The Killer Bride Episode 30 Juan Felipe becomes fugitive after confession of his crimes

The Killer Bride Episode 30

The Killer Bride Episode 30 Juan Felipe becomes fugitive after confession of his crimes

“Do you think your crimes are like ash that it could easily be blown away by the wind?”

Emma who arrived dauntlessly faced Juan Felipe. Felipe pointed a gun at Emma asking about her accomplices but she said she knew nothing about what he was saying.

However, Fabio passed through the back gate and beat Felipe’s men who were keeping eye on the door.

Emma opened her purse and took a syringe. She told him that ever since she set foot in Las Espadas he has never liked her.

Elias sensed that Emma was taking out a syringe from her pouch. He kicked Juan Felipe’s security who is about to derail Emma’s act of defense.

Emma took advantage of the quick distraction to inject Juan Felipe the syringe, apparently, containing a substance that could cause hallucinating effects similar to a Belladonna plant. She also snatched Felipe’s gun.

She pointed the gun at Felipe and ordered the rest of the goons to put their guns down otherwise she would shoot the mayor. The injection began to work on Felipe. His head began to spin.

A flashback shows Felipe passing through the back door and gave orders to his secretary not to allow anyone to see him.

Fabio’s man who was spying on Felipe called him to inform him that Felipe has passed through the backdoor.

At their hideout, Emma told Camila that Felipe threatened to kill Manay Ichu, Tsoknat, Iking and Elias if she failed to follow his orders to be in Dako Paroon.

Camila received a call from Fabio who gave her information about Juan Felipe being in Dako Paroon. He said he has closed the funeral home. Camila told him to find the number of men that he had there.

She took the medicine which has similar effect as Belladonna from the doctor. As Emma was in a car heading to Dako Paroon Camila called to tell her to turn back if she wanted but she still would not back down.

Flashforward: Emma insisted that the goons should drop their gun. Elias and Iking kicked the goons with their legs and she hit Juan Felipe and tried to untie Elias but Felipe went after her so she fled from a dazed Juan Felipe.

As Juan Felipe searched for Emma, he chanced upon Camila’s old photograph at the altar.

Confusion and fear were evident in his reaction but his emotions escalated even more when he saw Ivan’s ghost, pointing the blame at him.

Through Juan Felipe’s  hallucination, Ivan said he killed him but he said it was Emma. Emma punched Juan Felipe and escaped. Elias was able to untie himself and untied the rest.

He made the rest flee while he went to search for Emma. Emma ran into Elias who embraced her and led her out of the house, leaving the goons and Felipe in Dako Paroon.

Fabio captured Juan Felipe and tied him up in a cave. As he woke up in the cave, Juan Felipe saw the ghost of Camila and he got scared, saying Camila had been dead for long and he buried her six feet under.

“Do you think your crimes are like ash that it could easily be blown away by the wind?” Camila queried.

“I came back from the dead uncle to make you pay for everything you did to me. Why did you kill Javier, why did you do this to me?”

He seemed not to understand Camila for her questions but Camila kept on and told him not to tell her lies. She slapped him multiple times to compel him to confess.

Camila resorts to beating up Juan Felipe every time he would claim his innocence about the accusations against him. Yet, he seemed really clueless about the mysteries that Camila has long been wanting to solve.

Camila frightened Juan Felipe of not being able to see Ivan again if he won’t speak up.

The mention of Ivan’s name awakened Juan Felipe’s soft side. The ruthless Mayor appeared weak and vulnerable as he cried out his feelings of longing and pain.

The police came to Dako Paroon but did not see Juan Felipe and his goons. They didn’t believe Elias and the rest for claiming the Mayor held them as hostage.

They wondered what would make the mayor capture them and Emma said the Mayor did that because her.

According to her narration, the mayor thought she killed his long time assistant, Ivan and wanted to kill her as revenge.

She said Felipe shot at her that was the reason she went hiding but it did not deter him. He called her in the morning to threaten her to come otherwise he would kill Manay Ichu and the rest.

“I am the law here, did you understand?
I am the mayor no one can beat me to my game,” Felipe replied Camila

Camila stated that he lost when Ivan died. He killed him when Ivan was about to confess but he said Emma killed Ivan not him.

Camila insisted that it was his fault that Ivan died since as the later was about to expose his crimes and inform the public about the death of Justino, Marvin Cruz and Dometebag, the waiter he owed up to Justino’s death.

Camila almost injected him again but Fabio who was shooting video of Felipe’s confession stopped her as that might kill him.

Felipe admitted killing the two men and confessed where his men buried Marvin. The next day he woke up to find himself dumped in a certain forest.

He called one of his goons to search for him in the forest. He started to recall seeing Camila and how Emma injected him.

He said the only real thing was Emma not Camila. The video went viral and was also shown in news. The police went to the house of the Dela Torre to arrest Felipe but they met his absence.

Tatiana later received a call from Juan Felipe and she warned him not to come home as the police were there to arrest him.

He then informed his driver to drive him to somewhere else since he could no longer go to Las Espadas anymore.

The police team dug the grave of Marvin and saw his body exactly where Felipe confessed it was. Luciano told inspector Alejandro that they did not know where Felipe had kept himself.

Camila was sad that she still did not find answers to her long time quest, Fabio believed someone else killed Javier and was pulling the strings to turn attention from him to make people believe Felipe was the culprit.

Flashback showed that Luciano was the one who gave orders for a certain man to call Felipe to meet the killer of Ivan at the building of the abandoned factory.

Flashforward: In Luciano’s secret room, he took Emma’s picture and wondered why she returned and promised to eliminate her like Camila.

A flashback showed that Luciano was jealous when Jacobo stopped Camila from going after she got involved with Vito.

He went to the grave of Renato and promised not to allow his daughter inherit Jacobo’s wealth as he was the eldest.

During Camila’s wedding, Luciano plotted with his goons to stop Camila from making it to the church but was later informed that Camila did not go to the church but was meeting Javier in the abandoned wear house and he said that could work in their favour.

Camila woke up to realise she was drenched in pull of blood. It could be recalled that after the crime was committed Jacobo arranged for an immediate flight to fly Camila to Manila but Luciano informed the police about it and Camila was arrested for the crime of Javier’s death.

Jacobo slapped Luciano for exposing the family’s plan. The act led the court and the people accused Camila for the crime she did not commit and was given a harsh sentence.

Flashforward: Luciano was happy, claiming he got everything. He took the ball picture of Emma.

A flashback showed that Emma woke up in a cave and Luciano ordered an imposter who was dressed as killer bride to scare Emma to make her talk.

Emma woke up calling papa, he took another picture of Emma and Fabio, he wondered if he was the papa Emma was calling out his name.

Luciano also recalled overhearing Mildred telling her mother about the secret room of Vito and his investigation to find the l*v* tree.

He promised not to allow Vito to come in between his plan with his investigation. Luciano later confronted Guada after she was getting worried about the disappearance of Felipe.

Tatiana confessed about informing Felipe about the police for him to flee but Luis was not happy with Tati’s act.

Fabio asked Camila to stop Emma for them to continue the task. He said they should send Emma to Manila for her safety.

Camila asked him to talk to her instead as Emma was bent on seeing the task through to the end but Fabio said Emma only listened to her so she should convince Emma to end her revenge mission.

At Dako Paroon, Manay Ichu felt sad that Emma tried to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders by failing to talk to them about Felipe’s act of attacking her in the abandoned building.

Emma said due to her affection for them she did not want to send them into trouble that was the reason she fled but her plans still did not work since Felipe still held them as hostage.

Elias visited them. He told Emma that she would give him heart attack for exposing herself to danger. He gave Emma a flower but Emma did not take it and finally answered Elias’ proposal by saying they could not be together.

Elias cried that he knew both had feelings for eachother and did not understand why Emma wanted to walk away from him.

Emma said sorry and fled while Elias wept bitterly.


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