The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 26-30

The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 26-30

The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 26-30

The killer bride slaughters people of Las Espadas

After Mildred’s interrogation against her friends is cut short when a killer bride chases after them, Fabio returns to Vito’s secret room.

Camila, on the other hand learns about Felipe’s devious plans. At Las Espadas‘ police station, Alejandro receives multiple reports about a killer bride wreaking havoc at the streets of their small town.

After surviving a terrifying night, Luna attends the funeral of Benjamin with her friends. She clings to Elias for comfort as she mourns the untimely death of her close friend.

Meanwhile, Fabio informs Emma about Camila’s encounter with a killer bride. Because of this, Emma becomes determined to catch the culprit behind the recent attacks at Las Espadas.

Antonia reveals to Edmundo a secret about Javier’s death. As panic takes over Las Espadas, Juan Felipe decides to reinforce a curfew in order to protect his subordinates from the killer bride.

However, the mayor resorts to using violence in carrying out the law. Meanwhile, Emma worries that she might not be able to protect Elias from the killer bride.

Elias, on the other hand, discloses to Vito that Emma is speculating that Juan Felipe is behind the killer bride attacks happening in their municipality.

Later on, Vito starts to pay more attention to Edmundo as he tries to confirm his suspicions.

After laying Benjamin to rest, Luna and her peers decide to celebrate the memory of their late friend.

Meanwhile, Juan Felipe explains to Luis and Luciano why he orchestrated the killer bride attacks in Las Espadas.

Ivan, on the other hand, finds himself in danger as he makes efforts to stop his lover’s wrongful acts.

Elsewhere, Vito discovers an important piece of information regarding Javier’s death. Later, another killer bride roams streets of Las Espadas, inciting outrage on its residents.

After watching Ivan die, Juan Felipe vows to seek vengeance against the people involved in his lover’s death.

He orders his men to hunt down the individuals who beat his lover up in the streets of Las Espadas.

Meanwhile, Elias tells Emma about the plant expert, unaware of the danger that lies ahead. Later, Juan Felipe receives a tip about the person who orchestrated Ivan’s demise.

Fearing for her adopted daughter’s life, Camila rushes to save Emma from Juan Felipe. This puts her life in jeopardy after successfully keeping Emma safe from the mayor’s gunshots.

Meanwhile, Elias and Manay Ichu seek the police’s help as they panic over Emma’s sudden disappearance.

Elsewhere, the Dela Torres learn about Juan Felipe’s accusations against Emma. Later, Camila gets haunted by lady in white.

Camila finally regains consciousness after her operation. Despite her doctor’s disapproval, she insists on recovering in the safety of her own home.

Meanwhile, Elias and Luis decide to work together to find Emma. Manay Ichu on the other hand, decides to rummage through Emma’s stuff in hopes of finding clues to the young lady’s whereabouts.

Blaming himself for failing to protect his family, Fabio takes action to ensure the safety of Emma and Camila.

Camila admonishes Fabio for missing the opportunity to interrogate Juan Felipe on his crimes before setting him free.

The mayor then meets the unbelieving eyes of his family after he named the culprit of the attack against him.

Meanwhile, Tsoknat lends Manay Ichu a helping hand as she tries to locate Emma . Elias on the others hand, becomes dismayed over people’s apathy toward Emma’s disappearance.

Wanting to exact revenge for Ivan, Juan Felipe later goes to desperate to make Emma come out of hiding.

With Fabio and Camila’s help, Emma gets one step ahead of Juan Felipe. Carrying out their plans, Emma saves Manay Ichu and her friends and manages to lead the mayor to her adoptive mother’s clutches.

Taking advantage of his vulnerable state, Camila then plays with Juan Felipe’s mind to force him to confess his crimes.

Backed into a corner, Juan Felipe makes a hasty decision. Elsewhere, the Dela Torres are shaken to the core when they get wind of some shocking news.

Luciano’s devious plans against Camila slowly unfolds. He recalls how he plotted his niece’s demise after Jacobo declared Camila as his successor.

Meanwhile, Emma finalises her response to Elias’ courtship. Camila, on the other hand, learns why she encountered Javier before he was murdered.

Soon, Vito and Emma get summoned by the acting mayor. Despite her good intentions, Mariana’s speech as the acting mayor of Las Espadas causes a stir among its residents.

Fulfilling Luciano’s request, Emma visits the Dela Torre’s home to comfort Guada and Alice.

Elias on the other hand, spends his day drinking away his frustration over Emma’s rejection.

Meanwhile, Luna struggles to sleep as the events before Benjamin’s death haunt her. Later, Camila finds a way to infiltrate the Dela Cuestas’ home.


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