The Killer Bride Episode 55

The Killer Bride Episode 55

The Killer Bride Episode 55 Fabio finally laid to rest 

Vito pleaded with Camila to spare the life of Aurora due to Emma. Vito told her to put the gun down otherwise she would kill Emma’s mother on the same night that Fabio was killed.

Camila laid down her weapon and charged Vito to send Aurora to hospital and also inform Alejandro about the deeds of Aurora as she would no longer protect her anymore for the multitude who passed away in the arson.

Luna came to see Camila to provide a shoulder for Camila to lean on. As she was talking Emma heard that her mother has been hospitalised and was in the grip of the police.

Camila had no choice than to confess to her about kidnapping Aurora to compel her to talk. Emma got upset and went to see her mother.

Aran and Ingrid advised Elias to console Emma and pleaded with him for being a stumbling block between what he felt for Emma. They said they now knew the truth that Emma was not the bad person but the serial killer.

Elias sent food to his father in his hideout. Aurora woke up to find Emma with her and told her that she never left her but was held as hostage. She said the previous night, Camila got upset and forced to admit to something that she did not know and shot her in the process.

Thinking that those words she uttered would turn Emma’s heart against Camila but Emma stood in rage, telling her that she was just like Camila feeding her head with lies.

She lamented that her father has passed away and she also wanted to know the serial killer. She left Aurora while the later called her.

Elias updated Intoy on what his father had been telling him and Intoy believed Camila would be repulsive just like what Matias was saying.

Emma applied make up on her father’s face to lay him to rest. She kept shedding tears as the tears rolled down from her face even when she tried to control her emotions.

“Papa is the most selfless person I knew. He always puts me and Camila first more than his.” She wept and laid on Fabio.

Later Camila, Tsoknat, Manay Ichu got to the remains at Dako Pa Roon, there Camila cried.

“No matter what he was doing, even when he was thousands miles away he always knew when I needed him,” the voice over of Emma continued.

“And where ever I was I always felt comfort that he is out there, the one person ready to do anything for me anytime I needed it but now he is gone.”

“I didn’t have a home before but you welcomed me with no hesitation, I didn’t have a father but you opened your heart wild open to me.”

Fabio was cremated and his ashes was given to Camila. Camila held it and cried, she then passed it to Emma who also wept bitterly for losing her dear father.

“I love you ‘Pa’ I really don’t know how I am going to live in the world without you.” Both Camila and Emma mourned Fabio but Camila tried to strengthen herself for Emma.

Meanwhile, Elias and Intoy hid behind the walls of Dako Pa Roon. Intoy insisted on Elias to approach Emma as she needed a shoulder to cry on. Elias never wanted to tell Emma lies.

As Camila and Vito left, Emma followed them and saw Elias but she shun him. Antonia cried that Fabio had gone she could not eat her breakfast.

She left while crying but Tessa said Fabio faked his identity and did not understand why Antonia and Luna were mourning for him.

Luna said she should be a little sensitive since Fabio was the partner of her mother. Tessa wondered when Luna saw Camila as her mother.

Camila and Emma booked a flight to Manila to keep the ashes of  Fabio there but a call from Vito changed Camila’s mind to postpone the trip.

Emma did not accept for Fabio to still be the second priority of Camila. She decided to go to Manila for Camila to search for the killer together with Alejandro and Vito.

Elias went to his father to ask him to tell him about the serial killer since rumours stated that Luciano had something to do with the mob killing.

Matias insisted on Elias to leave the town instead of asking questions. He said Elias survived due to his ability in keeping his mouth shut and asked his son to do likewise. Besides, Elias wouldn’t be able to save everyone but himself.

Elias rebuts his father’s stand, wondering where he would be if the people who took him in were as selfish as Matias. He sticks to his courage and opts to put his life on the line for those he cared about rather than hiding like a coward.

Camila said she also cared about Fabio and should not be punished since she was not the enemy. She told Emma that they could not count on anyone as it was left with she and her.

Agot never believed the news of Agnes being a murderer but still blamed Camila. Matias kept thinking about the words of Elias.

Emma prepared for her trip and as she was going, Elias drew closer to her and he asked her how she was. He told himself that it was not an appropriate question to ask but all he wanted to know was how Emma was coping.

Emma told him that she had to leave since she did not want to pass through any rejection again. Emma said she was broken and she went inside her car. Elias also went inside and told her that he was staying with her and would go with her to Manila.

Emma thought it was revenge for her earlier attitude. Elias promised to take care of anything that matters to Emma. She laid her head on his shoulder.

In Manila, Emma kept the ashes of Fabio next to Sharron Serrano, the sister of Fabio. Emma lamented that Fabio would have been heart broken if he got to know that she was the daughter of the woman who burnt and killed his sister. Elias said she was not like her mother.

Camila and the police went inside the building which they had tip off that the killer was hiding. Agnes who was spying on them called her ally to inform her that the police were in there.

Alice said she should keep close eye on them otherwise her body would be displayed in Las Espadas. Vito told Aran that Camila would pass the night at Manay Ichu’s place since Emma left to Manila.

Aran said Elias followed her and was happy that Elias did it. Vito complemented the braveness of Emma and said she was a good person who had passed through a lot just to please Camila.

Iking met Sherina and she told him to stay away from Camila as she was destined to bring sorrow to everyone she was with.

She gave Iking a book that would open his third eye and also help him control it. Iking wanted to do that since he wanted to help the people of Las Espadas due to how Agnes failed him by being a killer.

Sherina told him that the presence of Camila has reawaken the curse in Las Espadas since she fell for the wrong man from the Dela Cuesta family. She said another person would also die.

Elias roamed the Serrano mansion in Manila after he was served with a drink. He smiled at the sight of Emma’s happy photographs with Fabio.

He walked upstairs and hears Emma sobbing alone in her room. Grief and sympathy were seen in Elias’s face as he watched Emma mourning over her Papa. He sat beside her in an attempt to soothe her pain with his comforting presence.

She said she thought she had no tears left but Elias encouraged her to let it all out until she can breath again. Emma’s tears ran endlessly. She thought she had already unleashed all her pain but she never seemed to stop crying. And things were starting become heavier and tiring for her.

She leaned on him while he held Emma’s hands, wrapped her in a warm embrace, and lets her cry on his shoulder.

The next day, Emma woke up on her bed and found out that Elias slept on the floor without letting go of her hands while taking care of her. She examined Elias’s face until Elias woke up to return her gaze.

They drew closer as if they were about to k!ss.


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