The Killer Bride Episode 54

The Killer Bride Episode 54

The Killer Bride Episode 54 Fabio dies after being knocked by a car 

Camila’s heart started to palpitate after Alice successfully abducted Fabio by disguising as a nurse. Alice dragged Fabio to her safe house to present him to Luciano for them to end his life together in the amid the existence of the killer groom.

Elias cried for breaking up with Emma but Matias lauded him for doing the right thing. Elias admitted it hurts so bad to pathways with Emma.

Camila confirmed that Agnes was not the killer groom but a different woman who in a disguise as a nurse sent Fabio away. Camila requested for a CCTV footage and she watched along with Vito and Alejandro.

Wearing her costume and determined to give Fabio a gruesome murder, Alice opted for a large piercing weapon after aiming a small knife on the eyes of Fabio to pluck it off. She said Fabio had to break a rib for Camila to go mad about his death.

Alice raised her hand and furiously aimed Fabio’s face but to her surprise, Fabio miraculously gained consciousness, blocked her arms, and pushed her away.

There was a local media announcement about the missing Fabio. Elias heard the news and told Aran to call Vito and confirm if Fabio was the one missing.

Emma shed tears and made Camila promise to move the mountains to find Fabio. Agnes told Agot that she was leaving for a while and reminded her not to trust Camila at all cost.

She thanked Agot for being the mother that she never had. A flashback showed Agnes having misunderstanding with her mother and the later got upset that Agnes was telling Agot bad things about her.

In punishing Agnes for her attitude, Agnes turned tables and attacked her mother for referring to her as id!ot. She strangled her mother, pushed her on the table and kept pressing her neck till she died.

Flashforward: Agnes fled from Agot after warning her. Another news broke, informing the public to give a lead on Agnes if anyone found her.

Iking was left heartbroken witnessing that the woman he fell for her was a cunning murderer. Tsoknat said she knew l*ve was blind but Iking should wake up to face the reality.

Manay Ichu added that the character of Agnes depicted the need not to trust anyone.

The chasing game began as Fabio miserably fights for his life. With all the strength he could muster after four months of being in a comatose, Fabio forcibly crawled and dragged his body on the way out of the safe house.

Vito drove Camila and Emma in search of Fabio, they returned to where they started and Vito said Camila had to go home and rest but Camila and Emma objected.

Alice still went after Fabio, laughed watching how Fabio struggled. Camila told Vito that it was time for her to save Fabio since he saved her during the arson in prison. She said she owed her life to him.

Fabio managed to climb up a wheel chair and tried to escape until they reached the streets.

Tension heightened as a tricycle passed by and accidentally hits a fleeing Fabio. Camila cried while Emma starred. Emma recalled Fabio’s assurance of Camila’s l*ve to her as a child.

Rescue seemed to have arrived when the driver made a stop. But the poor man only fell victim to the “killer groom” as well. She killed him, Alice hit Fabio and said he sent his death sentence when he came into Camila’s life.

Alice took advantage of Fabio’s frailness and relentlessly beats him. She got on top of her crippled victim and, using her weapon, scratched Fabio’s chest.

Elias seemed to be having nightmares, he woke up. Meanwhile, Camila told Emma that she needed to have some rest but she screamed that Camila did not know what she wanted.

Alice appeared getting more thrilled seeing Fabio’s determination and will to still fight amid the struggle. The “killer groom” continued to torture Fabio who kept on grunting in pain.

A group of teenagers’ vehicle was shown approaching. Tension escalated as Fabio managed to take a grip of Alice’s hands and take off her mask.

Fabio is now the first one to know that Alice is the “killer groom.”

The approaching car failed to take control and hits both Fabio and Alice. The latter is able to get up and escape while Fabio was lying unconscious.

Vito received a call from Alejandro so Camila and Emma rushed to the hospital. The doctor did not want them to see Fabio since he was working on his report.

Emma was impatient, so Camila pleaded with her to calm down. She told the doctor to allow them to see Fabio. They saw the body of Fabio as he fell to a gruesome death under Alice’s hands.

Camila and Emma drown in anguish upon seeing Fabio’s corpse with the name of “Camila” ruthlessly etched across his chest. They wept bitterly for the demise of Fabio.

Elias and his foster parent saw lantern  passing in the sky alerting them of a passing soul. Alice rode the corpse of her beloved who was in a wheelchair and laughed as she limped.

The police searched the area for the killer bride. Alejandro called Vito to ask of Camila and he told him that Camila was at the morgue. They found the lifeless body of the tricycle rider.

Alice hid when the search for the killer was ongoing.  The killer groom killed others to keep her l*ver.

Meanwhile, Emma lashed out and blamed Camila and herself for the death of Fabio. She said Fabio l*ved her in the manner that Camila couldn’t l*ve her.

Camila recalled the fond memories of Fabio and how he confessed his feelings for her. She cried helplessly as she thought of means to deal with the serial killer.

Emma couldn’t control her heart, she wept and wished to hurt herself for the passing of her father. Manay Ichu advised Emma to be strong since that would be the wish of Fabio.

She accepted to pull herself together to prepare for the send off service of her father. Agnes called Alice to inform her that Camila knew about her and the police was searching for her.

Alice confessed to Agnes that she killed one of the most important person in Camila’s life and felt like celebrating.

Camila in anguished stormed where she kept Aurora, demanding her to expose the serial killer. She brandished a gun to compel her yet Aurora kept her mouth mute.

Camila shot one leg of Aurora but Vito got in between to stop her from finishing her. Alice rode the corpse and prepared to feed it but she experienced some pains within her legs and her hands were injured due to the accident.

Camila warned Aurora for the last to spill the beans otherwise she would shoot her other leg. Knowing Camila was not ready to give up, she revealed that Agnes was the one she was working with but did not know the killer groom.

Camila told her that she was through with Agnes but Aurora insisted she was her accomplice.


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