The Law Of Revenge Episode 12

The Law Of Revenge Episode 12 Andres is framed in funds embezzlement, Ellice fights Meredith over Gabriel

In the Ceñidoza mansion, Heidi visited to see Hope when Gelo was playing with the baby. Ellice excused both and gave the baby’s food to Gelo for him to feed her. Heidi and Gelo were back to their Tom and Jerry play.

At work, Gabriel pleaded with Marissa for his inability to be by her side when she needed him the most. Marissa kept on with her pretence, asking Gabriel not to worry since she also had herself to be blamed for being used to him being always there for her and Jacob. She said sorry for expecting him to receive her calls. She lamented that it was not easy being a single mother and Gabriel kept apologising.

Ramon visited the Pinadas to present gifts to his grandson. As he was leaving, he bumped into Gabriel in Marissa’s condo. Gabriel wondered what his father was doing in the condo and he point blankly said he was there to see his grandson much to Gabriel’s surprise. Gabriel warned him not to say that at the presence of Ellice.

Ramon told his son that he knew all his dirty secret as his son took after him, adding with an adage that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Gabriel refused to be like him, as he was leaving, Ramon had an heart attack and Gabriel who cried for help rushed him to the hospital.

Lucing queried Marissa if Ramon was the father of Jacob. Marissa laughed and told her mother not to think that she would sleep with an old man like that. She promised to reveal the identity of Jacob’s father when the right time comes. At the hospital, Gabriel recalled seeing his father with a certain woman who he k!ssed and said goodbye to her. Ramon pleaded with Gabriel to acknowledge Jacob in order to secure the boy’s future.

Gabriel promised to do it only if his father would keep his secret from his wife. Later that night, Ellice explained why she did not want to visit Ramon. She was scared the man might suffer another heart attack so she only sent flowers to him. The next day at the office, Caesar manipulated the entire system to sabotage Andres, the Chief Finance Officer and framed him for the embezzlement.

Soon, Meredith made her grand entry at the company when Gabriel was having a close door meeting. Meredith’s presence got Marissa jealous since everyone including Blue saw her as refined and beautiful . Meredith was the new marketing consultant for Ceñidoza and after a long wait, she met Gabriel. She complemented the looks of Gabriel and introduced herself to him.

Gabriel ushered her to his office and how Meredith acted made Marissa thought of means to get rid of her before snatching Gabriel from her hands. Meredith later made a coffee and it did not taste nice. As part of her plan, Marissa got closer to Meredith and smelt her perfume. She told Meredith that she had a good coffee maker at her office which made tasty coffee. She became Meredith friend.

Gabriel overstayed at the office so Ellice called Marissa to find out what was keeping her husband. Marissa told her that Gabriel left the office before she did. A moment after the call ended, Gabriel appeared and his wife told him to eat but he said he would take his bath first. After hugging her husband, Ellice smelt a scent of a perfume in his Cote and she called Marissa to inform her. Ellice was ready to confront Gabriel but Marissa stopped her.

She advised her friend to gather evidence first. Ellice went ahead to look through Gabriel’s suite and found a locket, she called Marissa again and her friend promised to keep an eye on him at the office. The next day, Ellice made an unannounced visit to the work place just to carry out an investigation about who her husband was having an affair with.

Fast forward, Andres Franca was called to Gabriel’s office and he told Mr Villarosa about his innocence concerning the allegations against him. Trying to prove himself, he was shocked to discover from his bank account that the money was deposited into his account and he knew Caesar was behind it but Gabriel would have none of that.

Caesar who was eavesdropping fled after he knew Andres was caught in the mess. Gabriel was disappointed in Mr Franc for doing that against Ellice. Ellice was in shock after hearing what her father’s loyal Fri has done. She believed Andres was the reason Ceñidoza was bankrupt.

She held a meeting with the board members concerning the issue and was told Andres has accepted to pay the money but Ellice would not allow sleeping dogs to lie. She was hell-bent on dragging Andres to court.

However, the board was against her decision as they did not want the issue to come to light. They were ensuring the issue stayed under the carpet before their investors get to know the company’s problems. Ellice stormed out and bumped into Andres who was weeping. She gave him multiple slaps for betraying her family.

Ellice saw him as her father’s brother not knowing he was the one who was sending the company into bankruptcy. Andres tried to reveal the situation to Ellice but she had closed her mind to listen. She was held back by Gabriel when she was causing a scene.

She rushed to the washroom to calm her nerves when Meredith appeared to smear some perfume on herself and left. Ellice recalled the scent and she followed Meredith out.

She called Meredith’s phone after verifying she was the lady Gabriel was getting involved with, she stormed her office to give her warning to stay away from Gabriel. Gabriel realised what his wife was doing as she accused him of cheating on her with Meredith. Gabriel told her that out of postpartum depression, she accused him of having an affair with Marissa and now Meredith.

Ellice told him that he was keeping things from her, the locket and the messages. Gabriel explained that the locket was his lucky charm and it was something old and believed the message from Meredith was to thank him for orienting her on the marketing strategy of the company. The couple made up, however, Blue felt sorry for Meredith and talked Marissa against dragging innocent people into her revenge against Ellice.

Marissa got upset and reminded Blue of his job of driving, cooking and doing everything she wanted. Lucing arrived home to see her daughter talking rudely to Blue and confronted her against her action. Lucing pleaded on Marissa’s behalf and told Blue to always make Marissa see when she was disrespecting him especially when he was doing the right thing.

Blue believed Marissa was upset and he reflected on how Marissa always protected him and took a fall for him in the discharged of their Ponzi business. He was ready to put his neck on the blade for Marissa since she saved him when Caesar was about to k!ll him for stealing money from their lady boss’ safe to help cater for the health care needs of his mother.


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