The Killer Bride vrs the killer groom: Events leading to Alice's death

The Killer Bride vrs the killer groom: Events leading to Alice’s death

The Killer Bride vrs the killer groom: Events leading to Alice’s death

Camila is the last person to fall prey to the killer groom, Alice’s killing spree by dying through a bullet that pierced her chest from Agnes.

Yet, Camila is in denial as she watches her loved ones weep at her remains in the hospital’s morgue. Her soul screams endlessly, albeit, unheard.

Camila’s funeral

At Dako Pa Roon, Emma turns down the idea of doing her foster mother’s mortuary make-up. The task is handed to Iking instead. While prepping Camila’s lifeless body, Iking feels a strange and eerie gush of wind around him suggesting the presence of a spirit.

Iking tells Manay Ichu that Camila’s soul remains restless and is still wandering. He relays his encounter with Camila at the morgue where he saw the late Dela Torre’s soul bursting in wrath.

However, Manay Ichu brushes off Iking’s narrative and pleads him to give Camila a peaceful rest by not making up ghostly stories about her. Iking nods to his Aunt’s request but only to catch Camila’s corpse suddenly open its eyes.

Camila’s remains are immediately laid to rest. During the interment ceremonies, Manay Ichu delivers a eulogy where she vouches for the pure loving heart that Camila had amid everyone’s unfair and grievous behaviour. The attendees expect Emma to stand up and give a short message as well but the poor girl is still drowning in pain and anger.

Meanwhile, Matias’ remains are laid to his final rest as well.

Camila’s spirit haunts Alice

Camila’s restless soul starts to haunt those who wronged her. And her first victim is Agnes who, out of fear, jumped out of a window and died. Next, Camila haunts Alice in the cemetery.

Alice is about to take Camila’s corpse from the Dela Torre mausoleum when she sees pieces of flying lanterns heading towards her. Alice gets a strange feeling of a supernatural experience.

Her attempted escape is blocked by the appearance of the souls of those she morbidly killed – Ornusa, Rico, and Yen.

The fearless “killer groom” is evidently terrified with the sight of Camila’s soul chasing her. Alice learns that Camila was the one who finished Agnes off and then runs away to save her own life.

Alice is hit by a passing vehicle. But she manages to get up and tries to fire her bullets at Camila. Yet, her defense seems a no match to a ghostly spirit who can run ahead of her. Until she figures that she couldn’t be touched by a dead person. Alice reacts with a snicker to mock Camila. Camila then screams and vanishes away.

Meanwhile, at Dako Pa Roon, Emma remains consumed by anger. She opens the door to her closet and takes out a gun. Elias knocks on her room, forcing her to hide the weapon back.

Elias soothes Emma’s pain by assuring her that Alice would soon pay for all her crime. However, Emma displays weariness and says she’s tired of waiting for justice to prevail on its own. She expresses readiness to exact revenge the way Camila did before.

Camila’s spirit gatecrash Luis birthday

Camila uses Emma’s body as a vessel for getting back at Alice. Possessed by Camila’s spirit, Emma surprises everyone at the Villa Dela Torre in the middle of Luis’ birthday celebration.

The Dela Torre family, sans Alice pleads Emma to leave before the commotion gets worse. But, speaking like Camila, Emma insists that she would stay to meet Alice and then takes out a gun.

A series of supernatural events starts to happen – tables and chairs fly around, lights blink on and off, screeching noise, hanging objects falling off on their own – all due to Camila’s demonic control. Emma orders her Lola Guada to escape and get inside the house instead.

The scene continues inside the mansion. Emma, still under Camila’s control, scares a defenseless Tatiana and points the gun at her then, back at Luis who she assumes is also an accomplice. Emma notes that Luis doesn’t seem surprise upon knowing about his mother’s crime.

Emma senses that Alice is hiding behind a wall. But even until the end, Alice is determined to conceal the truth and act innocent. Until Emma threatens her of burning down Luciano’s corpse. The mention of Luciano’s name triggers Alice’s insanity and wrath.

Alice finally faces Emma who she knows is possessed by her greatest nemesis. Out of anger, Alice slips out on killing Camila and about her secret affair with Luciano.

She boldly claims that the Dela Torre family wouldn’t be where they are today if not for her. And she declares that she doesn’t need them anymore, not even her son, Luis who she calls a poor guy simply because he is a son of Juan Felipe and not of Luciano.

This comes out despite Luis’s evident concern and demand to have Alice undergo medication. Emma smirks in content until Camila’s soul appears in front of the Dela Torres. Finally, the Dela Torres witness Alice’s true colours and are now convinced that Camila is still around.

Elias rushes to the Villa Dela Torre to stop Emma. He continually bangs the mansion’s door, distracting Emma and giving Alice the chance to run away.

Still, Camila’s vengeful ghoul is too powerful to just let anyone stop her. Camila haunts Alice. Doors slam closed and lights flicker, until Alice is trapped inside a room. Just by using her mind akin to a psychokinetic power, Camila levitates Alice and strangles her to death.

Elias enters the scene and pleads Emma to fight Camila’s control over her physical body. Tension escalates and emotions run high in the midst of the demonic possession. Elias pleads Camila to stop the killings while urging Emma to resist Camila’s soul.

The restless soul’s wrath gives her the ability to create supernatural incidents such as using demonic powers to harm Alice until she passes out.

Elias tries his best to save Emma, enlightens her, and pleads her to repel the entity consuming her body.

Emma, on the other hand, tries her best to let go of Camila but the ghoul holds too much power. Left without a choice, Elias runs away.

Later, Emma feels disoriented trying to repel the entity. She searches Elias for help. Due to Elias’s persistence, Emma struggles against Camila until she manages to completely drive the spirit out of her body.

Camila screams out in disbelief and voices out her anger. Proving that Elias is her kryptonite, Emma listens to him and struggles against Camila until she successfully drives the spirit away.

Emma’s Promise to Camila

Camila’s fury echoes around the Dela Torre mansion as she screams out in disbelief and resentment while knocking at Emma’s conscience. Emma acknowledges her promise to help Camila but she knows she can’t let her die with hatred.

The best thing she could do is to let Camila leave in peace and to look for Vida on her behalf. Emma reminds Camila of who she really is – she is her “mother” and Emma hopes that, that would be enough for that moment, almost begging Camila to let her be the cure to the wound that Vida left.

Emma is Vida

Vito enters the scene and drops the revelation that Camila has long been dying to know – Emma is Vida, their daughter. Vito says Camila has no reasons to look for Vida anymore because they have always had each other. She has always protected her daughter in any way she could.

The scene then becomes more enveloped in intense heartache and sorrow as Camila slowly walks towards Emma and, for the first time, calls her as Vida.

Remorse bursts through Camila’s tears as she gently cups Emma’s face while expressing her regret for wasting the years they had together. An emotional Camila says she should have not let her anger and vengeful desires stand in the way.

She regrets coating Emma’s heart with the same amount of grudge she held on to. Camila begs for Emma’s forgiveness.

Emma soothes her Mama’s pain with love – the unadulterated kind she’s always been known for. Emma believes that everything they had was more than enough to repair Camila’s broken heart. Everything she owns and all that she has become were because of Camila’s l*ve. Emma tells Camila to rest her heart.

The truth about Emma’s identity only diminishes Camila’s willingness to face her fate. How could she go now that her beloved daughter would be left without anyone? Vito gives the answer, making a promise to look after Emma if she would let him to.

Camila touches Vito’s arm with reluctance thinking that she won’t be able to do so.  They share a light embrace. Camila hopes that Vito and Emma would treat each other as family even without her by their sides.

Camila bids Emma farewell

Camila then bids her final farewell to Emma, telling her to refrain from living a life full of anger. She imparts an important lesson on listening to the heart’s desire and choosing love instead of hate and regrets.

She then glances at Elias as though giving him the right to take care of Emma on her behalf. Elias’s lips stretches a little while tears flow in his eyes. Camila and Emma embrace each other until the once restless soul vanishes away. Emma screams her Mama’s name.

Meanwhile, Alice regains consciousness, arrives in the scene, and points her gun at Emma. Vito blocks his daughter and receives the bullet. Elias and Emma tremble in fear while trying to beg Alice to spare them.

The arrival of Juan Felipe & The death of Alice

Juan Felipe shows up behind Alice and they struggle against each other. Alice takes the upper hand and is about to shoot at her victims once again when Luis surprisingly fires at her.

Alice is about to get back at her own son, forcing him to finish her off. While tearing up and saying sorry, Luis holds his mom in his arms. Alice delicately brushes Luis’s face before taking her final breath.


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