The Killer Bride Episode 48 Camila stabs the killer groom as she attempts to kill Ichu 

The Killer Bride Episode 48

The Killer Bride Episode 48 Camila stabs the killer groom as she attempts to kill Ichu

Aurora after the call looked around. Camila told Manay Ichu that she believed Aurora was poisoning Emma’s mind and strongly believed that Aurora had link with the serial killer. She said if it was not for Emma she would have forcefully squeezed the truth out of Aurora.

Manay Ichu asked her not to use violence because any wrong move would turn Emma against her.

Camila said Emma meant a lot to her and Ichu asked if Emma was aware of that. She said Emma knew she was important to her.

One of the guards who were watching over Fabio took his fellow’s phone to make a call.

Emma secretly followed Elias to the gambling den, where all immoralities were ongoing. She mistook someone who had similar hairstyle with Elias and confronted him for $e×ing another girl.

She finally saw Elias talking to someone, the person later choked Emma and Emma kicked him. Elias came to the rescue of the man.

He asked Emma why he was following him, after confronting eachother with Emma saying she thought he was the killer groom since she saw him the previous night in the area where two dead bodies were hanged, she believed he committed the heinous crimes.

Elias insisted that he was not the serial killer, he finally revealed to Emma that he was searching for his father.

Manay Ichu was escorted by Camila, she advised Camila to know that Emma was special and a good person who truly l*ved her. She said she should not allow anyone to come in between her and Emma.

Reaching home, Manay Ichu started calling out Iking’s name. Dako Pa Roon looked quiet, her steps were heavy as she kept calling out Iking’s name.

Suddenly, the killer groom pounced on her and covered her mouth. She said they would see how Camila would act if she found out that she failed to protect her best nanny in the world.

The notorious killer covered the mouth of Manay Ichu with handkerchief dragging her out. Manay Ichu’s eyes popped out, thinking that could be her end in the hand of the unidentified killer.

She starred the serial killer with fear. She said Camila was there earlier but she left too fast, the scary face (mask) kept scaring Manay Ichu, asking that was Manay Ichu ready to scream to death?

The killer groom laughed and kept blocking the breath of Manay Ichu till she collapsed.

Emma asked Elias whether he was searching for Aran but Elias said he was searching for his real father, Matias. Emma was puzzled since Elias had said his father together with his mother and the rest of his siblings were murdered.

Elias said he saw their corpses but he received a certain picture of his father and it was after the explosion which meant that his father was alive.

He showed the picture to Emma and Emma asked who gave it to him. Elias had no idea. A flashback that Luna hugged Vito and Elias saw the picture Infront of a car.

He began searching for his dad at the street where Aurora was earlier caught by Emma and Camila. He saw someone who looked like his father.

The man was pissed that Elias called him his father and engaged in a fight with Elias. Meanwhile, Elias begged him for mistaken him for his father yet the man fought him.

Elias punched him to a wall, once he was about to punch him again the man swerved his blow and his blow hit the wall leading him to get injured in return.

He said the man Emma attacked was his father’s friend but no one seemed to know his whereabouts. He said they all believed Matias was dead but if it was so how was he captured in the picture.

Elias insisted that there was something wrong and was possible that the man buried was not his father and his father was the one who killed his mother and siblings.

The killer groom dragged the unconscious body of Manay Ichu into the car packed outside, suddenly Camila ran to the car with an intention to rescue her nanny.

A flashback showed that after Manay Ichu’s advice and embrace, a certain motto passed by with the people making merry.

Camila as she was leaving had a bad feeling about the whole thing and asked her driver to turn for them to go back. As the car reached there she saw the main gate of Dako Pa Roon opened and saw the scarf of Manay Ichu on the floor.

She took it and ran inside in search of her nanny and saw the car.

Flashforward: Camila as she mentioned her nanny’s name trying to rescue her, the killer groom attacked Camila with a knife and she fought the serial killer.

The two engaged in a fist fight, the killer groom managed to drag Camila down but Camila kicked her, leading the knife to fall.

The killer groom quickly got inside the car to drive it but Camila did not lose her guard. She took the knife and rushed inside the car before the killer groom could move the car.

Since the door was not locked she tried driving in a manner which Camila could fall out of the car but Camila became smart and stabbed the rib of the killer groom which made her applied a sudden break.

Camila hit herself on the seat, so she passed out for a moment which made the injured serial killer to ran away from the car. Camila came out of the car searching for the serial killer but could not find her.

Elias lamented that he blamed Emma and Camila for the bombing incident but believed his father could have done it, more reason he had to find him.

He said that was the reason for his recent behaviour, he is always upset since his father was an evil person.

Emma advised that they should figure out why the incident happened before jumping into conclusion. Suddenly, Emma received a text.

Iking searched for Manay Ichu, he startled himself after seeing his reflection in the mirror. He then received a call.

At the hospital, Camila told inspector Alejandro that she stabbed the serial killer and they should quickly search for the culprit as she believed the killer was still in Las Espadas.

Inspector Alejandro assured her that the police were doing everything to find the serial killer as they had given every hospital tip off about the injured killer so they would definitely catch the serial killer once the culprit seek medical attention.

However, the killer groom kept panting as she forced to move to attend to her wound.

Elias wondered who his dad was, he cried that no one in Las Espadas knew who his father was and where he came from.

“Who are you?”

“Who I’m I?” He cried.

Vito tried calming the nerves of Camila. He gave her a drink but she said she was okay. She said she was like the glass, not easy to be shuttered.

Vito advised her to go away from the troubles and she refused. She said Fabio ensured that she was no longer a weak person and she also ensured that.

Vito said so she meant Fabio turned her and she said she owed her life to Fabio and left to check on her nanny.

Tessa got home drunk and Antonia was not happy about it. Meanwhile, the killer groom hid while seeing a petrol car. Manay Ichu finally woke up after the intoxication of the killer groom.

Tsoknat expressed happiness that Camila saved the day otherwise the serial killer, who she believed was a man would have ended her life.

Manay Ichu said the killer who attacked her was a woman not a man, after recalling her fight with the killer Camila also concluded the person was a wan instead. Emma and Iking were puzzled.

Luis after signing work documents rushed to the hospital to check on Manay Ichu.

The serial killer finally reached her destination. She took off her mask and cup. Behold it was Alice, she received a call from Luis, her son. He asked her where she was and she framed a lie to tell him.

She panted from the pains, when lying that Uncle Fredo, her father’s friend arrived from the state and had to meet him. She promised to get home as quickly as possible.

Luis advised her to take care of herself since the serial killer who was on a killing spree was on the lose. She screamed hard after the call.

A flashback showed how Juan Felipe introduced, his wife Alice to the family. Tatiana greeted her and teased her brother that just the first day of introducing a woman to them he referred to her as wife.

Juan Felipe asked of Jacobo, Luciano who got into the scene said Jacobo was in the plantation with Camila. Luciano, seeing the woman with his brother went to greet her and Juan Felipe introduced Alice as the daughter of Senior Rafael Montero.

This excited Guada since her son had introduced a woman from a prominent family. Alice told Guada that her family were dead.

Juan Felipe during one of his working outing, introduced his wife to the people and a man by name Dormetrio who had a night with Alice revealed to the mayor that he knew Alice and shared a history together.

Since then Juan Felipe and Alice turned cat and dog. He beat Alice, slapped her mercilessly being a trump. She explained to Jade an Felipe that she passed through a lot of difficult times after the death of her parent.

She said she wanted to go to school so had to give herself out to men to cater for herself. Felipe insisted that he thought she was a decent woman but she was a prostitute and wondered the number of his friends who had encountered his wife on bed.

He hit Alice’s stomach and kept abusing her. As she was sitting quietly sobbing, Luciano approached her in her room and asked her whether his brother did that to her.

He was upset and wanted to go and fight him back but Alice pulled Luciano back and she cried, laying her head on him.

Flashforward: Alice as she was recalling the past pains was also taking off her killer costume. She took off the suit, left in the sleeves took a sharp edged needle to dress her wound. She groaned.

Flashback: She recalled a certain business event which Juan Felipe was sitting proudly with her with his arm around her.

Luciano signaled Alice as he headed to the washroom direction. Alice told Juan Felipe that she wanted to use the ladies.

Luciano then pulled her from there and they went to a certain room where he locked the door. Gasping for breath as he caressed her face, softly touching her hair, flipping her over. He hugged her with his Face closer to her. He drew back watched her in the eyes as he drew his lips closer, with his arm of her face.

“I feel so tormented everytime I see you two together. He does not deserve you!”

“But you cannot l*ve me Luciano, I am nothing, I am worth than nothing, I am just a piece of trash that Juan Felipe decided to keep,” Alice cried.

“Is that what Juan Felipe has been telling you? Don’t listen to him, he doesn’t know how lucky he is to have you.
You are like a precious charm Alice. He treats you like a trash when you deserve to be treasured, you should be treated like a queen.” He k!$$ed her and got intimate.

The doctor checked Camila and she said Camila’s blood pressure was high. Camila said she was okay but the doctor said no she deserved to be treated.

Vito said Camila had to take care of herself because if it wasn’t for her, who would stab a serial killer to save the entire town of Las Espadas.

With a thread inside the needle, Alice sew her wound as she groaned and cried. She took off her belt as she bled. She passed out in pain. She began hallucinating about Luciano who was calling her his l*ve when the wind blew the curtains.


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