The Killer Bride Episode 53 Alice kidnaps Fabio, while Agnes' deeds come to light

The Killer Bride Episode 53

The Killer Bride Episode 53 Alice kidnaps Fabio, while Agnes’ deeds come to light

Camila lied next to Fabio, crying at the hospital. Alice promised Luciano to make Camila more miserable since those she was crying for were all still alive.

In fury, Camila rushed to the safe house where she kept Aurora to inform her that Emma was already dead. Aurora cried.

Meanwhile, Matias kept telling Elias that Camila returned to Las Espadas to take revenge on those who hurt her and would harm him once she found out the truth.

Elias told him to voice out everything he knew for protection. Camila lectured Aurora that if she really l*ved Emma, she would have shun her fears to tell the truth but Aurora kept crying. She realised that Camila was toiling with her emotions.

Camila told her that Emma almost died from the psychopath she was protecting, hence was time for her to talk.

Manay Ichu took care of Emma and told her that Camila stepped out. Emma said she knew Camila was doing something more important than her but Manay Ichu convinced her that she meant the world to Camila.

Agnes had a perfect opportunity to sneak into the office of Camila to go through her documents. She found some pictures which could be of help to her.

Camila compelled Aurora to talk. She said the killer was right infront of her but Camila had failed to notice all her whispers. Camila attacked Aurora to stop her from beating about the bush in order to reveal the person, as the confrontation was getting intense, Vito got there to put Camila under control.

Camila said Aurora knew the truth yet she has remained silent to protect the killer. Camila lamented that she was forced to choose between Emma and Luna. She asked why Luna’s bomb did not explode but Emma’s own did.

She cried that the attack was personal and she almost lost Emma in the process. Vito advised her to go home and get some rest.

Camila threatened her that if she left and Aurora failed to confess to Vito she would send her back to the dark room. She threatened to go to any length just to compel her to talk.

Vito said although he knew it was not the right time but had to tell her that Tessa was planning to leave to America with Luna. Camila asked what Luna said but Vito said he did not know Luna’s decision.

Meanwhile, Emma asked Manay Ichu whether Elias had come to search for her. Manay Ichu asked her if she did not remember that Elias was the one who rescued her and carried her to the hospital.

Elias, however, could not stop thinking about Matias’ confession and the reason he gave to refrain him from getting closer to Emma.

Agnes then called Alice to inform her about the place Camila had kept Aurora. Alice instructed her to get Aurora before she confessed. Agnes insisted that Aurora had kept her mouth shut otherwise Camila had come after them.

Alice told Agnes to do something before their secret come to light. However, Agnes was scared that Camila’s men would see her. Alice did not give a demn, she told her to use her brains.

Elias got to check on Luna. Luna said she was dramatised and wondered who would compel Camila to choose between her and Emma.

She told Elias that she was at the building where Emma got exploded but it seemed Elias did not notice her, all his focus was on Emma.

She said Elias’ expression said it all that he was really in l*ve with Emma. Camila arrived home and lamented to Manay Ichu that first it was her nanny, now it was Emma and Luna and said the act had to stop since she did not want to lose anyone she cared about.

A nurse walked inside Fabio’s ward, she called for help. Fabio’s guard got in and he was injected. The person’s face was revealed as Alice.

Camila was told by her nanny to eat and regain her strength. Camila was still bothered about how event was unfolding and Tsoknat set her mind on something.

Tsoknat said for the killer groom to get Luna involved meant that she knew Luna as Vida and that was an information those who were only close to Camila knew about. Agnes who was eating with them face turned.

Manay Ichu said she did not believe that someone was a mole among them and was betraying them. To get attention off her, Agnes asked Tsoknat if she had not told anyone about it since she had a big mouth. Tsoknat said she might have a big mouth but was not a traitor.

Alice sent Fabio out on a wheel chair, when the hospital security was questioning her she attacked him and went away with Fabio.

As she was riding she called Agnes to kill everyone associated with Camila and laughhed. Elias got to the house of Camila and could not tell the guard that he was searching for Emma.

Emma was standing up and saw Elias leaving so she sneaked out. Camila who was suspecting Agnes heard a similar word or tone that the killer told her being said by Agnes.

Her suspicions grew wild and Agnes also suspected that Camila had suspected her. Both took knives, ready to devour their prey. Agnes came in and told Camila that why was she thinking so much, is it about the last word “relax” that she said which rang the bell.

She confronted Camila that she said her situation had toughen her up but she had been stup!d all along to trust people so easily.

Camila told Agnes that they had been friends since, Agnes laughed and referred to Camila as a dumb kid who thought about friendship that was not real.

A flashback showed Agnes washing and her mother came to call her that Camila was looking for her for them to go for shopping. Agnes said Camila could go for her own shopping, there was no need for her to follow her.

Her mother told her that Camila was a Dela Torre and Agnes should thank God that a Dela Torre wanted to be friends with a farm girl like her.

Agnes blamed Camila for her life as her family thought she was fortunate to be her friend. She said she despised Camila.

Although Camila shop for her and her family yet jealous her. Another flashback scene showed Agnes failing to gain scholarship. She cried, thinking her mother would see her pains and sympathised with her but her mother rather was happy that Agnes did not get the scholarship.

She harshly said Agnes was not brilliant and was just a burden who could not do anything right. She advised her daughter just to be part of Camila’s life since rumours had it that she would inherit Don Jacobo’s plantation. That she believed would make Camila help her out.

Agnes fought her mother when she described her as burden. Agnes cried that she washed dirty laundry of people in the plantation and did everything to provide food for the family yet her mother did not value her. Out of depression she said her mother was rather the burden. Her mother pulled her ears for talking trash to her.

Agnes said all the men were interested in Camila and that got her upset since Camila had favour and roamed with shoulders up high. She said she was trying to be a Dela Cuesta as she was tired of being a farmer’s daughter but Camila ruined that too.

Camila said she was trying to save her but Agnes said she did not need her help since she was in a relationship with Javier and they only had an argument.

It could be recalled that Camila defended Agnes who was molested and was being raped by Javier.

She told Camila that she had outsmarted her and engaged in knife fight with Camila. Agnes said she was smart that was why she kidnapped both children of Camila. Camila laughed it off and told Agnes that she was dumb to think of that and her mother even knew about it.

Agnes recalled her mother calling her worthless and would not amount to anything. Camila called her an Id!ot and pathetic who amount to nothing even when she paraded herself to rich folks. They engaged in a knife fight again and Camila managed to push Agnes.

Manay Ichu sent Tsoknat out and asked her to control herself. A guard told them that Emma had gone out and wanted to inform Camila about it Tsoknat decided to go and inform Camila.

At that time Camila had pushed Agnes down and was up on her, pointing knife on her face, waiting for Agnes to concede defeat and beg her to save her life but Tsoknat ruined the plan as she distracted Camila.

This made Agnes kicked her and held Tsoknat as bait to escape.

The guard who was watching Fabio regained consciousness and called Camila to inform her about the incident.

Camila could not pick since she was ensuring that Agnes did not hurt Tsoknat and called Manay Ichu to step aside. Manay Ichu kept pleading with Agnes not to hurt Tsoknat.

Agnes warned Camila to make her guards step aside. Emma reached Elias’ destination and found him loading flowers. Agnes pushed Tsoknat in when she reached the gate.

Camila ordered her guards to go after Agnes but they could not get her. Emma asked Elias why he did not return to see her. She said she was told he saved her and that was what she recalled.

Elias asked her what she recalled again, she said she called out his name and he heard her and carried her. Elias thought Emma recalled him pleading with her to regain consciousness for them to be together.

Elias told Emma to leave as he was scared that something bad would happen to her. He advised her to go and sleep as Emma turned she recalled those words and told him that she had remembered what he said, that, they should forget the past and move on but Elias denied saying that.

He said Emma might be dreaming. Emma wondered why Elias was backing out from his words. He was about to say something but seeing his father hiding, watching him he stopped.

Camila and Emma were told that something had happened at the hospital. Camila rushed to the hospital and was told by the doctor that some lady disguised herself as a nurse to kidnap Fabio.

She asked of Fabio’s chance of survival, the doctor said it would be a miracle for Fabio to survive after his life support has been taken away from him a month after fallen into coma.

Camila charged Alejandro to search for Fabio as she would not allow him to die.


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