The Killer Bride Episode 36

The Killer Bride Episode 36

The Killer Bride Episode 36 Camila learns why she was framed up for Javier’s death 

Elias and Intoy arrived at Manila. Elias decided to ask for directions to some places Emma has worked there before. They took a cab to the beauty salon Emma stated in her resume.

Urnosa gave some stones to Guada for protection. Guada was still worried that Juan Felipe has still not contact anyone.

Luciano met with the new mayor in a restaurant after speaking with her, Luciano called his henchman to enter the wearhouse which Camila and her accomplices were supposed to meet. He ordered them to kill anyone they see inside the building.

Camila and Fabio hid in the forest and used telescope to watch the henchmen. Fabio took pictures of the goons.

Camila decided to tail them with a motto when they left the building. Elias got to the beauty salon and asked of Emma Bonaobra. In a moment they acted like they did not know Emma before one lady came and confirmed that Emma used to work there and was currently working as Mortuary makeup artist.

Camila followed Luciano’s goons. They met with Luciano to inform him that no one was at the warehouse.

Luciano felt that it was a set up, meanwhile Fabio called Camila several times but she failed to receive. Camila fiercely ride a motorcycle to follow the boss of the culprits in order to see his real identity.

Back in Manila, Elias decided to go to where Emma gained her cosmetology certificate. Intoy wondered why Elias wanted to dig out the past of Emma while he thought they were just there to search for Emma.

Elias believed, that would help him answer his questions about Emma and also could lead him to a possible place Emma was hiding.

Luciano took his gun and began shooting at Camila once she decided to tail him. Luciano changed the car and told his goon to get rid of the car which his pursuer saw him using.

Later in the hideout, Fabio confronted Camila for going against their plans. She said she was so close in identifying the culprit. However, Fabio insisted that their plans was to gather information.

Ornusa overhead Luciano shouting out loud watching Jacobo and Guada’s portrait that he was not a failure, he always wins. Luciano suspected that there was a rat in the house and when found he would get rid of him or her.

Luis who was also eavesdropping took to his heels once he heard Luciano’s footsteps getting closer. In the hideout, Camila received a message that Elias was searching for Emma.

Vito got to the hideout and Camila queried him if he sent Elias to Manila. Elias saw a certain kid who sang Emma’s song and he followed her.

Camila warned Vito to back off if he wanted Elias to find information about Emma being a liar. Fabio ordered him to call Elias to make him turn back.

Vito in the hideout found the tattoo and told what he knew about it. He said he saw it in Javier’s things when he died and he said the origin was from South Africa.

Camila researched with the information Vito gave and realised it was Timothy Smith, the man the Dela Torre plantation closed a huge deal with in the past.

It was a drug syndicate and Vito recalled Javier telling Antonia that the people their rival signed deal with did not look trustworthy and were involved in a shady business.

Camila believed all along the business had been drugs. Vito said the banana plantation was just a cover up for the drugs business.

They joined the pieces together and realised Camila was the actual target. Camila recalled Luciano’s spiteful words when her grandfather decided  to make Camila succeed him. Luciano said he would not allow Renato’s daughter to watch over the plantation.

Camila confirmed that Jacobo knew nothing about the drug syndicate and all along it was Luciano who was doing that and got Javier on the way to frame her for the crime to take over what she was supposed to inherit from her grandpa.

Camila decided to find the drug syndicate to expose Luciano and his crimes for her to be exonerated from the crime of Javier’s death.

Elias who followed the kid learnt that the song was composed by Emma and was abandoned by her mother at the chapel and was later adopted by a rich family.

He confirmed that she did not grow from orphanage instead she was a street child. As the conversation was ongoing a certain woman hid and eavesdrop.

Camila recalled Javier telling her that her family wanted to get rid of his family and would not allow that to happen so he pointed a gun at her.

Vito stated that before his death, Javier wanted to inform him about something in San Lucas De Oro.

Camila said that was where Emma was sent to. She said the place was a cave and believed that was where the drug syndicate was operating.

Intoy brought drinks to Elias and Elias revealed to him that Emma told them lies and his suspicion about her was right.

At the Killer café, the people made merry while drinking and dancing.
Tessa tried all she could to rekindle her marriage but Vito still could not come to terms with his spouse.

At the Dela Torre mansion, Tati still wept about the disappearance of Juan Felipe. She wondered why Luis kept looking for the girl who drove Juan Felipe away from Las Espadas instead of his father.

Luna told the waiter that he should serve her friends tequila and she would bear the cost. She went to the washroom to find a man who had abused drug and was behaving like having an epileptic seizure.

Luna got scared and cried for help. The bar attendants camped around and those who were dealing with the drugs told Luna the guy was fine.

Luna asked them to send him to clinic. She saw the guy’s wallet and his accomplice came for it and also searched for the drug cover.

Mildred took it so he quickly snatched it from her hands.


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