The Killer Bride Episode 34 Vito learns the truth about Camila and her accomplices

The Killer Bride Episode 34

The Killer Bride Episode 34 Vito learns the truth about Camila and her accomplices

After being abducted into the safe house, Fabio who tried to play it cool at first denied that he has a shady motive in Las Esapadas. But, he eventually lost his temper upon the mention of Emma and Camila’s names.

The scene got more intense when Vito started beating up a defenceless Fabio. Despite the inability to fight back, Fabio displayed dauntlessness until he successfully untied his hands.

The two men wrestled with one another. Vito was able to knock Fabio down and demanded Fabio to tell him where he knew Camila after the later mentioned that he rescued her when Vito left her in a bad shape.

They fought and Vito used Fabio’s weapon against him. Fabio hit him and Vito punched him till he collapsed.

An unknown person beat Hector, Vito’s henchman and pulled him away. Vito with the gun began to search for Hector.

It was revealed that Camila came to the rescue of Fabio after learning about a tip received by Emma which, unknown to everyone, was from Luciano who got extremely satisfied pitting people against one another.

Camila who managed to sneak inside the safe house knocked down Vito’s henchman and hid herself behind the door.

Camila received Emma’s message. Vito who heard a sound kept searching for the person who had infiltrated the safe house. She caught Vito off guard and demanded Vito to throw his gun away.

Vito remained clueless about Camila’s identity but he slowly adhered to the order. Then, Vito threw a glass vase towards Camila, igniting a clash between them.

In the middle of their fight, Vito catched a sight of his opponent’s face after he managed to take off his cap.

Shock was written in Vito’s eyes as he found Camila, whom he thought has died in the arson, standing in front of him.

Camila sustained her feelings of wrath and showered Vito with accusations from Javier’s death, the arson in jail, the abuse on Andres in the mental hospital, and the events intended to harm Emma.

Camila said she did not want to believe in the evidences found in the secret room at first but the act of abducting Fabio has only revealed Vito’s true colours.

Vito looked puzzled as he denied Camila’s allegations. He claimed his innocence from the crimes thrown at him, saying he would never want to harm Camila and especially their child. Vito added that he l*ved Camila.

She asked Vito where he kept Fabio, he asked whether Fabio was the same person Edmundo and assured Camila of Edmundo being alive.

Vito narrated how he got to the police station to help her during the explosion incident but she shut him up.

Camila got furious at Vito’s defense and called him a liar. Resentment won over Camila; then, she demanded Vito to kneel down while still pointing her gun at him.

Vito aimed Camila’s gun at his forehead. Vito told Camila that he did not abduct Emma and believed someone orchestrated the whole thing in order to make Camila do what he wanted to do.

The act slowly washed away Camila’s anger. Camila turned weak and vulnerable as Vito stood up and started cupping her face.

Fabio gained consciousness and searched for Vito. Once he saw him with Camila, he then picked up a gun and aimed at Vito. But, the table turned as Camila pointed her own weapon at Fabio and pleaded the latter to disarm himself. Camila said there were still a lot of loopholes in the story.

Fabio told Camila that he was dangerous and asked why Camila could not shoot Vito and asked if she could shoot him too. Camila kept pleading with him not to shoot.

Meanwhile, Emma arrived in the scene with Luciano’s spy watching Emma. As Emma was finding her way inside the safe house, she heard two gun shots coming from the safe house.

A flashback showed that Camila realised that it was a set up just for them to kill themselves so she deployed a strategy to make the orchestrator think he won.

Camila sent Emma message that it was all a set up and she should leave the premise since someone might be watching her secretly. Emma then fled from there.

Camila disguised Fabio for him not to be recognised. Vito wanted to go with Camila but Camila warned him not to come in between her plan otherwise she would not hesitate to pull the trigger.

Luciano’s spy called him to inform him that Vito might have killed Edmundo and Luciano told his spy to check if it was indeed Edmundo’s corpse being conveyed.

As they were following the car which had the supposed corpse of Edmundo in, a motor suddenly came in and almost got knocked out by the goons’ car. They came out to help the motor rider unknown to the goons the motor rider was just there to distract them.

The rider called Fabio to inform him that he got the number plate of the goons. Later, Vito visited the chapel in search of Camila.

After several mentioning of her name, Camila showed up and Vito said it was indeed her who he saw the other time. He started asking Camila questions, she slapped him, saying she did not spare his life for him to be asking her questions.

“You had a chance to defend me in court but you did nothing. I desperately begged for your help but you did nothing.”

Camila cried that Vito did nothing when her life fell apart. Vito explained to her that he worked with Attorney De Leon to prove her innocent. He said he did everything in order to help her and Vida and could not stop thinking about them.

Camila warned him not to mention Vida’s name, she blamed Vito for the death of Vida. Camila slapped him several times.

Vito cried and asked Camila what he could do to make up for his mistakes and Camila said she wanted him to suffer.

Emma who got there spied them from far. She and Fabio came to watch them. Elias delivered flowers to the new mayor.

Luciano made the order to show his support to the new mayor. Vito pleaded with Camila to make them work together since they all wanted same thing.

The mayor thanked Luciano and she told Counselor Luis that they would talk about his proposal the next day.

Luciano asked Elias if Emma turned him down, he then turned to Luis, telling him that he now had a chance with Emma so he should try his luck with her.

Fabio was scared Vito would expose them and warned Camila.

Fabio what do you want me to do? Hang him down so we dispose his body?
You know I can’t do that and we both know that I never planned to have that encounter and tell the truth in that manner.
And if you don’t want to admit it our lack of trust in him doesn’t make him our main enemy. Vito is not the person who is responsible for everything.”

“Yeah Vito is not the master mind of who we are looking for but he is still our enemy because I know even if he doesn’t ruin our plans he can still ruin what we have,” Fabio expressed fear of losing Camila.

Vito went to sit quietly and Camila came there asking him why he was stubborn since she already sacked him. Vito said Emma claimed they were family and wanted to find out if she was Vida and Camila said Emma was not her real daughter.

Vito said he had questions to ask, Camila told him he was no body to ask her questions. He questioned Camila who Fabio was and what he meant to her. Standing on Emma’s words, Camila warned Vito to leave and should not dare ruin his family.

Later, Camila scattered things in her room, she became vulnerable learning that her opinion about Vito was false. A voice over narrated the situation of both Camila and Vito and how both were affected by the circumstance after their love story turned sour.

“Oftentimes the past can feel like sharp cross that dig deep to your heart. It is like deadly poison that slowly seeps to every vein in your body that infiltrates your entire being and in the end it will left you with no choice you will eventually succumbed to it.”

Vito had memories of the past about the joy he shared with Camila and the bad times. He could not control his emotions and screamed out loud.

“And you are too weak to fight the battle if you don’t have the courage to survive, you are going to lose. So I am telling you if you let the past overwhelmed you, you will be doomed my boy,” the voice over continues as Luciano served Luis a drink.

In the middle of the night, Emma felt some unusual sounds and woke up. She saw her door opened and she stepped out.


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