The Killer Bride Episode 6

The Killer Bride Episode 6

The Killer Bride Episode 6 Luna sets a gang to torture Emma 

“Dad if you tell a little lie to catch a liar does that make you a liar too?”

Emma told Elias that no one believed that she was possessed and she asked Elias if he believed her.

Elias recalled what Luna said earlier about Vito having a secret room which he goes there to cry.

Luna indicated that if nothing was done Emma would seduce Vito. Elias told Luna that he never believed in anyone who claimed to be possessed by ghost when Luna thought he was defending Emma for her claim.

He then turned to Emma to tell her he believed in her story. Luciano scolded his investigator who confirmed that everything Emma said about herself was true.

Guada overheard the confrontation and said Luciano should just accept that Emma was telling the truth.

Manay Ichu asked Tsoknat and Iking where Emma was, she later came and told them that Elias went with her to his garden.

Guada warned Luciano that if something happened to Emma she would blame him. Meanwhile, Manay Ichu warned Emma not to get involved with Elias, the Dela Torres or the Dela Cuestas otherwise she would throw her out of Dako Paroon.

As Elias was eating with his parent, Luna came mentioning his name. His father told him to go and see Luna. Luna was drunk and playing music in her car while dancing to it.

Elias’ dad offered to drive her home but she insisted that she wanted Elias to send her home.

She asked Elias why he kept avoiding her while they were inseparable when they were young.

Luna asked Elias to save her from Emma and said she knew Elias liked her but had not noticed it yet for him to ask her to be his girlfriend.

Elias sat her in the car, he then recalled his day with Emma and his words of saying he believed in her words of being possessed by Camila’s spirit.

Before he sat behind the steer, his father asked what he was thinking about.

“Dad if you tell a little lie to catch a liar does that make you a liar too?”

“What I know is son, if there is one thing that you hate then it is dishonesty and deception. ”

“That’s why you don’t need to worry about that. Go back inside and eat,” his father drove Luna home.

Elias watched the skies and the eclipse availed itself. Emma had her nightmare again and woke up.

Manay Ichu also woke up after hearing some unusual sounds.

However, Andres who was chanting with his leaves in his hand heard his phone ringing.

It was revealed that Luciano paid him to humiliate Emma for claiming she was possessed. He promised him a reward if he was able to make Emma leave Las Espadas.

Tsoknat and Emma went to the market and the sellers began to ran with some using some evil expulsion leaves.

Tsoknat asked them why they were treating Emma like an evil monster and they said an evil spirit resided in her.

Emma was compelled to leave the market. When she was heading home, Luna and her squad arrived with their car to surround her.

They made mockery of her and began to maltreat her, pushing her here and there, claiming Emma was a con artist. As they were making fun of her, she got possessed so she got close to Luna, beaming with smiles, gently rolling her hair back.

“How is your father doing Luna?”

“Did he ever told you about me?”

“Did he tell you what a passionate l”ve affair he and Aunt Camila had?”

“Does your mother ever get jealous of me?”

Luna turned mute, consumed with hatred and anger. Her friends shivered about the revelation. They kept their distance as the wind of fear blew around them.

Meanwhile, Andres was busily chanting requesting to know the identity of the witch who was behind the misfortune of his client. He rolled a paper on candle and predicted a man as the culprit.

Manay Ichu arrived and fought him for turning the entire town against Emma. He kept saying that he wanted to secure the people of Las Espadas from the evil girl Manay Ichu was harbouring in her house.

Manay Ichu also told him that both knew he was a scam and was frauding the people of Las Espadas.

He said there were people out there who wanted Emma to leave Las Espadas and were supporting his course.

“And who are those people,” Manay Ichu queried.

Luna slapped Emma and said they would never believe her. Emma asked why she was doing her that while she has done nothing against her.

Luna warned her to leave Las Espadas. One of the guys said they were not done having fun with her.

Elias arrived and asked what was going on. They said they were just making friends with Emma.

Elias went to her defence and drove her to Dako Paroon. She thanked him, however, Elias interjected that she should cut off the act and stop using Camila’s name.

He called her impostor, Emma got upset. Elias said he just played along the other day just to fish out what she wanted to do.

Emma got out of his car and he also descended to go after her. Emma asked if he thought she was enjoying everything that was going on in her life?

“If I have the power to stop this at this instance I would have done it.”

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Elias interjected that she had turned the town against her and asked her if she was doing that to get the Dela Torre fortune.

Emma asked which money did she steal, adding that Guada even asked her to move into the mansion but she refused. For Vito, she said he approached her not otherwise.

As the confrontation was on going, Luis arrived and Elias left. Luis said Guada missed Emma and wanted to meet her but she said she could not go since Manay Ichu has advised her to focus on her job.

Luna went to Elias to scold him for disgracing her Infront of their friends but he said the people were Luna’s friends not his.

Elias admitted that Emma was an imposter but Luna did not have a right to maltreat her.

Luis arrived home to inform Guada that Emma was busy. Guada said he should have been more persuasive.

Luis informed her that Elias was close to her, stressing that Elias was closer to the Dela Cuesta too.

Felipe tried to put ideas in to Guada’s head but she would not fall for it. The family snap a picture together.

Manay Ichu told Emma that she had been having a nightmare about Camila and her presence always made her think Camila was around that was why she wanted to protect her. Something she could not do for Camila when she was alive.

Manay Ichu went to a client transport a corpse. When Argu, a woman who lost a relative saw Emma she said she should inform Camila to reverse the curse on the plantation.

She cried that ever since Camila died a plaque had befallen on Las Espadas. The people tried to calm Argu down but she kept crying that her son did nothing wrong for him to die.

Elsewhere, Vito laid a wreath on Javier’s grave and said the orphanage home which Emma claimed she grew from did not have information about her. He planned to take a trip to the city to investigate more about Emma. He said he felt he was closer to the truth.

Meanwhile, Emma was applying a make up on a corpse with Iking helping her. Later, she could not see anyone with her.

She searched for Iking and a corpse opened his eyes. She went to another room and a casket opened. She saw shadows passing and she ran to tell Camila (portrait) that she wanted peace and would not be able to do her work.

“Please leave me alone already” a voice kept echoing in head to “do it, do it, do it.”

She fled to her room to cover herself but her bed kept shaking, she ran to the window gasping for breath.

Fast forward, she narrated her ordeal to Tsoknat and said Camila wanted her to get closer to the Dela Torres.

“Camila believed that this will help her find answers to her long time quest.”

Intoy kept asking Elias whether Emma was his girlfriend and he said Emma knew he did not trust her.

He told Intoy to follow him to give a flower to one woman in his life. He went to the cemetery, holding the flower. There he met Emma.


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