eventually find her.


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