The Killer Bride Episode 4

The Killer Bride Episode 4 Luciano’s goons hunt for Emma 

Luna who was searching everywhere at the festive for Elias finally saw him although Elias tried to escape her.

Luna told Elias that they were not younger any more and it was time for them to send their relationship to the next level.

As they were talking, they saw Emma running and was being followed.

Elias helped her to escape from her pursuers. Luna was also insisting to find Elias but he put on a wig and also disguised Emma in similar fashion. With Emma  wearing Elias jacket her pursuers could not identify her again.

Elias asked her why the people were running after her. She said she did not know what was wrong with her all that she could recall was that she woke up to find herself in a strange house.

She got home and Manay Ichu asked where she was coming from. Acting strange, Emma stated that she just went to the town’s festival.

Manay Ichu looked shocked, Emma was wearing a night gown and was bear footed so she pointed at her, saying wearing just?

Manay Ichu did not look enthused for her to come home around that time and in such state. Emma then pleaded that it would not happen again.

On his way going, Elias kept recalling the moment he spent with Emma that evening.

The next day, a video of Emma went viral. Luna after watching the video of Emma’s confession of being Camila told her friends that Emma was at the festival and Elias knew her.

At the De la Torre mansion, Felipe decried that Camila disgraced their family and even after her death she kept tarnishing their image.

Emma when applying a makeup on a corpse stated that she kept having memories which were not hers.

In the house of Dela Cuesta, Luna showed Elias Emma’s video and asked him whether she was not the girl he was with the other night.

Tessa, the mother of Luna asked her to forget about Elias since her grandmother did not like him.

Guada’s gatecrashed a funeral being held at Dako Paroon to forcefully take Emma but Manay Ichu and Tsoknat did not allow them.

Guada went there to talk to Emma and confirmed that she was really Camila and asked her to go home with her (Guada) for her to correct her past mistakes.

Emma said she could not go but promised to be there the next day since she was working.

Guada promised that she would not allow anyone to lay a finger on her. As the conversation was on going, Elias was also standing at the back listening to them.

Tsoknat later talked with Emma and showed her the viral confession video. Emma said she did not know what happened but a memory kept flashing in her minds and believed it was that of Camila.

Manay Ichu eavesdropped and asked her if she was doing that because of money and she said no.

Emma pleaded with Manay Ichu to understand her that she only came there for a job but did not know what was happening to her.

Luciano asked Guada if she would allow that liar referring to Emma, and Guada said yes. The person was Camila, her granddaughter and since she owned the mansion she would admit Camila (Emma) in.

Manay Ichu believed that Emma was right when she said her body was possessed by Camila.

Is another night again, being the nightingale of the small village, Emma woke up and walked bear footed around the town.

She reached a point where a board with inscription no trespassing. She went inside, crying that Camila should leave her alone.

A spirit lingered around, behold Camila revealed herself in the chapel. She pleaded with Emma to help her find those who killed her and also find her daughter. Emma began running.

Emma returned to meet a person who was crying because her relative had passed away.

Emma and Iking began working on a dead body. Emma said there was a time she dreamt that she died but no one attended the funeral.

Vito saw the viral video of Emma confessing that she was Camila. Emma requested the help of the corpse if he could give her a sign to drive away Camila.

In the house of the Dela Torres, Guada said she would invite Emma over and asked Alice to prepare Camila’s favourite food.

Luciano insisted that Emma wanted money hence her action.

Elias delivered flowers to Manay Ichu for the funeral. Emma used the opportunity to thank Elias for his help and he said she was welcomed.

Andres came to Dako Paroon to ask if she was Emma, she slapped Emma, claiming she was possessed by a demonic spirit and started exorcism rite on her.

Elias came to help her while Manay Ichu and Tsoknat drove her away.

Intoy told Elias that he could tell he was interested in Emma, urging him to go after her.

Luna together with her friends asked her about her future plans after studying from the state. Her dad, Vito came there and told her to learn about how they work in the plantation but she seemed not interested.

She told Vito that she had visitors. When Vito left, one of Luna’s friends asked her whether Vito had met with Emma, the girl claiming she was Camila.

She said since Camila and Vito were the Romeo and Juliet of Las Espadas years back she thought he had already met Emma to rekindle their old l”ve affair.

Luna scolded her and told her that Vito was married to her mom besides Camila killed her uncle, Javier.

Manay Ichu asked Tsoknat where Emma was and she said she gave her night off since Guada invited her to the Dela Torre mansion for dinner.

At the gate, Emma started remembering how Camila revealed her pregnancy to her family.


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