The Killer Bride Episode 28

The Killer Bride Episode 28 Camila falls into coma

“Emma is a little termite who is tearing our house down piece by piece.”

Elias took the vail off and was shocked to identify Ivan behind the killer bride costume. Elias then checked his pulse. Too bad Ivan was lynched to deàth.

Fabio who sat somewhere recalled the incident earlier and said in soliloquy that Camila was wrong since Vito still lōved her.

Luna was shocked by the lynching incident. Vito thanked Elias for ensuring Luna’s safety.

Felipe ordered one of his goons to make the people who lynched Ivan suffer in the same way.

Some guys gossiped that Ivan dressed like the killer bride to distract people’s attention from the mayor. The goons came to beat them up. Emma had a nightmare about her time in the cave.

She visited Elias at the flowery farm. Aran and Ingrid also came there. She greeted them and Ingrid exhibited a cold attitude so Emma asked of her leave.

Elias ran after her to inform her about Mr Jerry who would help her get some of the Belladonna. Intoy got there to inform them about the deàth of one of the men who lynched Ivan. He said the Mayor was out for revenge.

Fabio informed Camila about his intentions to take Emma out of Dako Paroon for her own safety but Camila asked the excuse he would come up with since the absence of Emma would create more suspicions.

Camila said she would still not back off but could secure Emma’s life by sending in people to take care of her.

Emma came to meet them and wondered what they were arguing about. She later revealed to Camila about her dreams and plans to get the Belladonna at San Lucas De Oro.

Camila made her promise to always inform her before taken any action since the town was in chaos.

Fabio told Emma that he would visit Andres the next day. He said the rift between him and Camila would continue till she changed her ways to make Emma stand on her own.

Camila later lamented to Fabio how Emma had changed. She said she was exasperated about the development of Emma not consenting to her wishes.

Luis and Alice scolded Juan Felipe for his action against the town’s people. At Dako Paroon, Emma received a call from Mr Jerry. They arranged to meet at some abandoned factory building.

Unknown to her, the person who spoke with her strike an evil deal with the Mayor, Juan Felipe to get back at Emma for exposing him as the person behind the recent attacks and the person who was behind Ivan’s deàth.

One of Camila’s men informed her about the movement of Juan Felipe. Emma went to the abandoned building to meet the man.

Mr Jerry the man who was supposed to help Emma get the Belladonna flower went to see Elias so he decided to call Emma to inform her about the man.

Emma spoke to Camila and told her where she was but Camila told her to leave that place as soon as possible. Emma could not hear due to network issue.

She called Emma again but it did not go through. Camila became scared when she was not reaching Emma. Elias also could not reach her.

Meanwhile, Camila drove quickly to Emma’s aid but called Fabio to inform him about where they were going, an abandoned factory building at Delilah street.

Emma hid herself when she heard the presence of someone. Fabio spoke on phone with Camila and asked her not to allow anyone see her.

Juan Felipe ordered his goons to shōot anyone they see moving. Camila also went inside the building.

The mayor almost gave up on his search but he saw the tip of Emma’s dress and aimed his gun at her. Emma fought him and fled but she could not go far.

Camila heard the sound of a guπ with the mayor mentioning Emma’s name.
Felipe said he was putting an end to it by k!lling her.

Camila came from behind to kick him as she was running to get Emma, Felipe shōt her countless times from the back.

Felipe also got himself injured in the process. Emma sent Camila out and they met Fabio on the way who carried Camila and sent her inside the car.

Elias went to Dako Paroon in search of Emma. Tsoknat said she received a call from Mr Jerry to meet him but failed to inform them where they were meeting.

Elias was surprised, since Mr Jerry was at the flower plantation and had never spoken with Emma.

Tsoknat was scared that Emma might find herself in trouble again. Iking pulled her hair for her to stop causing fear and panic. They realised someone trapped Emma in the disguise of Mr Jerry.

Camila was rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, Juan Felipe got home to inform the family about Emma being behind Ivan’s deàth.

“Emma is a little termite who is tearing our house down piece by piece. Ever since she came here things started fallen apart. All of our secrets which we have hidden were revealed. She has ruined everything. Emma was the one who kílled Ivan.”

Luis rejected his father’s claims and Felipe said everyone who was on the side of Emma would answer to him. Luis decided to call Emma.

As an operation was being conducted on Camila, she started hallucinating about a kîller bride.

Elias and Manay Ichu went to the police station to file a report about Emma being missing but the police said they should return the next day if Emma failed to return.

Elias became impatient and said Emma was in great danger since she had been kidnapped before and believed Felipe was behind it.

The police saw it as mere accusations, Manay Ichu who was stopping Elias said the police shouldn’t worry but would return the next day if Emma did not show up.

Felipe told everything to Luciano concerning how he cornered Emma and shot the woman she was with. He believed Emma had buried the person by now.

Luciano saw it as a plot of someone who wanted to jeopardise the family and used Emma as a key to get to the family by recording Felipe’s act.

Felipe objected and insisted that it was Emma who killed Ivan and called for Luciano’s support to help find Emma.

After the bullet was taken from the body of Camila, her spirit came out of her and Belinda visited her, saying she was the one her story had been passed down from generation to generation.

Belinda said she was the one who the Dela Cuesta hurt and twisted her story. She asked Camila to stop her revenge if she survived and Camila said she would not stop till Felipe and those who brought her down pay for their crime.

She presented to Camila a rope for her to end her life.


The doctor came out of the theatre room and informed Fabio and Emma that Alba had been put inside a tube for all the toxic to come out of her.

Back to the spirit encounter, Belinda advised Camila to back down from the revenge since she might be tired. She said it was time for Camila to rest in peace.

Holding the rope, Belinda scolded her for making Fabio go back to his old crook ways and changing Emma’s genuine heart for it to be filled with hatred.

She warned Camila not to try to go back to Fabio and Emma in order to save the people she cared about from herself but should go with her instead. Camila was choking after she found herself hanging on the rope.


Emma who was asking Camila to be with them held the hand of Camila and promised her that she would be with her through although she had a different opinion about her in the recent days but she knew Camila was still lõving and caring and cried that she should return.


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