The Killer Bride Episode 25 The killer Bride disturbs Las Espadas

The Killer Bride Episode 25 

The Killer Bride Episode 25 The killer Bride disturbs Las Espadas

At the Killer Café, Luna who was trying to get even urged the crowd to request a number from Emma, assuming that the latter would only get humiliated.

Emma fiercely accepted the dare as she stood, she  took the mic and climbed on stage. Luna alerted Mildred and the rest of her Friends to watch Emma humiliate herself.

The crowd cheered Emma on, chanting her name while Vito stared thoughtfully.

Emma recalled Camila lecturing her to put her passion for music on hold, with a view that singing would not send her anywhere in life but should focus on studying Math in order to always get closer to money for a brighter future.

She looked frightened, the crowd kept chanting her name urging her on. She mustered courage and gave it a shot with her angelic voice.

The crowd got totally surprised and amazed as Emma hits the first notes. Her soothing voice delivered a sense of nostalgia to the song “Halik ng Hangin,” a piece about the aching desire to rekindle a short-lived romance.

In the midst of Emma’s heartbreaking performance, sequences showing different faces of love start rolling.

A series of flashback displayef Camila and Vito’s blissful moments together. Vito failed to suppress his emotions while he kept thinking about Camila.

The lyrics thrusted his chest like a sharp knife on a bread he could no longer hold on to the pains so he walked out of the café with heavy steps while crying, leaving Tessa tearing up in pain. Outside the café, Vito still could not hold back his tears while longing to hold Camila.

Meanwhile, Camila who was sleeping on her bed was also bothered by her true feelings for Vito as well. She was lost in her thought so she went for the pictures of Marvin Cruz just to remain focus on her plan of vengeance.

Fabio was driving in the night, consumed with thoughts about Camila. Alice was shown lying alone in bed while her husband, Juan Felipe was spending the night with his “trumutu” (anal $e×) partner or assistant, Ivan.

After Emma’s performance, the whole crowd cheered. Luna was impressed but she could not hold back her jealousy. For the sake of the crowd she had to give in and complement the birthday girl for being an amazing singer.

Manay Ichu hurried to hug Emma while she came down from stage. She said she never knew Emma was an expert in singing.

Everyone was happy and Emma told them that she used to write songs when she was little.

She said along the line she had to stop singing because she was prohibited. Iking, Intoy and Elias wondered why an angelic musician like that would give up her passion.

She narrated her ordeal as an orphan she had to choose “survival” in order to fend for herself.

For a very long time that was the first time she had freed her spirit to sing.

She later went to stand outside looking at the moonlight. Elias approached her, with three bags of gifts with each one containing a pack of bread known as “hopia”, nuts, and popcorn – an allusion to his favourite Pinoy expression.

Emma felt happy for the surprise although she earlier wanted to deny it but Elias said she only warned him not to give her flowers so the present was not flowers.

“You know I don’t want this night to ever end.”

Elias told her that they should not end the night yet. They took a stroll around the town to get to know each other better by talking about their likes and dislikes.

Elias copied Emma’s favourites just so they would appear compatible. Putting the jests aside, Elias said all the colours seen in his flower farm were his favourites while he would prefer going in the mountains than the beach since he was totally enamored with nature.

Elias stiffens as Emma moved near him, assuming that Emma was going to give him a ki$$.

He asked Emma to choose from Manila and Las Espadas. After careful analysis they chose Manila due to the incidents of the killer bride in Las Espadas.

Elias indicated that it was because they were compatible but Emma said the reason was that they were afraid of the Killer Bride. Elias said she was right and told her about a lady in white who followed him the other night after he closed from his flower farm, the night of the day Emma returned from her trip to Manila.

Emma suspected it was Camila and told Elias they should leave. Meanwhile, Camila scared Ivan by placing Marvin Cruz’s pictures in an envelope on his table. She quickly ran from the house making Ivan felt a ghost was with him.

Ivan read the write ups on the pictures and was scared to death.

Back to Emma and Elias, he ran after Emma after Emma fled and asked her if he said something wrong.

“You didn’t Elias and that is the problem there’s nothing wrong with you. You should leave.”

“Alright then do have a good night , don’t forget your present too.


“Good night”

Smile birthday girl…”

After Elias left, Fabio who had been stocking them finally revealed his face to Emma. She hugged him and Fabio asked what was wrong with her.

Meanwhile, Antonia advised Vito to hide his sadness and concentrate on his family.

Emma narrated to Fabio how the beautiful and blissful the night went for her but felt sad that she lied to the people who showed her pure kindness.

Fabio regretted that Camila brought Emma to Las Espadas to use her although he believed Emma was still keeping some secrets of Camila he said at times they had to also think about themselves first in order not to fall into trouble.

He said he had accepted to help Camila push through with her plans since they both l*v*d her and was too late for them to back off their support.

He also asked if Elias was the reason behind her tears and she said Elias was a good person and wouldn’t hurt her.

Camila saw Fabio hugging Emma and confronted him later in their hideout. Fabio asked if it was wrong for him to meet his daughter.

She replied that there was nothing wrong but she did not want Emma to get any obstruction in carrying out her mission.

He advised Camila not to pressure Emma otherwise in her second attempt to run she might not return.

Elias chipped Intoy in what he missed. He said Emma described him as a person who there was nothing wrong with him, to her that was the problem.

Intoy was dumbstruck to hear Elias telling him about Emma’s comment about hIm and said Emma was strange.

“Whenever I think it is the right moment for her to say yes she just take a step back,” Elias wondered.

Intoy then said it was because Emma was not ready and wished him good luck. After knowing more about Vito and his secret room, Edmundo went to the basement to carry out his plan.

There, He saw pictures of and news articles of Camila. He also saw the watch he gave her. As he heard a car’s siren he rushed up.

Vito spotted him and asked him what he was doing at the basement. Elias got there, Fabio then replied that the maid told him to clean some place but he realised they showed him the wrong place.

Vito warned him not to get to the basement ever again. Elias then said he brought flowers for Ms Antonia. Vito was about to pay but Elias stopped him and told him to pay for next week’s delivery instead.

Vito told him that he would go bankrupt for the kind of discount he had been given family and friends.

Elias said it was part of his gratitude for what he did for him. Edmundo offered to help him to offload the Flowers.

Camila spoke with Emma and she recalled Elias words of being followed by a ghost.

Fabio used the opportunity to ask questions about Elias. Elias told him that he was Vito’s godson.

Antonia appeared there and acted seductively to attract the attention of her new driver, Edmundo.

Edmundo and Elias stared her anxiously. She was claiming the place was quite hot and started fanning herself.

Vito came to see her unwinding herself cunningly. Vito exclaimed, she went on with her act that the place was quite hot.

Fabio drove her to Javier’s grave and on the way he asked Fabio if he was married and he said he was single.

She then asked her the kind of woman he wanted and he said a brave woman.
Emma came to meet Mario together with the rest of Luna’s friends planning to prank Mildred in the night.

Fabio gave Camila’s watch he took from Vito’s secret room to her. She explained that Vito got the watch when he bumped into her at San Lucas De Oro.

Fabio got upset that Camila exposed herself to danger but Camila insisted that he was rather in danger for taking the watch away from Vito’s things since he would find out that it was missing.

He also told her about the news articles Vito had pasted in his dark room. Camila got upset that Fabio couldn’t get anything that would help in her revenge.

He promised to find more for her since he could not stay in the basement for long.

Felipe and Luciano watched the bad news about the mayor. Luciano off the tv and told Felipe that his rival’s protest was gaining lots of attention and Felipe might lose his post as the mayor in the next election.

He advised him to remain calm for his issue to die out. Emma told Tsoknat about the plans of the girls humiliating Mildred and her plans to help Mildred.

Tsoknat advised her against it. That evening in front of the killer café, Mario gave Mildred the bouquet and made her sing while Sonia and Kaila shot video of her.

Emma alerted her that her friends were pranking her. Meanwhile, the killer bride scattered things and ran after the people of Las Espadas.

The girls told Mildred that she was not getting his eyes off Mario and planned to shoot her and share the video for her to see how pathetic she looked but Emma ruined their plans.

Mildred wondered why people she called friends connived to prank her the way they did to Emma.

Sonia stated that if it was not for Luna she would never be their friend. Luna appeared in the scene and wondered what the argument was about.

Luis got there to get Emma, while Camila spoke with her men to know what Ivan was up to after her last visit in his house. Knowing Ivan was not ready to expose Felipe she said Ivan was looking for trouble.

“Did you plan this Luna?” She seemed not to know anything about it and asked Mildred what she planned, suddenly the killer bride appeared, holding her knife.

They looked scared, standing there motionless.


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