The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 31-35

The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 31-35

The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 31-35 Vito discovers that Camila is alive 

Fabio distracts Vito as Camila infiltrates her former lover’s secret room. There, she discovers Attorney De Leon’s last whereabouts before her untimely death.

Meanwhile, Luna takes an extra dose of sleeping pills as she struggles with her insomnia.

Unsatisfied with its effects, she heads to her father’s secret room and encounters an unknown woman.

Elsewhere, Vito sneaks into Edmundo’s last-known location. Vito remains doubtful that Camila was the woman whom Luna saw in his secret room.

Meanwhile, Luna approaches Emma in order to be enlightened on her alleged dreams of the infamous killer bride.

Having enough of his sufferings, Andres calls Manay Ichu to inform her of his real state inside the psychiatric clinic.

Soon Manay Ichu receives some bad news about her brother. Fabio on the other hand, becomes determined to clarify what really happened to Emma inside the cave.

Emma and Luna end up in precarious situation in the hospital’s restricted section. In the aftermath of their distressing experience, both women find themselves traumatised.

Soon after, Fabio discovers a shocking piece of information regarding Emma’s incident in the cave. Meanwhile, Camila has a close brush with Vito as he returns to the old chapel.

Elsewhere, Andres comes face-to-face with his worst fears. The story behind Agnes taking on the mantle of the killer bride unfolds.

Meanwhile, Camila struggles to accept Fabio’s discovery about Vito. But despite her hesitation, Fabio remains driven to grill Vito on his involvement in Emma’s kidnapping.

Frustrated with the tension between Elias and Emma, Luna questions the two of them on the nature of their complicated relationship.

Behind the scenes, Luciano continues to sow chaos for both the Dela Cuestas and the Dela Torres.

Vito and Fabio are at eachother’s throats as the the two demand answers from one another. Meanwhile, Camila arrived at the scene in order to rescue Fabio.

In a twist of fate, the two former lovers finally meet face-to-face after years of no contact. However, their reunion is married by a deadly misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, Emma decides to follow after her adoptive parents as she grows worried for their safety.

Camila puts a stop to the tense standoff between Vito and Fabio when she realised something amiss.

After their successful escape, Camila finally let’s down her emotional walls and unleashes all the hatred she has been harbouring over Vito through the years.

Despite this, he tirelessly offers his help in hopes of reaching out to his former l*ver that he long thought dead.

With Camila’s secret out, the foundations of Emma’s family slowly start to crumble. Elsewhere, Luciano begins to plant the seeds of his plot.

Manay Ichu is in distress after learning that Emma gone missing. Upon seeing a letter from Emma, Manay Ichu storms to the Dela Torre’s mansion and points accusing finger at Luciano.

The alleged suspect, on the other hand, receives criticisms from his family following Manay Ichu’s accusations.

Stumbling upon suspicious evidence against him, Luciano tries to find a way to prove his innocence.

Meanwhile, Camila plots the downfall of her enemies with the help of a beloved. Camila and Fabio hatch up a plot to discover the mastermind  behind their long history of problems.

Meanwhile, the employees of Dako Paroon grow increasingly worried about Emma. Desperate to learn where she has gone to, Elias heads to Manila hoping to find answers.

At the Dela Cuesta mansion, Vito’s frequent time away from his family brings about turmoil in the household.


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