The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 21-25

The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 21-25

The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 21-25 Juan Felipe in hot waters while the Killer Bride disturbs Las Espadas

At Buena Tierra’s festival, Emma and Elias show off their skills in different game booths. Unfortunately, their fun evening is cut short when they cross paths with someone from Emma’s past.

Elsewhere, Marvin gets haunted by a woman in white. Emma freezes in terror as strange memories from her time in a cave invade her mind.

After leaving Buena Tierra, she decides to visit Andres at a psychiatric clinic with Elias. She asks him about the time he got lost in a forest, hoping to learn more about her own supposed hallucinations.

Upon learning about Emma’s whereabouts, Fabio decides to delay his work schedule to travel back to the Philippines.

Because of this, Emma rushes to Manila with Camila, leaving Manay Ichu puzzled with her sudden departure.

Meanwhile, Ivan tries to convince Felipe to publicise their relationship. Felipe, however, has something different in mind to protect his reputation.

Elsewhere, Vito informs Alejandro of his suspicions on Felipe’s scandal and Mr Justino’s murder.

Due to Emma’s sudden departure, Elias grows worried that his confession was the reason behind it.

As Fabio takes his leave for Manila, Camila and Emma make their return to Las Espadas. Upon their arrival, Camila makes it a job to keep an eye on Elias and his activities.

Meanwhile, Felipe’s facade begins to crumble under the pressure of his worsening reputation in town.

In the aftermath of her nightmare, Camila finds herself distressed as her memories begin to eat away at her.

Meanwhile, Fabio asks Camila about Emma’s whereabouts. Camila, on the other hand, orders her private investigator to tail Marvin.

Luna’s mood immediately turns sour upon learning about Emma’s return to Las Espadas. Elias on the other hand, is overjoyed after finding out that his dear friend is back in town.

Meanwhile, Luciano scolds Felipe for lashing out at Marvin’s family. Afterward, Alejandro pays the Las Espadas mayor a visit to confront him on his possible involvement in Marvin’s disappearance.

Elsewhere, Emma gets shaken to the core when she comes face-to-face with an unexpected visitor.

Fabio leaves Emma speechless with his sudden visit to Manay Ichu’s funeral home.
Camila stops him before he could take their adopted daughter away from Las Espadas.

After a heated argument, the two make Emma decide if she wants to come with Fabio or continue her adoptive mother’s revenge plan.

Meanwhile, Luis tries to convince Alice to leave with him and escape their family’s problems. Elsewhere,Luna gives Elias a warning about Emma.

Despite Camila’s disapproval, Fabio remains adamant about staying in Las Espadas for Emma. Emma, on the other hand, is overjoyed upon learning that his adoptive father decided to help with Camila’s revenge plan.

Camila soon briefs them on the information she gathered about the Dela Torres and Vito’s secret room.

Following Guada’s wishes, Alice surprises Felipe at one of his events. Later on, Emma receives a sweet surprise from Elias.

Despite Elias’ sweet surprise, Emma makes it clear that she only wants to be friends. Soon after, Emma’s simple lunch out with the Dela Torres turns into disaster when Marvin’s family barges into the restaurant.

Luciano trades punches with Marvin’s brother, while Emma protects Alice at her own expense. Elsewhere, Camila takes Fabio to her birthplace, dropping revelations about her mother’s death.

Later on, Fabio finds a way to infiltrate the Dela Cuestas. While rejoicing over Felipe’s ordeal, Camila learns that Fabio managed to penetrate into the Dela Cuestas.

Soon, she shows her rage on her partner for interfering in her revenge plans. Meanwhile, Tsoknat comes across an important detail regarding Emma.

She then informs Elias about it and decides to throw a surprise for the young lady. Elsewhere, Antonia gets starstruck upon meeting her new family driver.

With her parents and friends in attendance, Luna announces that she is the new owner of The Killer Café.

However, seeing the man she l*ves acting sweet to another woman on what is supposed to be her night gets her riled up and pushed her to spoil Emma and Elias’ fun celebration.

When her act fails, Luna resorts to challenging Emma in the hopes of humiliating the latter in front of everyone.

Meanwhile, Fabio decides to spy on his adopted daughter. Elsewhere, Ivan is spooked to the core upon receiving a mysterious package.

After celebrating her fake birthday, Emma expresses to Fabio how guilty she feels about lying to her friends.

She then tries to evade Camila’s questions as she recalls Elias’ encounter with a woman in white.

Meanwhile, Fabio finds a way to sneak into Vito’s secret room. There, he discovers the information Vito gathered on Camila’s case.

Elsewhere, Emma catches Mario and his friends plotting against Mildred. Despite Tsoknat’s disapproval, Emma puts a stop to Mario and his friends’ plans of humiliating Mildred.

Mildred’s interrogation against her friends is cut short when a killer bride chases after them. Meanwhile, Fabio returns to Vito’s secret room.


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