The Killer Bride Episode 22

The Killer Bride Episode 22

The Killer Bride Episode 22 Luna breaks down seeing Emma and Elias happily in love 

Elias and Intoy kept talking and he recalled asking Emma whether she also felt something for him.

He asked Intoy his opinion about Emma whether she felt something and could not say or never felt anything for him or would feel something for him in the future.

Manay Ichu, Tsoknat and Iking wondered why Emma suddenly left Las Espadas. Tsoknat said she might have engaged in l*ver’s quarrel with Elias that was why she left.

Iking did not like the fact that Tsoknat would be the make up artist but Tsoknat was happy gaining her job back.

Meanwhile, Emma said sorry to Camila for leaving her sight to Buena Tierra, she said it was not Elias’ fault but Camila warned her not to mention Elias’ name to her face.

She asked what was going on between Elias and her. Camila told Emma that she raised her and knew when she was telling her lies.

Fabio came there and distracted their conversation. She later made Emma explained why she left to Buena Tierra without telling Camila about it.

She said they had a little misunderstanding that was why she left. Fabio said she was old enough to make her own decision.

He proposed to travel with her to United States after his business trip in China.

Alejandro told Vito that he had done everything to make the suspect confess yet he did not.

The police inspector believed the suspect was covering up for the Mayor since Tatiana’s statement made him think that way.

Vito said he believed there was someone too behind it and gave him the watch he got from the mysterious lady.

He told Alejandro that the mysterious lady was the one who leaked the mayor’s video, which meant she was an enemy to the mayor.

He added that the lady was also at the ball. The mayor made someone went into the prison to kill the waiter.

He also sent another person after Marvin Cruz which made it difficult for Camila’s men to track him.

Camila had a nightmare that evening, she cried when she woke up. Emma who heard her crying came to console her.

The next morning, Elias visited Dako Paroon and Manay Ichu told him that Emma left for funeral at Manila.

Fabio left to China, once he was leaving, Camila prepared Emma for them to leave to Las Espadas to continue their unfinished business.

Elias was affected by Emma’s absence, he blamed himself for Emma’s sudden departure.

Camila later told Emma about her nightmare and warned Emma against Elias. She said she dreamt that Emma was left broken hearted and was holding her heart in her hand crying that Elias had betrayed her and almost lost her life.

In the car going to Las Espadas, Emma told Camila about the tall man she saw in the cave and Elias confirmation of seeing the killer bride.

However, Camila said their eyes deceived them since they were scared. Vito spoke with Elias asking her about Emma and he said she left for Manila but she would return.

As they were talking, Camila spied on them from afar. Emma told Tsoknat that she was scared about one person whose anguish sent shivers within her.

She said the person did not forgive easily but forgave her on something which Emma saw it was so unusual of her.

Elias began suspecting something unusual in the night, he could not even spark his car.

Meanwhile, Camila was hovering around him and his apartment like spirit. This freaked Elias out as he heard the presence of someone but could not see the face of the person.

He ran from his car searching for his phone. He took the phone and was started by Ingrid.

Emma asked Manay Ichu whether a good person could change that much. Manay Ichu asked if she was referring to the spirit of Camila whether she had become an evil spirit, who was hunting to avenge all those who were behind her predicament.

Camila went for her horse at the Dela Torre mansion. She went to cry remembering seeing Vito and Elias together. She also recalled her nightmare about Emma. She cried all night in the deserted place.

Luna on the other hand spent the night in a bar to celebrate the absence of Emma. She was happy that Emma had gone forever.

She toasted and danced with her friends. Luna approached Luis and invited him to celebrate Emma’s disappearance, confident that she’d finally win Elias’ attention again. She told Luis that their deal did not stand since Emma was gone.

But, Luna’s positive disposition fades in a snap as Luis informed her that Emma was back in Las Espadas. He showed her a message from Emma. Luna then called Elias while Luis left the bar.

In the next day, Elias drove to Manay Ichu’s house, while he prayed that Emma should come back soon. Manay Ichu began coughing, Emma asked if she could help her since she had terrible cough but Manay Ichu said she was okay.

She said Emma was the one who needed help as she saw her staying awake all night and asked her what kept her awake.

Emma began thinking about Elias’ proposal and the manner Elias asked if she felt same way about him. She laughed as she thought of it. Manay Ichu wondered why Emma was laughing she told Manay Ichu it was nothing.

She began alerting herself not to think about Elias, she kept telling herself while Manay Ichu was surprised hearing Emma telling herself that.

Emma went to draw the curtains, unknown to her Elias was already in the house and saw his face through the glass pane. Elias was so elated to see Emma. He ran in to hug her.

“You came back, you came back, you came back.”

Butterflies began flying in the belly of Elias and could not hide his joy as he held Emma uptight. Elias and Emma appear happy and full of romantic excitement.

Manay Ichu interrupted them with her cough which compelled them to break from their embrace. She smiled seeing how both were happy in each other’s arms.

Elias also began coughing after getting so emotionally attached to Emma.

“Are you feeling sick?” Manay Ichu asked Elias if he was mocking her since she was sick that was why she coughed.

A flashback showed Elias coughing while holding the waist of Emma while she was riding him on Luciano’s horse.

Talking with Manay Ichu, Elias hints at having good intentions with Emma,

Elias asked of his leave and ran out with joy while he said bye to Emma through the glass pane with beautiful smiles decorated on his face.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” Elias jumped around and even felt hard to open the door of his car and leave.

Manay Ichu sounded motherly as she promised to never meddle with Emma’s personal relationships. Yet, she warned Emma to be cautious when dealing with matters of the heart.

Elias, who was leaving with smiles turned again just to see Emma approaching. Emma presented to him a list of orders from Manay Ichu to him.

Elias in taking the paper with the list from Emma’s hand subtly caressed her palm while he took it in slow mo.

The two appeared giddy as they talked about Elias’ previous confession and Emma’s response.

“I heard you thought I left for good.”

“I assumed that because after I said I like you, you just left town all of a sudden.”

“Do you honestly think if you tell a girl about how you feel she just suddenly leaves town?”

“Have you ever looked in the mirror?”

“Arh! I see are you going to tell me that I am handsome?” They smiled as they stare each other cunningly.

“Like I told you before, you have to know I am not sure I could reciprocate how you feel.”

“I am not ready for a relationship Elias and it is not why I came here to Las Espadas.”

Elias kept watching her face for a moment Emma thought he was not listening so she tapped him.

“Are you listening?” Elias was full with smiles and Emma was also smiling.

“What’s up with that smiling”

“It is from within!”

“Cut it!”

“I am leaving!”

“There is nothing wrong with smiling.”

Emma reiterated that she was not yet ready to jump into a serious relationship. In return, Elias said that he would be willing to wait.

Emma as she took steps stood and began smiling. Meanwhile, Luna was dying out of jealousy as she hid herself behind a tree to watch the love birds and their awkward means of proving their feelings to eachother.

As Emma left, Elias danced around with his “Yes, Yes, Yes!” tunes killing Luna yet the more. He opened his car.

Luna’s blood boiled within her with her tears showing how her heart was in crisis.

Still in Dako Paroon, Emma applied make up to a corpse while humming, the sound of the hum made Iking and Tsoknat danced.

“Emma is in l*ve” Tsoknat shouted.

“I am just humming.” Tsoknat said the person she was in l*ve with also l*ved her back, adding that not everyone was that lucky.

She mentioned Iking as a witness with such an experience and Iking interjected that she should speak for herself.

Tsoknat kept on telling Emma that everything showed that she had truly fallen. A voice called Emma and Emma went to see Manay Ichu.

Manay Ichu told her that someone was looking for her. She freaked out after realising it was Fabio.


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