The Killer Bride Episode 43

The Killer Bride Episode 43

The Killer Bride Episode 43 the Dela Torres and the Dela Cuestas end their long-term enmity 

At Dako Pa Roon, Manay Ichu told Tsoknat that the mayor was having a meeting on how to get Las Espadas on its feet, thus she was attending.

She told Iking to take care of Andres. At the function, some people who saw Emma wondered why she was there.

Mayor Luis delivered his speech urging the people to work together to bring development in the area. He revealed plans he as the mayor has put in place to create employment for the people especially those affected by the recent explosion.

In so doing, he said the Dela Torre and the Dela Cuesta families had mended their feud and were collaborating to invest in many livelihood projects including textiles, plantation among others to gas track the development of Las Espadas.

Emma texted Camila concerning the ongoing presentation. Sonya spotted her and quickly ran to attack Emma for the death of her friends. Emma defended herself, she was left heartbroken by the consistent attacks and the blame she was suffering from so she went to a certain room to cry.

Tatiana seeing Luis and Vito together on stage calling for a truce, approached and stood at the middle of the venue to cause trouble by exposing the other investor aside the Dela Cuestas.

She stepped to the stage demanding Luis to mention to the people the person the investor was as he failed to do it, Tatiana mentioned the name of Camila. This caused an uproar.

Camila then appeared and admitted to be the investor. She said she was not the enemy but Juan Felipe and Luciano were.

The people were not happy and refused to accept the help. There were so much noise in the room as each expressed his or her resentment towards Camila.

They blamed her for the death and crimes in the town, referring to her as the killer bride.

Meanwhile, the drunkard who earlier was searching to harm Camila saw Emma in the room she stayed and pointed a gun at her.

Elias who was tailing the drunkard after spotting him at the town’s meeting saw him pointing a gun at Emma. The drunkard recognised Elias, Elias spoke with him against hurting Emma.

He said the explosion left everyone an injury which could not be healed, he revealed his wounds he got from the explosion.

Elias explained that Emma was also at the venue and was hospitalised. Emma said Camila even put her life on the line trying to warn the township about the bomb.

As the drunkard got obstructed, Elias kicked the man and took away his gun. Emma who made the man feel guilty voiced out that he was not at the event.

He narrated that his wife asked him to go to the event with her but he refused. Meanwhile, the maid in the Dela Torre mansion still turned the people against Camila.

Manay Ichu quickly jumped to the defense of Camila. She urged the maid not to accept Camila’s help if she wanted and told the people that they all knew Camila was not guilty of the death of Javier since Luciano did.

Manay Ichu added that they all contributed to the tragedy that kept reoccurring in Las Espadas.

The man blamed himself for not being at the event to protect them. Emma drew closer to him. Elias said he was going to report the issue to the police but Emma said the man needed a doctor.

As Camila was searching for her nanny, she ran into Tessa and Melissa kept on with her gossip. Camila advised Tessa to be mindful of Melissa because pretty soon she would leak all her secret just like how she did to her aunt, Tati.

Tessa said she did not need Camila’s advice. Camila left, however Vito ran after her to ask if what she said concerning their daughter, Vida being alive was true.

Camila explained that before his death, Luciano told her that. Meanwhile, Emma explained to inspector Alejandro that the man did not harm her and asked him to get him medical treatment.

Emma confronted Elias for being heartless, she said he should have understood the man’s ordeal. Elias said after what Emma did he did not trust anyone.

However, as Vito pledged to support Camila find her missing daughter, Camila refused to accept his help but Vito insisted since the child was also his.

Sonya and her friend eavesdropped and was surprised to hear that Luna’s half sister was alive.

Camila came across her nanny outside, Manay Ichu embraced her and said she had not changed. She was the good person she raised.

They (Camila and Emma) later had a dinner together with the Dako Pa Roon workers. They talked about old memories which kept them laughing.

At killer café, Tessa cried that Vito embarrassed her by publicly defending Camila. Luna was not enthused about Melissa turning her mother’s head.

Sonya spilt the news of Vito’s lost daughter but Luna was surprised to hear that.

Meanwhile, Camila showed her gratitude to Manay Ichu. She thanked her for taking care of Emma. Emma was also thankful and said sorry to them for not identifying her true self.

She said all the friendship and emotional moment they shared were all true. Tsoknat said Emma was making her cry.

Manay Ichu was happy with the unity among them. She said she now understood why she felt the need to protect Emma at all cost when she arrived at Las Espadas, that was because she was Camila’s daughter.

The camera angle showed that someone was approaching Dako Pa Roon. Manay Ichu hugged Emma, later a voice came through asking whether someone was home. Behold as her face was captured, it was Agnes.

Camila suddenly went to hug her old friend.


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