The Killer Bride Episode 27 Ivan is lynched over his new costume

The Killer Bride Episode 27

The Killer Bride Episode 27 Ivan is lynched over his new costume

Emma had a terrible nightmare about the killer bride. She saw Elias standing happily welcoming her, suddenly the killer bride came from the other side to stub Elias.

As she asked the killer bride why she stubbed Elias a voice like that of a man told her to ask Camila. She suddenly woke up, looking all terrified.

Elias told Vito that Emma suspected Juan Felipe was behind the recent attacks on the town’s people.

Vito recalled telling Alejandro that the mysterious woman could be involved in Felipe’s $e× scandal. He knew there was some conspiracy going on.

The people turned to the mayor to instill the peace in Las Espadas. He set Las Espadas under a curfew so that the police would search for the killer bride.

Most of the people disagreed with the mayor’s decision but he stood on his grounds. Fabio advised Emma that a killer was under lose so she should not be going out at night and if she wanted to come to the hideout he would come for her.

She said she was trying to remember what happened to her in the cave but Camila said her life was more important than the investigation.

Later she recalled her nightmare and told Fabio that how could she protect Elias if she had to stay in the house.

“It is not your job to protect that boy. Don’t tell me you have feelings for him. Can’t you see Emma, Elias is close to Vito Dela Cuesta?”

“You sound like Camila Papa, you’re judging him not because of who he really is but based on people he knows. You don’t even know him pa.”

Emma went on that she was scared of what would happen to Elias because of her. Fabio disagreed that Camila would hurt Elias.

As he was driving Antonia, Fabio started to interrogate her in connection to her earlier confession when she was drunk.

Emma learnt from Manay Ichu that the mayor had imposed a curfew on Las Espadas. Everything came to a halt at 8:00pm as the police beat the people they saw on streets to compel them to adhere to the curfew time.

Alejandro, realising the people’s right were being compromised told the Mayor that the people could not live under a curfew and threatened to expose Felipe’s action to the governor.

Felipe showed no remorse and warned the inspector to go and work.

Luis who scolded the police for trampling upon people’s right appeared in the scene.

“You say the curfew was for everyone’s safety apparently that is not what I saw outside. Now I know you are greedy for power. How long will you frag this out.”

“Wait and see.”

Vito saw Fabio sneaking out of the room and followed him slowly.
Emma felt someone was following her so she aimed and punched the person on the nose.

She later realised it was Elias, his nose broke and blood was oozing out of it.

Camila watched the news of the curfew which was imposed on Las Espadas and got upset when she heard a woman claiming the killer was exacting revenge on them.

Meanwhile, Fabio realised that Vito was stalking him so he went to volunteer to keep watch over Las Espadas and mentioned Vito as another person who wanted to do same. Vito had no option than to reveal his hideout to write his name.

Emma treated the wound of Elias and wondered how he could get home but he said he would sleep at Dako Paroon.

Elias stared Emma and she told him to cut off that looks. Fabio asked Vito why he was following him and he said he wanted to warn him about the curfew.

Fabio told him that he owed him one, a news came in that the killer bride had appeared so everyone began to ran.
Fabio took advantage of the obstruction and fled from the blind eye of Vito.

Once Vito came to himself he realised Edmundo was no where to be found. He tried searching for him but could not find him.

Emotions run up, Elias and Emma drew closer. They watched eachother lustfully with Elias drawing more closer to inhale the breath of Emma as their lips almost crashed for a k!$$, Emma got hold of herself, screaming “Belladonna.”

Elias asked what was that and she said she had been dreaming about Belladonna and since Elias knew more about flowers and plants he should help her get some of the Belladonna.

“How long can you deny what we have between us,” Elias wondered while Emma looked at him quietly.

In the morning, the media interviewed Felipe. He said there had not been any news about the killer bride and urged the public to trust him that putting Las Espadas under a curfew was the right thing to do.

Ivan went to sit in a car and he heard his phone ringing. He received the call, it was Camila. She told him that first it was Marvin, how long would he continue to sit to watch his partner kill innocent people.

She then called a truce for them to join forces  to take away Felipe’s power. He accepted when Camila said she would end what he started.

Meanwhile, Luciano scolded Felipe for his curfew as it has affected businesses but he defended himself that he followed his orders for creating destruction so he should be glad.

Luciano was surprised and asked if he was behind the killer bride’s attack. Luis who got in interjected that Felipe was behind it due to how twisty he was for him to go to such an extent to keep the truth

“After all these years you still don’t get it, do you? I am doing all these to make our family stay in power. Power is the most important thing son that’s why the De la Torres is still ruling over the town of Las Espadas. That’s why you’re enjoying the life you have right now and besides we both know you only breaching the power that I have. So spare me the righteous indignation son.”

At the cemetery, Luna requested that Elias join her and her friends for a bomer. They needed to drink in honour of their fallen friend.

Vito asked Fabio where he went since he could not see him again the other night. He said he went to use the washroom. Vito stated that he thought he had gone to hide with his girlfriend in Las Espadas.

Antonia came and Edmundo left with her. Felipe overheard rumours about him being behind the killer bride’s attack and learnt that Emma was the one who incited the rumour for Intoy to spread.

In that evening, Ivan was presenting to Camila everything that would end the terrene of Felipe but later changed his mind.

He ran and Camila followed him, later Camila saw the blood of Ivan after she heard him shout.

Antonia requested for a drink but Edmundo said she needed a rest. She cried that after seeing Benjamin being buried she remembered Javier.

Seeing that the woman was acting hysterical, Fabio sat down with Antonia and listened to her sentiments; in hopes to chance upon a vital lead as well.

Edmundo told her that she said she knew her son was going to die so why was she worried seeing another woman brooding about the loss of her son.

She objected, saying the only thing she knew was that Camila was the one going to die not her son.

The revelations started to happen as Antonia cried and expressed the mixed emotions she has felt at the cemetery a while ago.

She narrated that on that faithful day, she saw Javier using Vito’s phone to text Camila to meet him and then he took a gun along. She said she could not stop him since they all wanted the wedding of Camila and Vito not to push through.

A flashback showed Camila while waiting for her groom, received a text message from Vito’s mobile number, asking her to come at the abandoned building where the tragic “killer bride ” incident happened.

She thought he was going to stop the wedding however, the scheme backfired. Javier died instead of Camila; and the latter has been the suspect in everyone’s eye.

“And that Camila was the one who survived that day.”

Vito, who was secretly listening to Antonia’s story, came out and confronted his mother. Remorse was evident in Vito’s tone, condemning Antonia for not speaking up all those time. Vito said Camila’s innocence could have been more believable if only Antonia disclosed the truth earlier.

He told her that he would not forgive her for what she did. Antonia returned the blame to Vito for bringing in Camila into their world; sounding as though Camila was a curse to the Dela Cuesta family and the entire Las Espadas. Antonia vowed to also not forgive Vito for Javier’s death.

Fabio intently watched the scene between Antonia and Vito. His face was seen with hints of jealousy seeing how Vito reacted to Antonia’s revelation. Fabio sensed that Vito has never stopped loving Camila.

After the heated argument with his mother, Vito dashed off to his secret room and freed his feelings of anger and remorse.

Vito went completely mad and shoved the materials posted on a board. But, realising what he just did, Vito picked up his photos with Camila and got frustrated when he failed to find an important photograph.

Unknown to Vito, the picture he’s looking for was already with Fabio.

He cried like a baby while Tessa cried in silence while secretly watching Vito still mourning over his great l*ve’s tragic death.

Fabio in the car took the picture which Vito was searching for. He was consumed with anguish after witnessing the true feelings of Vito for Camila.

Luna reflected what Mildred said while they were drinking and said Mildred made sense for saying they had to change their bully lifestyle.

She told Elias that life was too short and had to make her life useful since she could lose her life even the next day.

Elias said she had the killer café and could do something worthwhile with it. She told Elias to remember his promise of being with her forever.

Elias said he had not forgotten, that was the reason he was there with her. He then drew the line that he could only be her friend but Luna did not accept and laid her head on his shoulder.

Camila told Fabio about how close she was in getting the documents from Ivan before he disappeared.

Ivan then woke up in the cave of San Lucas De Oro and saw the killer bride holding her knife. He screamed.

The next day, a woman who was drying her clothes in the line saw a killer bride approaching while limping. She screamed and the entire neighbours came and attacked the killer bride.

Everyone went there as the news spreads like a wild fire, Elias asked them to stop when they were lynching the person. He took off the veil and realised it was Ivan.


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