The Killer Bride Episode 44

The Killer Bride Episode 44

The Killer Bride Episode 44 The Killer Groom kills Ornusa 

At Dako Pa Roon, Agnes hugged Camila and confronted her for keeping herself being alive from Manay Ichu while she knew Manay Ichu had a hard time living without her.

She told Camila that all the joy in Las Espadas disappeared once she was taken away from them.

Agnes narrated that life had also been tough for her after she lost her mother. She also travelled to Manila for a greener pasture but things didn’t go on well for her.

She said they would have a new chapter together while they are together. Emma gave Tsoknat her make up kits and told her that she knew she would better her makeup skills.

She also said that she had seen Camila laughing the manner she had not laughed before even when she was together with Fabio, her papa.

As Camila was telling how her anguish disappeared once she heard Luciano telling her that Vida was alive, she received a call from one of her investigators informing her that they had found the nurse who she left Vida with during the arson at the prison.

She informed Manay Ichu and Agnes about it. Agnes advised and embraced Camila but her eyes emitted anguish and suspicion.

Meanwhile, Ornusa texted Camila that she was at her house waiting for her, as she was waiting a text came through that someone had crystals and stones for her so she left, leaving a message to Camila’s guard that she would be back later.

Iking who could not voice out his interest to Agnes, wore his gloves about to attend to a corpse but an unusual sound turned his eyes.

He saw a a wind-like lady who was in red. He called the lady informing her that Dako Pa Roon was closed but the lady did not heed. She walked up and Iking followed her talking to her.

The lady led Iking to Andres room and could not find her. He asked Andres where the lady passed.

Andres said the lady was gone. Iking was puzzled he thought Andres had been meeting with ladies secretly and searched through the window and beneath tables.

Suddenly, a black cat appeared, Iking kept asking Andres where the lady went and Andres said only both of them could see the lady.

Camila told Emma to take care of Fabio while she and Vito searched for Vida. Ornusa went Cheong Stone to meet Mrs Cheong for the jeweleries.

In the car going, Camila was searching for her phone it fell in between seat so as she was searching for it her hands softly touched that of Vito.

Meanwhile, Agnes walked silently on the street up to something wicked. However, Vito was happy that a miracle was occurring in his path.

At Cheong Stone shop, Ornusa made a call to Guada. Guada told her that she had made herself clear that she should not call or come close to her ever again.

A flashback showed that after Camila visited Guada, she told Ornusa how puzzled she was when Camila told her things which were secret in the family.

She said she did not know how Camila got to know her memories were erased from the family.

Ornusa voiced out the truth that she told Camila about it since she was scared of what would happen to her. She said Camila paid her quite handsomely for the job.

Guada threw Ornusa out for spying on her. Ornusa advised Guada to open her eyes on her family to know that Camila had been right all along.

A person in black trousers, white sleeves and dark coat with black cap suddenly appeared from nowhere, standing like a zombie. Ornusa thought he was the one taking care of the shop, unknown to her, the person was the infamous killer groom.

Ornusa complained that she had been knocking all these while so he should have kept the place locked. She asked of Mrs Cheong, but the person did not answer.

Acting so weired, he later locked the gate and attacked Ornusa. He pushed Ornusa to the wall and dragged her down, while he drew some of the crystals from the plate and forcefully placed it inside Ornusa’s mouth.

Ornusa coughed, looking for something to defend herself. She reached out to a heavy cup and hit the person with a heavy metal, the person collapsed on the floor.

Ornusa hit the gate, calling for help but the man woke up. The killer groom followed Ornusa, she ran up and found out that Mrs Cheong had been stabbed to death.

She cried she called Camila in order to ask for help but the killer groom drag her from behind leading her phone to fall. He pulled her hair.

She hit him with something and found herself a room. She quickly ran there and locked the door. The killer groom took the phone and realised Camila was the one Ornusa had call.

Camila who did not know that her faithful ally had been attacked picked the call and kept mentioning Ornusa’s name but she did not hear anything.

Ornusa kept battling with the killer groom to save her life but the killer groom used a machete to destroy the door. The killer groom finally kicked the door to pounce on the defenceless fake spiritualist, Ornusa. Ornusa kept crying for mercy but the serial killer turned deaf to

He tied her to her chair while he sewed Ornusa’s lips with a needle, singing a song with a woman-like voice “there is a rat hiding somewhere in the house, you better run, look around and in the end you will be found.”

The voice suggested that the killer groom was actually a woman. Meanwhile, kids played around during the night. Seeing a plane in the sky the jumped around.

Agnes and Agot went to the market, they received a news that the plantation would soon be opened. They were happy but another news of a dead body kept at the place turned hearts sour.

Agot went to see it and she identified the body as that of Ornusa. Agnes looked happy.

Emma took her book and saw a burnt rose and remembered when Elias gifted her with a flower. Her eyes looked tearful.

Elsewhere, Camila and Vito got to the spit where the nurse was hidden. However, at the flower plantation Luna expressed disappointment in Vito for not contacting her since the previous night.

She told Elias that she was so scared and asked Elias to promise her not to leave her sight. Luna caressed the face of Elias as they drew closer to each other in a compromising scene, Emma arrived at the scene and watched them with a eyes of regret.

When Camila arrived at the hideout of the nurse someone was crying. Meanwhile, Elias spotted Emma and pulled himself back from Luna.

This alerted Luna that someone was there so she rose and turned. She then quickly walked towards Emma and asked her what she was doing there.

Emma said she was sorry, before she could end her speech Ingrid also came to drive her out. She said she had already warned her to stay away from Elias.

Emma explained that she wanted to say something to Elias but it was no longer important and she left.

Camila saw the nurse taking care of her grandmother. The nurse was surprised to see Camila. Camila threatened her to return her daughter.

The nurse said Vida died in the fire and since the arson she was transferred to another town since she was traumatised for her inability to save the people. She said afterwards she got to her hometown where a tragedy happened and could not save even her family.

Elias followed Emma to ask her why she kept coming back while he has warned her to stay away from him.

Emma admitted her feelings for Elias, she explained that she did not just like him but what she felt for him was l*ve and that was the truth.

Camila asked the nurse whether she saw the child swallow up the fire. She narrated that something, like a debris of the roof fell on her and she fainted. After she woke up she saw the blanket of Vida inflames and thought Vida was dead.

Vito concluded that Vida might be alive. Camila asked her if she noticed something unusual before the prison explosion.

The nurse said a jail guard who was not on duty was there. She asked the name of the person and the nurse said Aurora but she forgot her last name.

Emma told her guards that she wanted to be alone, as she was going Aurora pulled her and they hid behind a black bus. She was happy that Emma was all grown up.

She recalled leaving Emma, telling her to stay at the chapel to stay there. Emma wanted to go with her but she shouted that she should stay there.

Emma told her that she thought she would never return and she has finally left. As the guard was drawing closer she arranged with Emma to meet her the next day.

Camila blamed herself for not feeling that her daughter was alive all those years. She said she wasted her time on revenge and did not search for her daughter.

Vito said it was because she assumed Vida was already dead and asked Camila not to be too harsh on herself. Camila wondered if Vida was safe, Vito assured her that she was and they would find her and make it up to her.

He suddenly had a call from his cousin, inspector Alejandro about a tragic news which seemed surprised to him.

Mayor Luis wondered the person who could have committed the grievous act. Alejandro said the act was heinous, aside Ornusa’s corpse, Mrs Cheong was also found dead with Ornusa’s things at her shop. Mayor Luis was scared that the recent killing would cause fear and panic in the town.

Guada and Alice arrived in the scene with Alice beaming with smiles as Guada asked Alejandro about the time they would open the plantation.

Luis did not look cheerful so they wondered what was consuming his thoughts. Guada spotted that he was looking through his phone.

She realised it was Ornusa and she took the phone, crying that Ornusa did not deserve such a tragic end.

Guada narrated that she spoke with her the previous night. Alice snatched the phone from Guada’s hand and gave it back to Luis.

Manay Ichu and Tsoknat saw the viral corpse of Ornusa on the net and Tsoknat assumed that Luciano committed the atrocious sin.

Manay Ichu wondered the kind of monster who would do that against Ornusa. Tsoknat kept on that the body of Luciano disappeared so he could have done that.

Manay Ichu said someone who had unsettled score with Luciano fled with his mortal remains so Tsoknat should drop her case.

With Fabio at the hospital, Emma contemplated that Aurora was acting weired as she looked scared and terrified once she met her.

Emma said she had not told Camila yet as she had lots on her mind. She pleaded with Fabio to wake up.

Meanwhile, at the Mortuary with Alejandro as an escort Camila saw the remains of Ornusa.

Vito told her that what was going on was not a mere accident. There was an evil person behind the scenes attacking Camila’s allies. First it was Rico and now Ornusa, Camila stayed alerted.

She arrived home and advised Emma to watch her back since someone had killed Ornusa and Rico and wanted her to stay safe while she searched for Vida.

With the update about the whereabouts of Vida, Camila said the nurse did not know where Vida was but gave her an information about a jail guard who was off duty but came to work on that day.

Emma made an attempt to talk to her, but Camila received a call and she ordered to search for a prison guard with a name Aurora.

After hearing the name, Emma’s eyes emitted fear.


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