The killer Bride Episode 31 Camila infiltrates Vito's secret room 

The killer Bride Episode 31

The killer Bride Episode 31 Camila infiltrates Vito’s secret room

Emma after turning Elias down cried while Elias also wept bitterly. Finally, Fabio revealed Antonia’s confession to Camila about her involvement in Javier’s death after she failed to inform anyone about Javier’s plans in meeting her.

At the Dela Cuesta mansion, Vito asked Edmundo about when he reported to work and also asked for the reason behind his absence. Vito acted convinced with Fabio’s alibi. But, the truth is he has apparently discovered a suspicious lead about Fabio.

In a flashback scene, Vito confronted Albert, their family driver. Out of fear, Albert admitted that he was asked to take a break from work so, Fabio could assume his position as the Dela Cuesta family’s driver.

Albert said Fabio gave him huge sum of money just for him to get the post as the temporary driver.

Vito warned him not to inform Fabio about him knowing the secret.

A new chapter unfolds in the town of Las Espadas after the disappearance of Mayor Juan Felipe who is known for his iron-fist.

In the previous episodes, Juan Felipe decided to leave his hometown to escape from the cops after he unknowingly admitted being the mastermind of Marvin Cruz murder.

Juan Felipe was drugged and interrogated by Camila  who had the confession recorded and leaked through Fabio.

However, Vito wondered why Luciano was too close to the acting mayor.

Vice Mayor Marciana , Mildred’s aunt, assumed Juan Felipe’s post. She immediately called for a meeting and faced her constituents. Marciana urged the townsfolks of Las Espadas to move forward no matter how painful the process was.

She educate the people of Las Espadas on the need to eschew greed, back biting and rising against eachother.

Some of the town’s people mistook the speech for concealing wrong. They thought she did that in order for Juan Felipe not to pay for his crimes.

Meanwhile, Guada apologised to Marvin Cruz’s mother for her son’s action. Luna spoke about her insomnia after Benjamin’s death.

Tension arose when Emma, Elias and the administrators of Dako Paroon met at the town’s meeting. Elias said they were good although Emma turned his proposal down.

After the assembly, Emma payed a visit at the Dela Torre mansion. The family still received Emma with warmth despite the series of unfortunate events involving her and Juan Felipe.

Donya Guada and Alice even pointed out that Juan Felipe was just out of his mind. However, Tatiana, who was known as Juan Felipe’s closest sibling and confidant, angrily expressed her opposing view.

She stood up for her beloved brother, saying Juan Felipe has not gone mad. Tatiana believed in Juan Felipe’s claims that Emma was working in a conspiracy.

Tatiana’s feelings of vexation was stirred even more while telling everyone that Juan Felipe was no longer picking up her calls. Tatiana  got worried about her brother’s safety.

Luciano, who was recently revealed as a villain, calleD out Tatiana’s behaviour and acted friendly towards Emma.

Emma later saw Ornusa, she recalled overhearing her conversation with Camila when the later was recovering after she was shot and she revealed the truth to Ornusa and told her that Camila voiced out everything to her.

But Ornusa warned that they should be more discreet before the Dela Torres realised their involvement. As Emma was talking to her, Luciano was also searching for Emma and saw her.

Elias still acted like he was over Emma’s rejection. Intoy could not believe him since Elias has recovered too fast.

Elias explained that he had to respect her decision. Emma thanked Luciano for welcoming her back. Luciano told Emma that he was happy that Juan Felipe was gone and he told Emma that he never believed there would be a day he would trust Emma over his brother.

Elias believed that Emma had a secret that, he said was the reason she rejected him since she did not tell him that she never had feelings for him but only said they could not be together.

He promised to discover Emma’s secret and help her so that they could be together, the already drunk Elias took another shot of the drink and had a toast with Intoy.

Emma cried her head out after recalling Elias saying he and her were okay although she rejected hus proposal.

Manay Ichu met Emma crying and tried to console her. Emma said she did not know it would hurt that much after she herself turned down Elias’ proposal.

Manay Ichu said it was because she had feelings for him and made that decision simply because it was the best for her at the moment. Emma promised herself to be strong and go through it.

Camila set her agenda right to carry her investigation on the Dela Cuestas. Luna still could not sleep. She dreamt about how the killer bride went after them and kill Benjamin.

Antonia got to her room and gave her sleeping pills. She said she would only had to take 3 dose and would also have a strange dream.

She also gave an option of Luna to join her in drinking but she said she wanted to cut down her alcohol consumption. She said good night to her and left. Luna took the medicine.

Vito’s spy who followed Edmundo to the warehouse called him to inform him about it. However, Camila took the opportunity of Vito’s absence to infiltrate his secret room.

Luna who was still having hard time sleeping tried listening to music. She took another dose of the sleeping tablet and still could not sleep.

The spy distracted the one living in the house for Vito to climb the walls of the house to get in. He saw a different person, unknown to Vito Fabio went to the wrong place just to distract him for Camila to infiltrate his secret room.

As Camila was going through the documents of Vito, she came across the last whereabouts of her attorney.

She recalled her attorney telling her about a message she received concerning the person who could help her get hold of the man with the tattoo.

A news later broke about the attorney found hanging. She wondered how Fabio got hold of that documents.

However someone opened the door of the basement.


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