The Killer Bride Episode 29 Juan Felipe holds Elias, Manay Ichu as captives

The Killer Bride Episode 29

The Killer Bride Episode 29 Juan Felipe holds Elias, Manay Ichu as captives

Camila was strangled by Belinda’s spirit. Emma suddenly showed up to reach out to Camila from the rope of death. Emma expressed her endless l*ve for Camila, crying that she should come back to her. Emma kept calling calling Camila mama.

As Camila was able to hold Emma the rope untied itself from her neck and Belinda together with the Dela Cuesta disappeared.

Camila woke up and Emma thanked her for saving her but she said Emma rather saved her life. Fabio got there and Camila lend him her hand.

Elias stormed off at the Dela Torre mansion to demand from the mayor to provide Emma. He believed he was the reason Emma went missing. But, his boldness failed to give him answers. Tatiana drove Elias away, warning him of a pending trouble with the mayor. Luis also appeared in the scene but remained silent and worried.

Elias went to Dela Cuesta’s house to ask for Edmundo. He was told he took the day off. He informed Vito that Emma was missing this made Vito grew more suspicious about the two, Edmundo and Emma.

Camila wanted to be discharged as soon as possible due to her police case.
Meanwhile, Luis got to Elias’ place to inform Elias that his father was involved in Emma’s disappearance and formed an alliance with Elias to search for Emma.

Fabio indicated that Camila and Emma should remain in the hideout since Felipe was bent on killing Emma.

Emma narrated how she ended up in the abandoned factory building. Fabio asked if Elias had hand in it but Emma said Elias would never do such a thing.

Camila indicated that the game was getting bloody so she should rest for her and Fabio to continue.

Emma did not back down but expressed her readiness to see her mission through, she also promised to be more careful next time.

Fabio brood over the issue and got more irritated. Emma ran to Fabio, he blamed himself for his inability to save Emma and Camila when they were in trouble.

He promised not to allow Felipe go Scot free after hurting his family. Meanwhile, Manay Ichu ransacked Emma’s belongings in order to get a vital lead about where Emma could be.

Fabio beat Juan Felipe mercilessly for what he did against his family. He was about to pull the trigger but Emma stopped him.

A flashback showed that Emma followed Fabio when he left while thinking they were sleeping.

Flashforward: Emma told him that he was her guiding light and pleaded with him not to kill Felipe. She reminded Fabio of his expression that they would gain nothing from revenge.

Fabio said he led an evil life in the past and would go any length to save his family.

However, Vito was informed that his Old driver did not travel but was still in Las Espadas. Vito paid a surprise visit to the driver in his hideout and demanded him to give him information about Vito.

Camila asked Fabio what he did to Juan Felipe after he sneaked from the hideout the other night.

The mayor woke up and found that he was hanged and with a tag on his neck concerning his crime.

Camila scolded Fabio for not abducting Juan Felipe to compel him to confess.

The police and the town’s people found Felipe and released him. Tsoknat came to meet Manay Ichu sleeping while she has scattered Emma’s things.

Tsoknat called her a criminal for invading in Emma’s privacy. Manay Ichu explained her intentions and Tsoknat helped her to ransack  other belongings of Emma.

The video which was shot of the mayor being beaten and hanged gone viral. Luciano found it ridiculous to accept that Juan Felipe was beaten and hanged by Emma.

He said Emma didn’t do that but her accomplices did that. He proudly said he shot the lady accomplice of Emma and failed to rest till he avenge the death of Ivan.

He rolled out a plan to search for Emma wherever she was. Felipe made a phone call for escort and extra protection from his goons.

Luis stopped him and asked of his plans, Felipe indicated that he was in search of Emma. Luis promised to help him get Emma.

He was of the view that Emma trusted him and would reveal wherever she was if only Felipe would voice out the truth about the incident.

He got an idea from his son’s speech and said Luis was right that only people Emma cared about would lure her to the town again and he left.

Ornusa who was eavesdropping called Camila to inform her about Juan Felipe’s plans of calling for extra security.

Ornusa had a believe that Felipe was behind Javier’s death and Emma’s abduction. She also believed Luciano and Tatiana did not know about Felipe’s movement.

Vito learnt that Edmundo did not report to work so Tessa was the one driving Antonia. This got him upset and more suspicious.

Fabio who was spying on Felipe told Camila about how he has tightened his security. He regretted for releasing him but Camila asked him to wait. She believed that Felipe would make a false move for them to get him.

Elias told his parent that he was going to Dako Paroon to ask for an update about Emma after Aran told him that Edmundo did not report to work.

Iking asked both Manay Ichu and Tsoknat what they gained from ransacking Emma’s belongings but they said nothing. Iking scolded them especially Manay Ichu for going through Emma’s things.

They heard someone knocking many times on the door so Manay Ichu went to open the door. She saw someone who she least expected.

Elias got there  to find the Darko Paroon administrators at the lobby; looking terrified and asking him to run away. Uncertainty stiffens Elias as Manay Ichu  kept warning him to leave he was puzzled trying to understand them. To his horror, Juan Felipe comes out, pointing a gun at him supported by his goons.

Felipe forcefully took the phone of manay Ichu. The doctor took off the tubes of Camila and advised her not to stress herself otherwise she would hamper her own health and her healing process.

Felipe used Manay Ichu’s phone to call Emma several times and told Elias that Emma killed Ivan and would ensure that she paid by using them especially Elias as a bait.

Elias was furious for Felipe’s action against Emma. Emma saw Manay Ichu’s call and later read a message that the mayor was at Dako Paroon and if she failed to be present the people she cared about most would end up like Ivan.

Emma stepped outside leaving the doctor and Camila. She called Felipe to warn him not to hurt them.
Later Camila realised that Emma has stepped out and called for her.

Elias engaged in a fight with Felipe but Felipe’s goons hit him hard and he fainted. They later tied them and Elias woke up to find himself tied up.

They heard a knock on the door, knowing it was Emma, Elias and the rest shouted that she should flee but she did not leave.

Juan Felipe opened the door and she got in.


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