The Killer Bride Episode 57 Elias uses Camila as bait to set Matias free from the Killer Groom

The Killer Bride Episode 57

The Killer Bride Episode 57 Elias uses Camila as bait to set Matias free from the Killer Groom

Matias continued to cry out for help in where he was trapped. He hit himself on the door to call on his kidnapper to get him out.

Agnes released a tear gas to make Matias fall unconscious. She revealed her face, saying it was not time for Matias to join the game.

Vito was asked by Elias whether the killer had been found and he said they haven’t but they had a suspect. He explained to Elias that an unknown man left a note about the hideout of the killer which made them had a lead on the killer and where she was hidden.

Elias recalled his father’s letter and was glad that his father did what he promised. Meanwhile, Iking chanted for his third eye to be opened but Emma barged in there which startled Iking.

Vito asked Elias what he murmured, and he said nothing but was sorry for the actions he exhibited after the explosion. He thanked him for taking good care of him, Vito embraced him saying he was the son that he never had.

Camila baked for Luna and was happy, she said it tasted good. Camila asked if she wanted her to teach her how to bake it but Luna said it was like asking her to ride a horse. She did not like to do those stuffs, Camila asked whether she liked to sing, perhaps that would be something she inherited from her dad, Vito but she said a little.

She was not as good in music like her father, Vito who knew how to play instruments and the rest. Camila’s doubts about Luna grew stronger.

Vito got there and apologised for his inability to get there early. Luna had a call and excused them. Camila quickly took Luna’s spoon which she used to taste the banana cake.

Vito saw it and asked her what she was going to do with it, and he did not believe she wanted to conduct a DNA test on Luna.

At Dako Pa Roon, Emma asked Iking what he was doing and he said he wanted to control his third eye. He asked if Emma believed in spirits and she said she did not even though she faked possession.

Iking said he used to not believe in spirits but he now do since he could see them and wanted to find out how possible Camila awoken the curse by falling in love with the Dela Cuesta.

He told Emma that Sherina told him so he wanted to talk to a particular spirits he had been seeing to ask her about it.

He told Emma that  Belinda’s spirit was hanging around Camila and Camila might die. Camila said she wanted to verify whether Aurora told her the truth but she said she had to find out the truth.

Vito said if the DNA test turned out negative Luna’s life would be turned outside down since she now believed she was their daughter but Camila insisted on knowing the truth for them to wake up from their hallucination.

Strange sounds made ways during the dark, an unknown person drew closer. The cover cloth on a corpse was opened and Luciano’s face was shown.

Alice, Guada and Luis visited the police Station and Alice insulted the police for being incompetent in the discharge of their duties. She was so much consumed with fury and attacked Alejandro but Luis held her back.

Alejandro began suspecting her, Alice re-shaped to control herself while she teared down asking her son for forgiveness for her action.

She said Alejandro had made the body of Luciano been publicly ridiculed since he thought Luciano was a monster. Meanwhile Camila was hidden watching them.

Luis was surprised by Alice’s action and said she was not in good relationship with Luciano when he was alive so she was surprised about the actions exhibited.

Alice explained that family was family, so she had to defend her family irrespective of what happened. Guada got emotional about how strong Alice had grown to defend the family. She embraced her and thanked her, but Luis still doubted.

Aurora asked the police whether Emma knew she was being transferred to the police station and when the police left and was alone she took her phone and called Alice.

She gave her update that Camila had kept Luciano’s body, and when she was asked about the location as Aurora was about to answer Camila got there. She wasted time before answering but gave the address to her referring to her as Belladonna.

Alice was furious as hell and promised to crush Camila into pieces and with her bear hand bury her in a grave.

Aurora told Camila that she had done what she requested her to do. A flashback showed that after Camila saw the actions of Alice she ran to Aurora and asked her for her help to prove to everyone that Alice was the killer groom.

Although Aurora didn’t want to admit that Alice was the killer groom, the fear in her eyes betrayed her which made Camila knew it was Alice.

Alice then rode to the location, Meanwhile, Emma couldn’t sleep as what Iking revealed to her kept echoing in her mind during her sleep.

She woke up and saw Fabio next to her , pleading with Emma to help Camila since she had no hand in what happened to him. She insisted on Emma to help her mother, Camila. Emma got to her senses and realised it was a vision.

Elias informed his foster parent about his father and said irrespective of what had happened he had to protect him. Emma walked to Camila’s room to find out that She was not there.

Vito got to where Camila was and Camila was impatient that Alice had still not returned. Vito said Alice had suspected it was a trap. Camila said they needed a new strategy to trap Alice and her involvement with Luciano.

Luna gives up on Elias and calls for a truce

Luna got to Camila’s house to make her taste the cake she baked from her recipe but saw Emma instead. She used the opportunity to say sorry to Emma for fighting with her over Elias.

She said she realised that she was no match to Emma as Elias’ actions he exhibited when the explosion incident happened made her know she was fighting a lost battle.

She promised that, the fight would not happen again and would want to get close to Camila to know her more.

Emma said she was her real daughter and had every right to be with her mother. Luna said she had realised Emma was still mad at her and asked Emma to voice it out.

She told Emma that she was transparent and when she was upset she let it out so Emma should let it out as she was a human. She held Emma’s hand and caressed it.

She patched things with her and asked her that they should be sisters as she would never cause any problem again.

DNA test proves Luna is not Vida

Meanwhile, Camila received the DNA report. She could not go through it so Vito opened the letter and read that Luna was not Vida.

Camila cried, saying they toiled with her heart and it was another attempt to make her die from her emotions. She said they tricked her once again. Vito embraced her while trying to console her.

Elias received a video of Matias being molested and was shocked to see it. Vito asked Camila if she was feeling better. Vito said there was still a hope that Vida was still alive so once Alice was captured the truth would come to light.

Camila pathways with Vito

Camila regretted for taking revenge since that had made many innocent lives passed away. Elias received a call from Alice, the killer groom informing him to do what she was instructing otherwise Matias would end up like Fabio.

Vito told Camila that if she had not returned they wouldn’t know the truth about Luciano and Juan Felipe. Camila still regretted for returning but she admitted that her thoughts about Vito was wrong.

Vito indeed l’ved her and never stopped loving her. She said if it was those times she would have run back into his alms. She pathways with Vito while Vito turned watching her as she walked away in a narrow road which was surrounded by a river.

Elias didn’t know what to do as he drove his car, Alice was also inside a certain car. Camila who was also inside a car saw Elias and made her driver stopped the car.

Elias uses Camila as bait

Camila asked Elias what he was doing there and asked if he had a plan to meet Emma. Camila thanked him for escorting Emma to Manila for her to lay her father to rest.

Suddenly, Elias took a gun from his car and pointed it on Camila, informing her that the killer groom had his father.

A flashback showed that Alice during the call told Elias to check inside his car, he found a gun and he asked Alice why there was a gun inside his car.

She told him to use the gun to threaten Camila and send her to him. Elias screamed in objection but Alice threatened to kill his father if he failed.

She said if he did not want to see a lantern flying in the sky then he should lead Camila to her and should not inform anyone as she wanted to only see Camila and him at the old chapel, Villa Dela Torre where the sorrows of Camila began during the pilot episode of the series.


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