The Killer Bride Episode 45

The Killer Bride Episode 45

The Killer Bride Episode 45 Aurora declares Luna as Vida, Camila’s long-lost daughter 

Camila said on phone that she did not know Aurora’s surname but the person should check the jail guards who were off duty that time.

Camila suspected that she started the jail fire and most likely kidnapped her daughter.

Emma was dumbfounded, Camila was puzzled about Emma’s reaction. Emma said that name Aurora was also her mother’s name.

At killer café, Vito visited Luna and she said that if he was there to inform her that he was searching for his daughter, she heard about it from her friends, explaining that her friends overhead he and Camila’s conversation so she already knew.

Vito asked Luna if she was cool with it. Luna said she understood him and embraced her father.

Camila said she knew that Aurora was a common name but for her search, she hoped there would only be one jail guard with a name Aurora to help her find the person very fast. Camila received a call and she excused Emma since it had connection with Ornusa and Rico’s death.

Emma recalled how tensed Aurora felt during their last encounter. At killer café, Elias told Intoy that he wanted to go out with Luna but Intoy advised him against it. Intoy said at the end he would hurt Luna’s feelings since he did not have interest in her.

Intoy made him realise that Emma was not the one who was behind the death and casualties of the multitude who attended the Dia de Esperanza. He said Luciano did, although Emma did not tell him the truth about her identity but she was not a bad person.

After his family was massacred, Elias said he tried seeing everything from the positive side but his hopes were dashed when Emma told him lies.

He said all the pains he felt at his early stage was turning back again. The driver alighted Emma at a boutique. She made her guard stood outside and went for a sun hat, she changed her dress and sneaked out at the blind eye of the guards.

At Dako Pa Roon, Camila told Manay Ichu and Agnes that Ornusa was killed because of her. Agnes lamented that what the person did to Ornusa was terrible and no human could do that.

Camila told Manay Ichu that her involvement with her was putting her in grave danger. Manay Ichu did not like the idea that Camila was trying to end her relationship with her by not visiting her.

The eyes of Agnes depicted that of suspicion. Emma met her estranged mother to talk about their long-lost contact with eachother.

Emma lamented that she was just seven years old when Aurora abandoned her. Aurora said drugs became her world but she never stopped searching for her.

They embraced and Aurora said they should leave right away since they had lots to talk about.

Aurora pulled Emma away and Emma asked her why she looked terrified. She urged  Aurora to tell her if there was any problem for them to ask help from Camila.

Aurora insisted that Camila should not find out about her, Emma asked her why and she said she did something terrible against Camila and did not want her to find out.

Emma recalled Camila searching for a jail guard with a name Aurora. Emma asked Aurora to be honest with her in answering her question about her being a jail guard sometimes back.

At Dako Pa Roon, Camila promised to send a guard to watch over Dako Pa Roon to prevent future attacks on Manay Ichu. Iking screamed leading Tsoknat to get scared.

Aurora asked Emma how she got to know that she had worked in prison before. Emma realised she was the culprit her adopted mother was searching for.

Aurora explained that she abused drugs and was paid to cause havoc to Camila. She asked Aurora if Luciano paid her to do that. She also asked her whether she was the person who set the jail on fire.

Aurora said she knew lots of people would die for setting the jail on fire but she did what she had to do.

A flashback showed Aurora watching Camila and the nurse when the nurse told her she should get Vida’s things when Camila left she set fire in the gus.

Emma confronted her for killing lots of people. Aurora said she asked God for forgiveness as she kept hearing voices in her head so she resulted in abusing more drugs to get rid of the guilt.

She said in an exchange she lost Emma. Insisting that they played a cruel trick on her. She said she followed Emma when she heard she was closer to Luciano. She said Emma was in danger that was why she contacted Elias to help her find Emma.

Emma asked her of Vida, A flashback showed that Aurora hit the nurse with a debris while there was commosion in the prison with Camila shouting and calling out Vida’s name.

Per Luciano’s orders, Aurora had to kill Camila together with her daughter, but to her she could not harm an innocent child so she decided to take the child instead.

As she said she took Vida with her, Emma also used Aurora’s word that she said after the incident Emma came her way so she asked her whether that meant that she was Vida.

Emma was scared, and she started having a sharp pain she recalled how she met Camila and when she revealed to her that she lost her daughter. She also recalled when she told Camila that she l*ved her

Emma was happy that she was Vida and confirmed from Aurora. They got home and told Camila that there was something that they wanted to tell her.

Camila touched her heart. Elias loaded his car with flowers. Vito got there and he told Elias that Aran said he was acting cold towards him and his mother.

He said he should make them know that he was okay. Vito told Elias that Emma did what she did to keep Camila’s secret. He said Emma l*ved Camila like her own mother so Elias should understand her.

Vito later received a call from Camila, Tessa told Luna and Antonia that Vito wanted to talk to them. Antonia thought Vito wanted to convince Tessa not to divorce him.

Vito got there and asked his family not to be violent because there were some people who came with him to talk about something important.

Iking was terrified after he kept seeing a ghost. Meanwhile, Tessa said she would not listen to Camila but Camila said it was not her who would talk but Aurora was the one they would listen to. Vito told Luna that they finally found Vida.

After Tessa protested against the speech, she finally accepted to listen to Aurora. Aurora narrated that she was the one Luciano paid to set the prison on fire.

Despite what she did, she said she had mercy on the baby and returned the baby to one of her parents even though she wanted to adopt her.

A flashback showed Aurora who was covered in a scarf placed a baby Infront of the Dela Cuesta’s mansion.

Vito went to find the baby crying and he descended down from his car and carried her.

Aurora said she returned her to her father. Camila told Luna that she was her missing daughter Vida.

Luna did not want to accept. Tessa cried that Vito could not do that to her, but Vito insisted that Luna had to know the truth.

Antonia revealed to Luna that she was not Tessa’s biological daughter. Luna sobbed as Antonia went on to tell her that she was adopted.

Antonia said it was weird but it was a miracle that Vito found her at the back of their gate. She said it was the time they also discovered that Tessa could not make babies.

Luna cried demanding why they failed to tell her about her real identity. Vito said they did not tell her because she was their child even if Tessa did not bring forth of her.

Tessa said it was her fault because Vito wanted to tell her years back but she was against it since she did not want anyone to know her shortcoming as a wife and pleaded with Luna to understand.

Luna said she wouldn’t and turned to Camila, telling her that she was not her daughter, and she would never be her mom.

She walked out on them and went inside her car to cry behind the steers. Tessa wanted to follow Luna but Camila said they should leave her.

Tessa warned her not to order her or restrain her from going to talk to her daughter.

Camila also said the child was also her daughter. Tessa asked Camila if she believed the words of Aurora. Camila made it clear that she would conduct a DNA test on Luna, if it turned out that she was Vida then she should thank God because she held her all those years while she held her just few days.

Tessa said she would not allow Camila to take her daughter away from her since she had already taken away her husband.

Camila insisted she did not take anything away from her and would not take Luna away if the DNA turns out to be positive.

She said all she wanted was to be a mother to her daughter but if Tessa get in between then she would fight for her daughter.

She said she would be back for her daughter, knowing Luna was now processing things.

Camila went out to search for Emma, she asked Aurora about the whereabouts of Emma and she said Emma left when everyone was shouting at her.

Meanwhile, Emma was with Fabio. She recalled Aurora saying she was her daughter and she was not Vida. Emma cried.

Aurora asked Camila if she could go with Emma but Camila burred her, saying she had to be rotten in jail for killing hundreds of people.

Camila said she would not hurt her because of Emma but held her captive.
Tessa and Antonia tried reaching Luna but the call did not go through. Vito searched for her.

Elias who came to meet Emma crying sat besides her, Luna laid her head on his shoulder. Elias who was holding a bouquet asked Emma if she was feeling okay and she she was not.

She said she would tell Elias the truth now onwards and the truth she said was that she missed Elias.

Elias who was already on his feet, after hearing Emma’s confession left.


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