The Killer Bride Episode 39

The Killer Bride Episode 39 Luciano becomes fugitive while blowing Camila’s cover 

Luciano kept telling Camila that ruining her life was satisfying but killing her father was the best. Camila and Luciano fought and he managed to escape.

Camila searched for him with a gun, Luciano with his vile plan confessed in his hide out that if Javier had not gotten on the way he would have killed Camila.
He also revealed that the first person Primo Diablo approached was Javier. A flashback showed that Primo Diablo met with Javier and he said he would not jeopardise his father’s business with drug shipment.
According to Luciano,  Javier was too proud. It could be recalled that when the South African investor signed a deal with the Dela Torre, Antonia was upset with the development and Javier told her that missing the deal was for the better.
Another flashback scene showed that Javier spoke with an unknown person and took a gun to meet Camila.
Luciano said Javier thought Camila was behind it so when he brandished a gun, his goons attacked Camila, while holding the gun, Javier still could not shoot Camila’s attackers.
They hit him and his gun fell and they attacked him while he was struggling to get his gun in his grasp.
Luciano then said both Javier and Camila should have died together but hatched  different plans using the rivalry between the Dela Torre and Dela Cuesta Family just to frame Camila for the death of Javier, which to him was a perfect plan.
But felt sad that the prison fire could not kill Camila. Camila called Luciano an evil monster and cried that her daughter died in that fire including several inmates and their babies due to Luciano’s wicked plot.
Luciano shot at her. Meanwhile, Fabio and Vito wrestled with other goons of Luciano. Fabio wondered where Camila could be. Luciano revealed that it was his plan to make the plantation go bankrupt just to take eyes from the Dela Torre for his drug work to boom.
He said Camila could not take Las Espadas from him. Luciano said little did the people of Las Espadas knew the money flowing on the land was all from the Dela Torre.

Luciano found himself cornered and tried to get the upper hand by manipulating Camila’s emotions and feeding her with fear. He dared Camila to kill him, believing that he was the only tool in saving Camila’s reputation and serving her justice.

But, Camila wasn’t even a bit scared, saying she has long suffered since Vida died. Camila was in the brink of pulling the trigger when Fabio entered the scene and shot one of Luciano’s henchmen, causing distraction

Luciano took advantage of the slight interruption and jumped out of the windows. Vito cornered him, unfortunately Vito was already wounded and could barely move so Luciano kicked him out of his way while Camila showered a fleeing Luciano with bullets, hitting his arm.

She drove in a hurry and tailed behind Luciano’s vehicle but the latter managed to conceal his track.

Camila’s emotions burst. She ordered all her accomplices to monitor sightings of Luciano and to secure all exit points in Las Espadas.

After Elias approached the mysterious who to his surprise introduced herself as Aurora Emma’s mother, Elias seemed skeptical at first, doubtful on Aurora’s sudden concern after abandoning Emma as a child.

Aurora justified her actions, saying she got sick and addicted to illegal substance. A man named Fonzy helped her avail medical help. When she recovered from her condition, Aurora tried to look for Emma in the place where she left her.

Aurora then pleaded Elias to help her see Emma again. Aurora added that Las Espadas would only put Emma in danger.

Elias tried to contact Emma but she opts to reject his calls. He secretly took a photo of Aurora and sent it to Emma.

Later that night, Emma agreed to meet with Elias and Aurora. But, before Emma arrived at the meeting place, Aurora left without warning upon hearing the siren of a police mobile.

Emma broke down in tears as she tried to figure out why Aurora always had the courage to leave anytime she wanted to. Elias embraced Emma to soothe her heartache. The two then share a conversation as Emma opened up on her painful past.

Emma said she loved her mother too much despite the shortcomings. According to Emma’s narrative, her drunkard father used to beat her up as a kid. But Aurora would always come to her defense and take the physical assaults on Emma’s behalf. However, she has come to accept that Aurora’s l*ve isn’t unconditional

Elias tried to console her that Aurora would turn back and she said she was done waiting for her.
She said she did not want to go through the pains of waiting for her and told Elias she was abandoned at the age of 7.

Emma displayed her vulnerability Infront of Elias as if she was tired of faking her actions. Emma slowly unveiled her true self and began talking in her innate persona. Emma took off her mask and showed her sophisticated and tough side.

Elias comforted Emma and told her that she was not meant to live in a sham world, either. Emma continued expressing her sentiments. She said it might be the last time she and Elias would face each other as friends, certain that Elias would hate her the next time.

Elias was puzzled with Emma’s words and her surprising façade. He toom a quick call and found Emma’s seat empty afterwards. Elias gazed at the area and failed to catch Emma

Meanwhile, a mysterious lady dressed up Luciano’s wounds. Alejandro questioned an inmate and he finally revealed his involvement with the drug syndicate, Primo Diablo.
Luciano received a call informing him that the inmate had confessed and revealed him as the person behind the syndicate.
The mayor could not believe that Luciano was behind the drug syndicate and Alejandro explained to her that Luciano held Vito and Tessa as hostage when Vito found out the truth.
Meanwhile, Antonia commended Vito for carrying out a private investigation about his brother’s death.

The old town of Las Espadas is once again shocked with the news about the alarming incident of Vito and Tessa’s abduction linked with Luciano’s drug syndicate

Knowing he was wanted by the police, Luciano recorded himself revealing that Camila was alive and was after him after getting rid of Juan Felipe. He revealed Camila’s accomplices as Vito, Edmundo and Emma among other people and blamed her for the killer bride’s attack.
The video went viral but the people of Las Espadas could not believe Luciano’s confession. He called his family and Luis said he should turn himself in and promised his support to ensure the mayor help him.
Alice also seconded her son’s advice to Luciano, this brought a misunderstanding between Tatiana and Alice.
Meanwhile, Emma wondered their next line of action after watching Luciano’s viral video.
Camila encouraged Emma to calm down since Luciano did that out of desperation.
However, as Tati was confronting Alice for not caring for her brothers, Guada had a cardiac arrest.
After watching the video, Manay Ichu ceased to believe the revelation made by Luciano. Elias begun to believe the video after his last encounter with Emma kept flashing through his mind.
Tessa joined the pieces together and concluded that Vito was rather protecting Camila.
Meanwhile, Fabio and Camila hatched up a plan to present Luciano to everyone. Luna asked Vito whether the video of Luciano was a call to worry about. He rather advised her to be with Tessa.
She saw Tessa with Antonia. The Mayor organised a press conference to assure the people of Las Espadas her commitment to bring Luciano to book.
As Camila and Fabio saw Luciano escaping in a ship, a bomb was set inside a flower by an henchman of Luciano and called him to inform him about the successful plant of the bomb.

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