The Killer Bride Episode 19

The Killer Bride Episode 19

The Killer Bride Episode 19 Juan Felipe’s s*x video goes viral 

Emma descended down the stairs of the Dela Torre mansion. Tatiana called her, she tied the straps of her dress and said sorry to her.

She hugged Emma, Guada and Luis descended down to meet them. Tatiana told Emma that she would change her statement at the police station and reveal the truth to the police.

Emma became excited, she asked Luis whether he was not going to drop Guada and Tatiana. He said he was going to a different place and Emma asked if she could go with him.

Ornusa and Camila hanged at where the major’s girlfriend was, listening attentively to their conversation. The lady told her friends that the major has bought her a brand-new car for keeping the major at all nights, stressing that the major’s wife was boring.

Guada and Tatiana arrived at the station for Tatiana to file her statement. Elias was informed by Intoy that Tatiana has confessed as the person who took Emma video to blackmail Justino. Elias recalled seeing Emma sitting desperately alone at the ball celebration.

Emma asked Luis whether he was upset that she learnt about his family’s problem. She said she only saw a mom who l*v*d her son and a son who was willing to protect his mother.

She told him not to worry but should trust her. She held the arm of Luis, meanwhile, Elias was standing aloof watching them. He got jealous as he watched the unpleasant scene.

Manay Ichu called Emma to confirm whether Tatiana was the one who set her up and she said yes. She told Emma to visit her and tell her more about it.

“If I had known sooner I would not have allowed you to go back to the mansion,” Emma said she was fine but Manay Ichu said she might need a rest after being abducted.

She said what Emma needed was someone to embrace her. Emma recalled Camila and her sayings. She thanked Manay Ichu.

She began having crisis, after hallucinating about the killer bride. Elias got to her aid. Elias said she needed a doctor since she was not fully recovered.

Luis intervened and told Elias that Emma did not want to talk to him anymore. Elias assured her that he was there for her.

Camila received pictures of Juan Felipe and his girlfriend. She wanted something intimate but her ally told her that he has planted some hidden cameras in the house.

As they were talking, they saw Felipe and his assistant going inside. Felipe said he could not stop Guada from making unbearable mistake but promised to fix it.

Once Camila’s man told her that they could not fix a camera in the spare room she climbed the building to get her plans through. She saw something unusual.

In a press conference where Major Felipe was addressing the issue of Tatiana, a video suddenly gone viral.

The reporter then changed the entire conversation to the viral video asking whether what they were seeing was true.
He was perplexed, when he saw the video he turned numb.

He left the press conference, Vito spotted the mysterious lady there and he ran after her. He questioned her whether she was the one who leaked the video as well as her connection with the death of Javier.

She warned Vito to mind the questions he asked because the answers he would get would not make him happy.

Felipe got home and was scolded for the viral video. He told them that the video was edited and it was common these days.

Alice said all these years she thought she was the one having issues not knowing it was Felipe and he had been telling them lies.

Vito wondered who the mysterious lady was. He could not focus while driving. Felipe tried shutting Alice, Alice asked Tatiana if that was the secret of Felipe she was hiding.

He tried hitting Alice and Luis got into a fist fight with him. Emma who was watching at the gate hid herself once she saw Felipe approaching.

Later she went to ask Luis why he did not join the family’s dinner. Luis told Emma that Felipe hated them and he has now confirmed it. He thanked Emma for giving him a shoulder to cry on. Emma said he did not have to thank her. She walked out as she became emotional and felt guilty. Meanwhile, Luis kept calling her name but she did not mind him.

Emma asked Camila why she did that. Camila accepted and said his latest mistress was just paid to pose off as such.

She told Emma that if she had not been in the woods Juan Felipe would have shot her.

“Juan Felipe deserves everything that I did to him because someone has to show him that he is a worthless piece of garbage.”

“But why? That is not the reason why we are doing this we are not here to teach lessons. We are doing this to find out who is responsible in what happened to you and so we were not even sure if it was the major. I wish that you waited a bit.”
Camila said she has been waiting for years and was tired of waiting. Elias said goodbye to his foster parent.

Intoy advised Elias to the opportunity he was having through the trip to find a new person to l*ve since Emma was complicated to be l*v*d.

Camila told Emma that the evil person was Tatiana who tried to get her raped and also protecting Felipe for all his evil deeds, compelling a waiter to admit to killing Justino while he was innocent.

Camila indicated that Felipe was good for nothing and there was no need for Emma to protect him since she did not make her infiltrate the house to go easy on them.

Emma kept reminding Camila on their call for justice since what she was doing was not justice. Camila stated that Felipe, Tatiana and the rest were ruining people’s life and would expose them if the need arises.

Emma said she did not sign for that and Camila said she started it and she would have to end it.

Emma cried while walking back home. It was dark and she kept crying. She made a phone call to her dad but he did not pick.

She did a voice mail and said she wanted to leave everything behind but recalling what Camila did for her and what she went through she could not.

Later Luis called her to inform her about his decision of leaving Las Espadas. Elias saw Emma and asked her why she was there alone.

Elias told her that he was traveling to attend a festival. Elias saw how devastated she was and asked her if she was okay and she said yes, urging Elias to go.

She received a call from Camila but she ignored, as Elias spark his car, Emma got in and said she was going with him.


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