The Law Of Revenge Episode 14

The Law Of Revenge Episode 14 Marissa foils Agatha’s plan against her, Ellice, Carmelita discover that Jacob has been acknowledged as a Villarosa

At the Pearls of Ceñidoza and Company, Marissa went to Pinky’s table to ask her of the whereabouts of Gabriel. Pinky revealed that he had gone out to meet Agatha. Marissa called Blue on phone to order him to carry out the plan.

Heidi arrived at the Ceñidoza Mansion to ask Ellice of Gelo but was told he had not dropped by for days. Heidi got worried since the last time they met he was running a fever. She asked of where he was staying and went to the neighbourhood.

At the restaurant where Agatha had planned to meet Gabriel, she requested for a drink. Shortly after, she received a call from Ellice who told her that she wanted them to meet that evening but Agatha declined, claiming she was busy. Soon, Gabriel arrived to meet Agatha to ask of what she wanted to say, only for Agatha to start caressing and k!ssing him.

Unknown to them, Tutti who arrived at the rendezvous place was taking pictures and recording everything. While Pinky was working, he received an email of the picture of Gabriel and Agatha and he also forwarded i to Ellice. Ellice stormed the restaurant to find her husband glued in the arms of Agatha as he was struggling to break loose from the drunk girl’s harassment.

Ellice referred to her US based friend as a lying snake who had been advising her only for her to seduce her husband. Gabriel explained to her that Agatha and him had nothing to do but Ellice insisted that he was having an affair and the act has confirmed all her suspicions. Gabriel was shocked to hear that his wife had been suspicious of him.

He insisted that Agatha and him had nothing doing, stressing that Ellice was aware how Agatha behaved when she was drunk but the girl woke up in the car to say someone spike her drink as she knew her alcohol intake level. She tried convincing Ellice that Gabriel and her had nothing to do and she actually met him to inform him that Marissa was an ex-convict who k!lled a senator’s son.

Ellice hesitated since she did not like that topic, however she said that was not an excuse as she and her husband already knew. Agatha was shocked that Ellice was not bothered to hire a criminal in her company. As Gabriel was bothered by his wife’s discovery, Marissa advised him to be careful with Agathat and give Ellice a space to reflect on the issue. She knew her friend would calm her nerves and they would live happy again.

Elsewhere, Heidi met someone who was distributing food, money and drugs to the less privileged to ask of Gelo. She was told Gelo has not been seen for days but he kept on with his charitable deed.

Agatha visited Ellice to explain to her that someone spike her drink and apologised for her act. She told Ellice that she believed Marissa was behind it, that was why she received pictures of her and Gabriel. She believed Marissa set her up and warned Ellice that Marissa was manipulating her. Ellice sacked Agatha and told her that she did not need her ever again.

Gabriel arrived home to find that his wife has prepared dinner. She used that opportunity to plead with her husband to forgive her as she claimed she was acting based on impulse since she was scared to lose him. Gabriel assured her that she was not going to lose him and they affirmed their l0ve to eachother.

That night as Gabriel was in the bathroom, Ellice picked his phone to read messages and sent some to some numbers. Heidi found the abode of Gelo and the latter asked her what she was doing in his house. Heidi told him that she was worried about him that was why she dropped by to find the exact thing that was wrong since he had failed to pick her calls and later couldn’t reach him.

Gelo claimed his battery died, Heidi realised Gelo was sick but the guy distanced himself claiming he was a mere house help and did not want to have anything to do with her and sacked her. Heidi was surprised that he was making issues out of their social status. Since he was sacking her, she got upset and left.

The next day as Gabriel left home to work, his wife tailed him to find out that her husband had gone to UnMarquerz Law Firm to get some documents. When Gabriel left, she went inside the law firm posing off that she was there to file for an annulment, only to trick the receptionists to go for documents for her to look at the copy of the documents which her husband was given.

She was almost caught and feigned an ailment for the receptionist to seek help for her just for her to use the opportunity to go through the documents to find out that Gabriel had filed paternity affidavit to acknowledge Jacob as a Villarosa. She wept in her car and reflected on everything while joining the pieces together.

Agatha passed by the office to warn Marissa and brushed her conviction on her face but Marissa was not bothered since Ellice had accepted her together with her crimes. Agatha then went to Gabriel’s office but the ladies man closed the door on her as Marissa gave a mockery sigh.

Later, the board congratulated Marissa and Gabriel for an outstanding job that would help the company initiate their expansion project. They decided to celebrate by having a lunch together. Carmelita also discovered that Ramon had acknowledged Jacob and included him in his will.

However, his wife was against since Ellice might not accept it. Ramon knew his wife accepted his illegitimate children so if Ellice would not accept then she could go ahead and break her marriage. Ellice cried at the office and revealed to pinky that Jacob was Gabriel’s son.

Pinky could not believe that Marissa was a backstabber. Ellice then planned with Pinky to gather more evidence to expose Marissa and kick her out of her life.


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