The Law Of Revenge Episode 11

The Law Of Revenge Episode 11 Caesar embezzles funds of Ceñidoza, Ramon donates blood to save Jacob’s life

Marissa did a presentation to win a renowned furniture company that Ceñidoza pearls wanted to partner to use quality pearls to complement their designs. It was tough for them as one of the executives of the furniture company saw Ceñidoza as no match to his outfit.

Gabriel was astonished as to how his partner, Marissa managed to convince the executives of the furniture company. Gabriel proposed a celebration and Marissa said they deserved to celebrate so they agreed on a dinner which Ellice was invited.

The workers who witnessed the two happy began their gossip. In the house, Lucing used something believed to be a charm to protect the children from evil eyes. Ellice layed the children side by side for them to bond as siblings. Heidi arrived when Gelo was watering flowers and gave him a gift since she had a high score after teaching her the mathematics assignment. Gelo took pictures with Heidi and were happy as they ate the ice-cream which Heidi bought.

Caesar showed his face in Ceñidoza to speed things up since Marissa was slowing down things. Later, Marissa and Ellice had the dinner but Gabriel couldn’t show up and he called Marissa to inform her. This got Ellice jealous as she wondered why her husband failed to call her instead.

In the house, Lucing complemented how Ellice had been able to become a good mother and has learnt so quick to care for her baby. Marissa in fury said it was because she was helping her in the company. The next day, Heidi was coming out from school with her friend when Gelo appeared from nowhere with food that he claimed to be Heidi’s favourite. Heidi’s friend asked whether the guy was her admirer and she denied and claimed not to know Gelo.

Caesar dropped by Marissa’s office to inform her that he had already transferred money from Pearls of Ceñidoza into their Ponzi business. Marissa told him that he was on his own should anything happened. The next day, Marissa was so upset with what Caesar was doing for being a torn in her flesh out of jealousy. She called Gabriel but Ellice saw the call and failed to inform her husband since it was weekend.

Marissa then called Ellice’s phone and her friend picked it. Marissa told Ellice that she wanted to speak to Gabriel on an urgent matter concerning the company’s finances. She gave the phone to Gabriel and Gabriel gave Hope who he was feeding to Ellice as he talked with Marissa.

Elsewhere, Gelo uploaded the pictures he took with Heidi on social media and also tagged her. Heidi got upset and messaged him to delete the photos. Gabriel left home in a hurry to have an emergency financial meeting at the office. Since he could not eat his breakfast, Ellice packaged the food for him to send to the office.

There, Caesar who was working against Marissa sent the documents of the financial anomalies to Gabriel and told him not to engage the chief finance officer at the office. Gabriel was so surprised since he had already been told there was no problem in the company’s finances. Soon, it was the wedding anniversary of Ellice and Gabriel so she made a reservation for that evening.

At work, Caesar tried to sabotage the one in charge of Ceñidoza finances when he secretly arranged a meeting with Gabriel and auditor who discovered that 25million representing 25per cent of Ceñidoza company’s annual sales had been transferred to an unknown account. Caesar asked Gabriel to trust him since he would not sleep till they found the culprit and reminded Gabriel not to inform the chief finance officer.

Marissa’s son ran a fever and he began bleeding so he rushed Jacob to the hospital. Jacob needed a blood transfusion and his blood type AB- was not available in the clinic’s blood bank. She called Gabriel and Ellice who saw the call switched off her husband’s phone as she was not ready to allow Marissa to steal her husband’s attention from her. She and Gabriel had a quality time together during their outing.

Gabriel gave her a gift he specially ordered from Ceñidoza designers and Ellice l0ved it. Marissa was weeping without wearing any slippers and in her night gown. She was devastated, since efforts to reach Gabriel proved futile, she called Sonya and Ramon appeared to donate his blood for Jacob.

Ramon revealed to Marissa that he already knew Jacob was his grandson during his baptism and asked her not to hesitate to ask him if Jacob needed anything. Marissa pleaded with him not to inform Ellice and Ramon said the secret was safe with him since he would have revealed the truth to Ellice if he wanted to.

Gabriel realised his phone was off, he switched on his phone to find out that Jacob was rushed to the hospital and left the wedding anniversary venue with his wife to the hospital. They saw Lucing who told them that Jacob was okay now since Ramon donated his blood. As Ellice remained with Lucing, Gabriel went in search of Marissa and bumped into his father.

He asked Ramon what he was doing there and he said since the men in his family l0ved to help women, just like how Gabriel helped Marissa to deliver he was also there to help Marissa to give life to her son. Gabriel wondered what his father meant by that. He went to Marissa and pleaded with her for not being there since it was his wedding anniversary and did not realise his phone was off after charging it.

Ellice appeared in the scene and Marissa said sorry for ruining her anniversary celebration. Ellice said sorry for not being there early and told Marissa not to hesitate to contact she and Gabriel when needed anything. She then pulled her husband away.

After being discharged, Marissa told Blue that she has realised Ellice was doubting Gabriel so she hatched up a new plan to make Ellice pay for switching off Gabriel’s phone and being selfish in keeping Gabriel from being part of her son’s life. She visited Ellice the next day to apologise for ruining her anniversary.

She tried to appeal to the emotions of Ellice as she said it was not easy to be a single mother and was realising she was over relying on Ellice and Gabriel which in turned ruined her anniversary. Ellice now felt sorry for her friend and consoled her as she told Marissa that she could rely on them since she had also supported her.


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