The Killer Bride Episode 26

The Killer Bride Episode 26

The Killer Bride Episode 26 Juan Felipe uses the Killer Bride to kill his enemies 

“Emma when the killer has a weapon you run for your life you don’t go after them.”

At the Killer café, Emma, Luna and her friends saw a killer bride and they fled. Luis kept Emma and Luna safe behind a car and went in search for the others.

Mario and Mildred who were also hiding behind a car thought of means to call for help.

Mario realised his battery was dead so he asked Mildred to use her phone to call the police to inform them about the incident.

As she realised that Luis was not there, Emma also ran to save Luis. This left Luna with no option than to ran after her.

The supposed killer bride found the rest of the guys who hid themselves behind a waste bin.

He attacked them and Benjamin beat the killer bride till the supposed being collapsed on the floor.

Benjamin boast around after defeating the supposed Killer Bride.
“The killer bride is no match for us.” The Killer Bride appeared from his back and stubbed Benjamin on his chest with a knife.

His friends cried. When he was about to attack Sonia Luis jumped to her defense.

The supposed Killer Bride grabbed Luis and was about to slash his knife through his throat, Emma appeared from the behind and hit the head of the supposed Killer Bride with a glass bottle leading him to fall on the ground.

Luis held Emma to keep her safe while Luna also approached dramatised. Luis tried to secure them.

The supposed Killer bride realised that the guys were many for him to handle he fled with his black combat, still holding his knife.

Meanwhile, Ivan planned to escape during the night. He packed his stuffs into his car after closing the trunk of his car, to his dismay a killer bride was holding a knife standing in fury over Ivan’s coward action.

“Your l*v*rs sins are consuming you if your conscience won’t kill you then I will.”

“Please don’t, have mercy on me.”

As they were arguing another killer bride appeared from the back. Ivan’s eyes signaled the killer bride that there was someone appearing from her back.

As she turned she saw another killer bride coming to her direction. Ivan took advantage of the distraction to flee.

As hilarious as it was, both killer bride approached each other in Rambo style with their knife engaging in Khufu fight.

They got into fist and armour fight, the woman really beats the heck out of the supposed Killer bride and broke the fist of the combat killer bride, leading his weapon to fall.

The female “Killer Bride” laid the combat killer bride on the ground, she took off the vail of the combat killer bride and was about to stub him before the combat killer bride who had pinned his ears surrendered and begged for mercy.

“Please don’t I am not your enemy I work for the mayor.”

The guys went to check Benjamin and carried him to the hospital as he was breathing.

The killer bride slapped the imposter with her strength for him to faint. She disappeared leaving the impostor on the ground.

The police received multiple phone calls from the people of Las Espadas informing him about the recent attacks by the killer bride.

However, Iking drew the curtains after learning from Tsoknat that the Killer Bride was disturbing the peace of the public.

“I can’t believe all these ridiculous nonsense is going on,” Manay Ichu spewed and asked about the whereabouts of Emma.

Elias and Intoy saw the killer bride passing while Elias was driving, he wanted to get down to check but Intoy advised him against it.

He made him step on and fled. As Vito and Tessa left for the hospital, Fabio raided Vito’s secret room and when he saw Vito and Camila’s picture he took it from the wall and torn Vito’s part and kept Camila’s own out of jealousy.

AT the hospital, Luna filed a report that the supposed Killer bride was an imposter. A man who has dressed himself as the killer bride, Luis seconded her.

Alejandro, the inspector said before the impostor would go to the killer café he already attacked others before heading there.

Luna told him to do anything he could to bring the culprit to book. Tessa and Vito got there and tried calming Luna. They were surprised to see Emma and Luis there.

The doctor appeared in the scene and Luna asked about the health of Benjamin.

“I am sorry but the patient injury was too severe.”

The culprit then called the mayor to inform him about the unfortunate incident after the people ganged up on him.

“It was an accident, I didn’t mean it mayor.”

“Yes I know, we have already incited fears in the people of Las Espadas but we are not quite done to making them scream just yet.” Juan Felipe smiled.

Luis asked Emma if the culprit was targeting Luna and her friends but Emma said the inspector had already told them that it was a mere coincident since the attacker was already attacking people closer to the killer café before reaching them.

Luis regretted that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Elias and Intoy got there to find Emma in the arms of Luis.

He was speechless and jealous. Luis then stood up and also did Emma as they watched themselves mysteriously.

Fabio sneaked out of the Dela Cuesta’s mansion. Antonia watched him from up, wondering what her crush was up to.

Elias dragged Emma outside to ask what she was doing at the police station and she said she was there to give a witness account about the incident that led to the death of Benjamin, Luna’s friend.

Elias was astonished to hear the news and he said he was there to report seeing the killer bride.

He asked Emma if that was the killer bride they saw at San Lucas De Oro but Emma said their movements were different and could not pin point if the one they saw at San Lucas was a ghost or not.

She said the one who stubbed Benjamin was a man and Elias said for sure there was more than one killer bride.

In the hideout, Camila threw away her killer costume while Fabio was marvelled to hear Mayor Juan Felipe was behind the recent attacks which had left a boy to his early grave.

Camila was certain that Juan Felipe was behind all the miss-happenings in Emma’s disappearance in the woods and used the killer bride to terrorise her.

Elias recalled that Emma saw a man in the cave but she said the man was different from the attacker of the recent disturbance.

Elias held Emma while advising her but Luis eyes were popping out, out of jealousy, seeing Emma in Elias’ arms.

He intentionally came to distract the conversation claiming he was sending Emma home.

Emma had a weird feeling. Fabio spent the night next to Camila. He wanted to touch her and feel her warmth but lady in white will have none of that.

He sat on the bed thinking about Camila’s unwillingness to give in to his manly desires. This drove him crazy.

At Dako Paroon, Emma lamented over her inability to save Benjamin. She cried next to his corpse that she could not save him simply because she let fear struck her.

Manay Ichu told her that she could not solve all the problems in the world and asked her not to blame herself for the sudden demise of Benjamin but she insisted he was too young to die.

Meanwhile, Luna cried helplessly narrating her ordeal to her crush for the loss of Benjamin.

The next morning, Antonia was gushing over the body of Fabio as he was washing the car.

After licking her tongue wishing Fabio was on her bed making her feel like a woman, she approached him to demand answers from him about why he sneaked out of the house late in the night.

“Do you have a girlfriend in Las Espadas?

“Is she the reason you left? It is making me jealous,” the old hag spewed.

“Arh, the truth is mom I can’t sleep without having some alcohol first.” She smiled.

“You and I have that in common. Next time we can enjoy some drinks in the house. You can just join me, may be tonight.”

Vito came to see his seductive mummy demanding attention from Fabio. He heads to his secret room to open his box to find the watch inside.

A flashback showed that he got to the secret room and could not see the watch inside the box after he saw Fabio coming out of the basement.

He also recalled telling his mother that he had a feeling that the temporary driver could not be trusted.

“If you are not a thief then what are you.”

A wake was held for Benjamin at Dako Paroon. Sonia preferred the corpse to have been taken to somewhere else instead of Emma’s territory, Dako Paroon.

Fabio signaled Emma with his eyes so they met in a corner outside unfortunately, Vito spotted them. She asked Fabio if her hunch was right that there were more than one killer bride.

Fabio said one thing for sure was that some people were using “the killer bride” illusion to their advantage and Camila was even using it against her enemies.

He revealed to Emma that the attacker was sent by the mayor. “He said so himself to Camila” Vito got there and hid himself to listen to the “Papa and Daughter” conversation.

Elias ruined Vito’s plans by calling him which made Edmundo and Emma realised Vito was standing there all those while.

He got closer to Emma and asked if she knew Edmundo and she said yes they had met in Manila before and she learnt he was working with Vito as his temporary driver.

“Small world,” Elias said. Luna came for Elias and Emma watched how Luna held the hands of Elias.

Vito told Aran that he had always suspected Edmundo, and now he has realised he was conniving with Emma.

He said they were working together and insisted to play along in order for Edmundo not to realise he had seen his plans.

As Intoy got disturbed by Tsoknat he told her that he did not like her. Tsoknat then ran out. Manay Ichu tried stopping her.

Intoy promised to run after and talk to her, Emma also followed. Tsoknat ran into the killer bride who had made his knife ready but Intoy and Emma shouted to alert Tsoknat about the presence of the killer bride. They defended Tsoknat when she was struggling with him.

Emma and Intoy managed to get the supposed Killer bride on the ground. Meanwhile Elias promised to support Luna in her difficult time as she also provided a shoulder for him to lean on years back.

“I like this it been so long we’ve been like this,” she leaned on Elias.

Emma told him that she knew he was working for the mayor. He kicked Emma in the tummy and slashed the hand of Intoy with the knife to flee.

Emma ran after the impostor while the towns’ people took to their heals after seeing the killer bride.

Edmundo saw Antonia drinking and joined her. She said she felt sorry for the death of Benjamin but never believed in the existence of ghost like Guada, her rival.

Intoy was rushed to the hospital and Tsoknat was thankful that he saved her life. He said he would have done that for Iking, Manay Ichu or anyone in danger.

Elias rushed there and Intoy said it was just a scratch and asked Elias to stop acting like he was dying.

Manay Ichu scolded Emma for running after the impostor since her life would have been in danger.

“Emma when the killer has a weapon you run for your life you don’t go after them,” Iking advised Emma.

Elias was scared for the life of Emma and asked Emma if she was fine. Emma said nothing happened to her just that she wanted to put an end to all those charaded and prove to the people that the impostor was not a ghost but a person working for the Mayor.

Manay Ichu wondered how Emma got to know and she said the mayor was the only person who has the resources to do that.

Elias could not believe that so did Manay Ichu and the questioned that came was why would the Mayor do that.

“To divert the public attention from him especially after the recent scandal,” Iking said to second Emma.

“The only time we will know the truth is when the killer bride has been stopped.”

The shameful old hag caressed Fabio, saying all the men she involved herself with were handsome but left her one way or the other.

Fabio said she had Vito but she said she had not forgiven Vito for Javier’s death. She then attempted to reveal an important secret to Edmundo.

“I have a secret. The day I lost my poor son I just knew…..”

“What do you mean mom?” The old hag slept after feeling tipsy. This got Fabio disappointed as he thought he would get a clue to help Camila in her investigation.

Elias dragged Emma outside to talk to her against her plans of ending the killer bride’s story but she said the impostor killed Benjamin and almost killed Tsoknat.

Elias advised Emma to leave the work in the hands of the authorities and she said they needed not to rely on anyone since the Mayor was behind the attack.

Another person was found murdered cold blooded as Ivan overhead Juan Felipe’s conversation with his goon to keep using the face of the killer bride to eliminate the lists containing the names of all his enemies.


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