The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 16-20

The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 16-20

The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 16-20

After the horrendous crime ruins the Estrella del Sur Ladies’ Society Ball, tension arises when the people of Las Espadas discover that Emma is missing.

Raising speculations about her involvement in the crime. Meanwhile, Elias catches sight of a suspicious person after Emma’s disappearance.

Despite Aran and Ingrid’s objection, Elias proceeds to San Lucas De Oro to find Emma before she falls into the hands of her pursuer.

Meanwhile, the Dela Torres seek help from a spiritualist in hopes of locating Emma. Soon, Tatiana gets into a spine-chilling encounter with a terrifying entity.

Camilla commands one of her trusted moles at the Dela Torres’ mansion to find a lead on Emma’s disappearance.

Emma, on the other hand, finds refuge in Elias after her dreadful encounter with the killer bride. However, the two are shocked to the core when Felipe shows up in San Lucas De Oro and endangers Emma’s life.

In a stunning turn of events, a saviour snatches Emma from the jaws of death. Nevertheless, this does not stop Felipe from believing that Emma had a hand in Mr Justino’s murder.

Camila pays Emma a visit at the hospital after that fateful night when the latter was kidnapped. Blinded by her fury, Camila then decides to take matters into her own hands and exacts revenge on Felipe.

Despite his parents’ disapproval, Elias starts to believe the strange occurrences around Las Espadas after encountering a mysterious figure back in San Lucas De Oro.

Emma, meanwhile, tries to prove her innocence by providing a statement to the police.

However, reality bites back as everyone finds out what transpired before the murder happened.

Suffering from public embarrassment, Emma lashes out at Tatiana for spreading her compromising video with Mr Justino.

However, this only compels Tatiana to reveal what transpired between her and Mr Justino. Infuriated by what she learned, Alice chides Felipe for protecting his reputation at the expense of his own sister.

Unknown to them, Ornusa is informing Camila of the turmoil in their household. Wanting to unearth Felipe’s secret, Camila instructs Emma to keep a close watch on the two.

Later, Camila keeps an eye on Felipe’s alleged mistress in hopes of confirming their affair. Soon, she makes a shocking discovery.

Meanwhile, Vito opts to unearth Emma’s involvement in the mind-boggling series of events in Las Espadas.

Bent on finding evidence against Felipe and his alleged mistress, Camila takes matters into her own hands.

Felipe, on the other hand, opts to use a scapegoat in Mr Justino’s death to conceal his dirty little secret.

However, he gets shocked to the core when his controversial video spreads like wildfire. This sparks an altercation between him and Alice.

Meanwhile, Vito confronts the alleged culprit behind the leakage of Felipe’s embarrassing video.

After witnessing the impact of Felipe’s controversial video on Luis, Emma confronts Camila for exposing the wicked mayor’s affair.

Plagued by guilt, Emma expresses disapproval of her foster mother’s unjust actions against the Dela Torre’s.

She soon finds herself torn between her moral principles and her debt of gratitude to Camila. Wanting to find tranquility amid the turmoil in Lad Espadas, Emma makes an unexpected decision.

Meanwhile, Felipe is in hot water following the leakage of his humiliating video. Burdened by turmoil in Las Espadas, Emma decides to come with Elias to Buena Tierra.

While patiently waiting for Emma, Luis receives a proposal from an unlikely person. After hearing an urgent voicemail from his adopted daughter, Fabio immediately confronts Camila about what is happening.

At the Dela Cuesta households, Tessa continues to be bothered by Vito’s erratic behaviour.

Elsewhere, Felipe is determined to find out the culprit who ruined his reputation.


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