The Killer Bride Episode 21

The Killer Bride Episode 21

The Killer Bride Episode 21 Elias finally proposes to Emma

“You know why Las Espadas is cursed because it is filled with coward people like You… liar!”

Back in the scene at the church, Emma comforted Elias. With all sincerity, she called Elias a good man and added that he seemed to carry a positive light with him at all times. Emma described Elias’ glow as something delightful.

After the parade, Elias could not help by stared at Emma’s beauty as she cleansed her face.

Emma presented a heart to Elias and he was glad. He assured Emma that he becomes happy whenever she was happy.

Elias promised to sleep with the heart all the time. Emma then set her eyes on Seth so she ran while Elias followed her.

Seth came there and warned Elias against Emma. Emma held the hands of Elias and told him that they should go.

Seth pulled Emma back and Elias intervened, he asked Seth what was his problem. Seth punched the tummy of Elias and Emma kicked him, scaring him with a stone.

As the scene got intimate, Elias confessed his true feelings for Emma and why he would defend her at all times. Emma who was blown away on her feat hearing Elias true intentions for her recalled the advice of Camila that boys always make women cry and they lie just to get what they wanted.

She also thought of Camila forcing her to finish the task ahead, she then ran away while Elias wondered why she ran after telling her he liked her.

Marvin Cruz took his payment from Felipe. In his house while gathering his things he was tormented by a lady in white.

“You know why Las Espadas is cursed because it is filled with coward people like You… liar!”

Emma who fled, on he way hallucinated when a car shed its light on her. Elias who was running after her finally caught up and provided a shoulder for her to cry on.

Marvin got hunted by the killer bride. He asked for forgiveness and told the lady in white that he would confess his sins but pleaded with her not to kill him.

He called a radio station to confess that the Mayor bribed him to lie to the people and planned to avail himself the next day for interview.

The killer bride then left. It was revealed that Camila followed the car of Felipe just to know the residence of Marvin Cruz.

Emma told Elias that she saw herself back in the cave and hallucinated about the killer bride.

She said she saw a shadow of a man who kept mentioning Belladonna, a poisonous flower which they drugged Emma and Andres with.

Emma told him that she had to visit Mr Andres and Elias offered to go with her. She told him she did not want him to get involved but Elias said he wanted to go through with her in her hard times.

Lani and Larry, the couple came there. Camila received a call from Fabio asking her whether Emma indeed was at Buena Tierra. Camila kept on with her lies and promised to call Emma to find out. She explained that she left Emma at home while she was busy at the casino.

Fabio indicated that he tried calling Emma but her line was not going through.

The next day, Emma and Elias left Buena Tierra with Larry telling them that he hoped the next time when they visited they would be couple by then, saying they looked good together.

They then visited Mr Andres who was in the garden. The nurse said Andres’ condition was stable but hardly talk.

He was confined in a wheelchair, Emma asked about his health. She asked Andres whether he was sent to the cave inside the woods.

Andres stood and cried. He then held Emma uptight and cried. The nurse came there and told Emma to leave.

At the police station, the waiter could not tell Alejandro the exact details of how he killed Justino.

The police officer thought he might have been paid to tell lies. He was told that when the crime was committed, the waiter was seen at a different place and wondered how the waiter could be at two different places at the same time.

Camila spoke with Intoy to link her with the owner as she needed special floral designs for a particular occasion. Intoy told her that the owner travelled to Buena Tierra and she recalled Fabio asking her whether Emma was at Buena Tierra.

Emma secretly tested Camila when Elias was driving her to Las Espadas.
They got to Dako Paroon, while Elias was trying to find out if Emma like him too Luis saw them together and got jealous.

Emma apologised to Manay Ichu. As she sat alone recalling her good times with Elias at Buena Tierra, a strange thing happened and Fabio arrived.

The maids welcomed him, he asked the maids why they were acting awkward as if they had seen a ghost.

Camila and Emma welcomed him home. It was revealed that after speaking with Camila Fabio rescheduled the rest of his meeting to a later date.

Camila had a lead about the arrival of Fabio and while Emma was sitting in the garden of Dako Paroon thinking about her sweet memories with Elias, Camila came to inform her about everything.

She packed her things, when she was leaving she bumped into Manay Ichu and she informed her that the person who took care of her at Manila had died so she had to attend her wake.

She met Camila who was waiting for her in a car at the middle of Las Espadas road. Camila already booked a flight for them to reach Manila within 15 minutes.

Fabio bought Emma a teddy bear, after Camila mentioned Fabio’s name, Emma recalled Camila’s words about things that Fabio bought for her. Although she found it hard to accept it but she accepted while looking at Camila.

Fabio asked Emma where she had been, Camila replied that it was true that Emma went to Buena Tierra and told Emma that she had seen that her teenage act had compelled Fabio to return.

When they were eating, Fabio asked Emma who she was with at Buena Tierra and she said an old friend from school.

The person who invited her and Fabio told Camila that Emma was just invited by her friend so Camila should have allowed her to pass the night at Buena Tierra.

Camila said she would have if she had confident in the person Emma was with, adding that she had been teaching Emma about commitment so she had to be committed to her work at the casino.


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