The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 6-10

The Killer Bride Highlights Episode 6-10

Hoping to make up for her offenses against Camila, Guada makes a generous offer to Emma.

Believing that Emma’s actions are a sham, Luciano and Felipe make plans to find out more about her intentions.

Meanwhile, Vito decides to finally contact Emma. However, after a chilly reception, he ends up facing painful memories of his time with Camila.

Conflicted about aiding the vengeful spirit haunting her, Emma’s problems worsen following another unexpected incident.

Vito faces his family’s disappointment after trying to defend Emma from Andres. Meanwhile, Elias makes an effort to cheer the young woman up after her ordeal.

In the time they spend together, he finds his initial beliefs slowly being challenged. Hoping to protect the young Bonaobra from further humiliation, Manay Ichu lays down some rules.

Emma clashes with Elias as he coaxes her into cutting finds herself getting curious about Camila’s curse after a mourning resident blames it for her son’s demise.

Manay Ichu then makes a promise to the young Bonaobra that what happened to Camila will not happen again to her.

Traumatised by Camila’s ghost, Emma makes a questionable decision in order to stop the vengeful woman from taking over her.

Despite their recent argument, Elias and Emma keep crossing paths. Soon after, as the young Bonaobra makes efforts to avoid contact with the killer Bride, she ends up running into Mildred who extends an invitation as an apology for Luna’s behaviour.

However, the get-together leads to a tragedy due to what was supposed to be a harmless prank.

The accident then becomes the driving force for Elias to bare his heart in order to make Emma admit that her act is a farce.

The news of Manolo’s injury scandalises the residents of Las Espadas and field their fears against the killer bride.

Meanwhile, Vito discovers the truth of what happened but causes problems in the Dela Cuesta households when he decides to confront Luna.

The following morning, Andres and his followers clamor for Emma to answer for her alleged crime.

As Manay Ichu struggles to get a handle on the situation, she ends up asking help from an unlikely person.

Soon, Emma’s fears push her to consider a dangerous proposition. Hoping to rid herself of Camila’s hold, Emma subject herself to Andres’ unorthodox exorcism ritual.

But before his methods worsen, she manages to be rescued in the nick of time. Elsewhere, Vito continues his investigations on the young Bonaobra.

As Las Espadas is caught up in the controversy about the Killer Bride, an individual makes a shocking reappearance.

As Camila and Emma plan out the next stage of their scheme, Camila relays the story of her past to her protege.

After her rescue from the deadly prison fire by a familiar face, she struggled to accept her fate. But when she is reminded of her tainted reputation, she grows horrified when she learns of her saviour’s line of work.

Camila seeks the help of Emma in finding the real culprit behind Javier’s death. As she carefully plans her revenge, Camila trains her apprentice on how to toughen up.

Back when she was starting a new life, Camila is pushed to enter a dirty world. After being maltreated by the gang leader for her poor performance, she takes a stand to turn her life around.

Wanting to restore order in the Dela Torres’ plantation, Guada takes Emma on a tour around the area. This, however, only evokes Emma’s memories of her first meeting with Camila.

Camila, on the other hand goes to Lead Espadas to visit Jacobo’s grave. There, she crossed paths with a familiar face who brings back painful memories of her past.

Meanwhile, Vito shows no signs of slowing down in his pursuit of the person behind Emma’s shocking statements.

Emma recollects how Camila saved her from her poverty-stricken life. Back at the Dela Torres’ plantation, Emma rebukes Luciano for his cruel treatment toward the farmers.

Soon, a familiar being evokes the young lady’s memories of her training under Camila. Later, Emma visits Manolo, who makes a revelation that leaves her dumbstruck.


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