The Killer Bride Episode 5

The Killer Bride Episode 5 Emma is exposed as the demon to kill the people of Las Espadas

“I refuse to stay silence. You have chosen to defend a demon because you were once her l^ver.”

Emma came across the horse which she rode on the other night to the Dela Torre’s mansion.

Luis came there and said the horse was called Valentina, it was Camilla’s horse.

Emma asked him whether he believed Camila killed Javier and said she was proven guilty.

Alice came there and saw Emma. She told her that everyone was waiting for her.

Emma was sent in. She had dinner with the family. She complemented the food, saying it was delicious. Luis said Guada made them prepare her favourite food but she said that was not her favourite.

Luis rephrased his statement and said it was Camila’s favourite food. Emma said it was delicious no wonder it was Camilla’s favourite.

Luis said since she said she grew in Manila she might have tasted that delicacy before.

Emma said she bought food from street eateries to save money. She narrated that she grew up in an orphanage home and when she was 13 years she began to cook in chop bars to gather money to enroll vocational institution.

She said she learnt cosmetologist and hairstyling, later she began to work in a funeral home.

Luciano asked of the name of that funeral home but Guada scolded him for his interrogation.

Luciano told Emma about the Dela Torres family. Luciano said he would give Emma 200,000 pesos for her to leave Las Espadas.

He added some to the money to make it 400,000 pesos but Emma said he was not after the Dela Torre’s money. Luis threatened her that once he stopped acting nice she would regret ever stepping foot in Las Espadas.

“The reason grandfather died was because of you just like how you betrayed me back then.

Are you happy now uncle? Are you happy that grandpa is dead and you finally have the business?

What did you tell grandpa back then, Is this about Camila again, Renato has been dead for years now. It’s been quite too long…Do I have to live on her daughter shadows to?

So what are you saying, do you want Camila to take over your position? Is that it! You put that girl up on the padeistone as if she was not the product of Renato’s betrayal. Renato betrayed us remember, your most favourite son betrayed you.”

That is enough,” Luciano could not take it anymore.

“You have always hated me uncle!” Guada and Alice got there asking what was going on. Already Felipe was there eavesdropping.

“Was that why I died?” Emma began experiencing headache. Felipe approached, he watched them quietly and left.

Emma wanted to go but Guada pleaded with her to pass the night there . She wanted her to stay there and tell her more stories about Camila.

Emma said Guada was saying she l^ved Camila but there was no traces of Camila in the house not even a portrait.

Felipe told Luciano that Emma was a good actress and for a moment he thought he was listening to Camila.

Luciano asked whether he was implying that Emma was working with someone. To Felipe someone who knew more about the family was pulling the strings.

Luciano then said they should uncover the person Emma was working for but Felipe asked him to exercise patience.

He said they needed to know their motive  since it was not about the money. Felipe told Luciano that Camila seemed to think he (Felipe) killed Camila but he said he did not since she died in a prison fire.

Luciano called someone to find more information about Emma Bonaobora. As she got to Dako Paroon. Vito called her and she recalled everything. She called him Vito.

He asked her he heard she was being possessed by Camila. She told him that people say that but she did not know anything about it.

She added that sometimes when she came across objects and certain places some memories which were not hers flash in her mind.

Vito asked her who ordered her to do it but she said no one. When Vito insisted she told him that why did he care since he was also part of those who betrayed Camila.

Manay Ichu interjected that he was part. She added that Camila’s life was ruined right the moment she fell in l^ve with him.

Meanwhile, Luna who was drunk and being driven to the house by Elias saw Vito talking to Emma.

Vito got to a certain dark room full of Camilla’s memories. He hanged the lamp and said sorry to Camila’s pictures.

Vito recalled everything.

Flashback: Vito and Camila’s attorney met in a car and gave him the sketch of the tattoo of the person who attacked her and Javier.

Attorney asked him why he did not want Camila to know she was helping her since she thought he betrayed her.

He went to the plantation to search for a lead to Camila’s omen.

Flashforward: He said sorry that he failed her. Vito indicated that it was not a coincident that her attorney’s death and the prison fire incident happened the same day.

He believed there was a master minder behind all those incidents and promised to find more information about the incident.

At a towns outskirts when the Dela Torres and the Dela Cuestas met, Andres who saw the presence of Emma, Tsoknat and Manay Ichu began to preach to the people of Las Espadas that they needed to do something about Emma’s constant possession of Camila.

Andres stated that Emma would kill the residents if nothing was done immediately to curb Camila’s evil intentions.

Manay Ichu tried stopping him but Andres could not be tamed. Tessa held her husband, Vito.

“I refuse to stay silence. You have chosen to defend a demon because you were once her l^ver,” before Andres could complete his speech blows were punched into his belly.

Emma fled from there and the people of the town kept gossipping about her. Luna scolded Vito for disgracing Tessa, claiming his action confirmed his feelings for Camila.

Elias tailed Emma to offer her a ride but she was scared that Elias would be dragged into her mess.

He sent her to a certain place which she said the place was beautiful. She introduced him to the gardeners working for him.

Emma said she thought she was working for someone not knowing he owned it, adding that he might be rich.

Elias explained that he inherited it and his grandpa invested more into it.

He gave her a sun flower and showed her more flowers including roses and the occasions they were used for.

He served her with ice cream and some edible flowers. Elias narrated that he got interest in flowers due to his mother and she asked whether that was the reason he named his plantation Amelia Flowers and he said yes.

Tessa was upset but hid it when Vito came in. He said sorry for his earlier action and Tessa said she was the only woman in his life.

“Camila is long gone and not even her ghost can take you from my hand,” she embraced him.

At Amelia Flowery garden, Elias told Emma that his godfather played a critical role in his life since he sent him to the best of school in order for him to take over his work but he was interested in his work as a gardener.

He said it was difficult for him to tell him but he gathered courage to tell him. He went on to say that he thought he would be upset but he supported him and invested in the farm.

“I think of him just like he was my father,” Emma asked who was that person and he said Vito Dela Cuesta.

Emma then narrated that Vito came to see her to ask her about the viral video. She said she explained to him that she did not act in that way on her own free will.

Elias then asked if he believed her.


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