The Killer Bride Episode 47

The Killer Bride Episode 47

The Killer Bride Episode 47 The Killer Groom kills two more people 

Still in the kitchen, Emma said the thing was going to be perfect just like how Camila wanted it. Manay Ichu asked Emma why she preferred calling Camila by her name but called Fabio Papa.

She smiled and said Camila was the one who did not want her to call her mama just Camila.

She said she wanted to see Camila smile and said now she would now be happy with Vida. Manay Ichu said she was a good daughter and Camila knew it.

Luna said bye to Tessa and the later told her that she should not listen to Camila’s lies. Antonia advised Tessa not to act paranoid since Luna was just humouring Vito and least cared about Camila.

Tessa said she was just scared of losing Luna too. As Aurora was descending down the stairs she bumped into Agnes and was startled.

“I am doing what we agreed on,” she told Agnes. Camila appeared and asked both if they knew themselves and Agnes said she just introduced herself.

Camila said the woman was Aurora, Emma’s mother. Agnes said Aurora had already told her.

They later said bye to Camila and Emma as Vito and Luna arrived. Emma said she was going home with the people, Camila said she should text her.

Camila embraced Luna and thanked her for coming. She stood aloof and watched both. After alighting Manay Ichu, Agnes tried spiking her against Camila and Luna.

She advised Emma not to allow Luna take over her position in Camila’s life. She later dropped at a certain junction and left her jacket so Emma went after her but could not find her

Meanwhile, Manay Ichu was worried about Emma and how Camila never treated her as a daughter. Tsoknat was not happy that Luna was in the picture and wished Camila was acting like a mother to Emma.

Emma feeling all scared in the dark, saw someone approaching, she got scared and took s stone but she realised it was Elias.

She asked him what he was doing and also told him that she was after Agnes since she left her jacket. She saw Elias hand was wounded and wanted to help him but Elias said he was okay and left Emma.

During the dinner, Luna acted vile and indirectly advised Camila to know her boundaries in the life of Vito when Camila told her she wanted her to see her casino in Manila.

Vito had informed Camila that Luna owned the killer café and Camila said it was no news since both of Luna’s parents were entrepreneurs. Camila tried acting nice by revealing her business she owned before Luna asked about Camila’s relationship with Fabio for her not to get close to Vito.

She later said the food was salty and left leaving Vito with her. Emma saw Luna outside and asked her whether she was leaving already.

Luna started to attack Emma with adjectives, saying all those while they laughed about Emma’s outmoded fashion not knowing Emma was rather laughing at them.

Emma cut her words and advised her to allow Camila into her life. She said Luna was lucky to have a mother like Camila, narrating that she woke up each night to the cries of Camila having nightmares of Vida.

Vito and Camila stood aloof to listen to the conversation of the two. Vito called out Luna and told her they had to leave. Camila thanked Emma for saying all those words to Luna.

Emma said she wanted her to be happy with her daughter. She left and went inside.

Meanwhile, the killer groom dragged someone outside the car. In the morning, a man fetching firewoods saw some people hanged up and decided to talk to the police about it.

Emma read a book for Fabio who was unconscious. Emma asked Luis who was with her whether he had ever thought of leaving Las Espadas to go far away to a place where he could live freely and he said he thought of that but for the sake of his mother he could not leave.

Luis got close to Emma as if they were about to share a k!ss suddenly, a news about the death took their attention.

The news said the two were found hanging at a street which rang the bell to Luna. She recalled where Agnes alighted the previous night.

The news went on that the note found by the corpses suggested that the people were linked to Camila after the death of Ornusa.

They said the townspeople said the serial killer was called the killer groom and did not know whether that person was the one who kidnapped Luciano’s corpse or Luciano just staged his murder just to go unpublished to enable him to kill more people.

Luis and Emma were dumbstruck by the news. Emma recalled how Elias came from the dark wounded. Luis said it was funny when they blamed it on Luciano. He further said the so called killer groom would not stop as the tragic incidents were getting worse each day.

Elias sent flowers somewhere. Camila went to identify the bodies and they were people who worked secretly for her.

Camila was affected by the incident and she screamed that the person who was doing that should face her and not act cowardly since she was the one they were after.

Inspector Alejandro spoke with Camila and she said only Ornusa knew about those smitten two and did not know who she talked to them about it.

She said Rico was murdered after she sent him to visit the Dela Torre.
Camila got home and Emma asked her to come and eat. She said she was not hungry, Emma insisted and Camila vented her anger on her.

Later, Aurora asked Emma if that had been how Camila had treated her. She said she was nice to her daughter but not to Emma but Emma defended Camila. She told Aurora to escort her to the shopping mall to buy books and read to Fabio since she was done reading the books she had.

The police went to the Dela Torre mansion to question them about the killings and Tatiana was upset that the police were trying to call them serial killers and confronted Mayor Luis for opening their house for the police to carry out their investigation in there for the two face monster, Camila.

Luis said if she had nothing to hide then she should corporate.

Emma and Aurora were escorted to the mall, as the guard drag Emma aside, Aurora sneaked out and they could not find her. Emma who was in a black cup looked around.

A flashback showed that after Camila told inspector Alejandro that she had to take action before someone else’s die.

Emma and Camila secretly met in a car to ask of her help. Camila said there were lots of killings going on and wanted to know how connected Aurora was with the killer groom. She said she had always been suspicious of Aurora and she also knew Emma also doubted her mother.

It turned out that Camila staged her anger with Emma to find the true colours of Aurora. Aurora realised she was followed and turned tables against Camila and Emma.

The police investigated Agot and she blamed Camila. Meanwhile, Agnes smiled and to brush off accusing fingers on her, she defended Camila.

Vito asked Luna if she had told someone about her real identity, and she said she only told her friends, Mauro, Sonya, Mildred and Elias.

Vito warned the family not to make anyone know that Luna was related to Camila due to the killer groom. Tessa blamed Vito for tying their neck to a rope.

Vito said no one should be blamed because Camila did not order Luciano to steal her daughter and when she adopted Luna she did not know she was his child but the most important thing was that they all l*ved Luna and had to protect her.

Aurora excused them, Camila said sorry to Emma. Emma was touched by the fact that her mother still remembered her favourite snack and she only left to buy it for her.

Camila told Emma not to trust Aurora as it could be that she was there to meet someone and came up with that excuse just to redeem herself.

Emma spotted Elias passing, she ran leaving Camila behind. Camila ran after her and asked her who she saw and she said it was nothing.

Elias saw someone strange in an umbrella and took a second watch of her. At home, Aurora tried to confront Emma but Emma asked if Aurora spoke with someone, she interjected that the killer groom?

Emma asked if she spoke with Elias and she refuted the claims. Emma fled to talk to Fabio about it. She could not possibly believe that Elias could be the killer. She joined all the pieces together yet she could not accept her own suspicions.

Aurora spoke with the killer groom updating her that Camila was already shaking, trying to find the killer groom while Emma was also suspecting that Elias was involved.

The female voice Laughed, while Luciano’s corpse was sitting, she said they should shake them the more.


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