The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 51-55 Emma blames Camila over Fabio's death

The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 51-55

The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 51-55 Emma and Luna hold as captives, Fabio dies 

In her quest of identifying the killer groom, Camila locks up one of Luciano’s former accomplices without informing Emma.

Determined to stake her claim to Elias, Luna tries to use Camila against Emma. Meanwhile, Luis begins to grow suspicious of Alice’s late night trips.

Alice, on the other hand, sets her sights on getting rid of a thorn in her side. Camila tries to mend the relationship between Emma and Luna by asking Emma to stay away from Elias.

However, Emma struggles to give in to Camila’s request. As the town continues to heal from the pain of the recent tragedy, the people of Las Espadas gather at the plaza to celebrate Christmas.

However, Iking makes a horrifying discovery that could disturb the short lived-peace in Las Espadas.

Emma immediately leaves Camila following their argument. Noticing that Emma is in distress, Alice offers to give her a lift. Struggling to accept that she is Camila’s daughter, Vida walks out on Vito.

Later, Camila becomes extremely worried when Emma and Luna suddenly turn up missing.

Camila faces a tough decision as she rushes to save both Emma and Luna whose lives are under threat in two different locations.

Aware that she only has time to save one of her daughters, Camila tries her best to reach Emma. However, the abductor prepares an unexpected twist to make sure that Camila’s night ends in tragedy.

Vito comforts Camila as she gets eaten up with guilt for putting Luna’s and Emma’s lives in jeopardy. Elias, on the other hand, learns who framed Camila for Javier’s death.

Elsewhere, Alice plots to use Emma in her quest for vengeance against Camila. Camila is overjoyed to learn that Emma survived from the bomb explosion.

Showing no signs of slowing down in her pursuit of her unknown opponent, Camila tries to squeeze the truth out of Aurora. Knowing that his son wants to stay in Las Espadas, Matias urges Elias to stay away from Emma and her adoptive mother.

Aurora’s ominous warning starts to make Camila suspects that one of her closest allies is working for the killer groom.

Determined to avenge Luciano’s death, Alice abducts one of Camila’s loved ones. Matias warns Elias against getting involved with Emma.

Camila becomes extremely worried upon learning that Fabio was abducted. Alice brings Fabio to her lair. Camila and Vito view the surveillance footage of Fabio’s abduction.

Alice tries to stab Fabio’s eye. Fabio wakes up just in time to thwart Alice’s attack. After knocking the killer groom unconscious, Fabio tries to escape in spite of his injuries.

Camila promises Emma that she would find Fabio. The killer groom continues her relentless pursuit of Fabio. Camila and Emma refuse to give their search for Fabio.

Fabio pounces on the opportunity to escape from the killer groom. Fabio collides with a vehicle as he tries to escape from the killer groom.

After stabbing the tricycle driver to death, the killer groom inflicts pain on Fabio. The killer groom tears Fabio’s shirt open. Elias wakes up from a nightmare.

A car runs over Fabio and severely wounded Fabio. Camila and Emma weep over the sight of Fabio’s lifeless body. Regretting her decision to stay in Las Espadas, Emma blames Camila for Fabio’s death.

Camila tearfully recalls how Fabio took care of her after he helped her escape from the burning prison.

Camila and Emma pay their last respects to Fabio. Much to Camila’s dismay, Emma remains adamant in prioritising her plans of laying Fabio to rest over pursuing a possible lead on her adoptive father’s killer.

Meanwhile, Elias comes up with a way to comfort Emma as she mourns Fabio’s death. Elias accompanies Emma as she brings Fabio’s remains to his final resting place.

Camila and Vito pursue a lead that might point them to the killer groom’s possible whereabouts. Iking receives a dire warning about Camila as Luis makes a shocking discovery regarding Alice’s past.


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