The Law Of Revenge Episode 15

The Law Of Revenge Episode 15 Ellice plays Marissa’s game to obtain evidence, Marissa finally reveals Jacob’s identity to Lucing

Agatha asked her goon about new update on Marissa and was told she was tied to a crime syndicate. She told her goon to lay low for now otherwise they would be caught. Elsewhere, Caesar called Adelina to inform her about how Marissa had been neck tied to other things instead of taking the revenge on Ellice.

Adelina trusted Marissa and she knew how calculative she was with her steps. She regarded Marissa as smart who intelligently made her plan so she warned Caesar to allow Marissa to do the job and not call her for useless update.

Red, the right hand man of Caesar suggested he got rid of Marissa for being a pain on the neck but Caesar vented his anger on him since Marissa was Adelina’s favourite.

Ellice went to see a lawyer to know the legal action she could take on both Marissa and Gabriel. The lawyer told her that she could file a concubinage lawsuit against her husband and she asked of how she could also get rid of Marissa from the work place inorder to forfeit her shares.

The lawyer told her to gain evidence on immoral conduct to sack her and for her shares, Ellice had to gain evidence on any illegal activity Marissa was into as that could make Ellice gain Marissa’s shares.

Marissa went to a restaurant with Gabriel to celebrate their win. Ellice kept tabs on them as she snapped pictures. She joined them and poured soup on Marissa referring to her as greedy who wanted to have a taste of everything she liked including her husband Gabriel. Marissa had enough and fought Ellice but it turned out that Ellice was imagining things. After gaining the evidence she wanted, she left without being noticed.

Marissa returned to her office and was accompanied by Tutti who was saying she would have also become jealous if lots of women were surrounding her husband. Ellice called Marissa to ask her if they could go for a lunch and she accepted. Unknown to her, Pinky had planted a transmitting device under her table for Ellice to listen on to every conversation that would go on in Marissa’s office.

Gabriel came to the office to meet Carmelita there. She queried her son why he was repeating same mistake as his father. Gabriel explained that sleeping with Marissa was a mistake and it was only a one night stand but he wanted to be part of his son’s life that was why he acknowledged him. He pleaded with his mother to keep his secret safe since it would cause his marriage, should Ellice found the truth.

Heidi went to Gelo’s neighbourhood to do some donation, this made her rekindle her friendship with the poor young guy. Marissa dropped some documents to Gabriel at his office and Caesar who had been keeping tabs on her called Adelina to inform her that Marissa was still flirting with the owner’s husband, stressing that it might get them into trouble in the execution of their plans.

Adelina called Marissa and she promised to see the woman later. When Marissa was leaving the office, she bumped into Gabriel and he asked her where she was going. Marissa opened up to him, saying she was having lunch with Ellice. Gabriel looked tensed and asked Marissa to be cautious. Marissa was also worried since Ellice request came out of the blue.

Ellice and Marissa were in the restaurant eating. While Marissa was intelligently trying to figure out the reason for their meeting, Ellice was equally using cunning tactics on her. She said she has realised she had been busy that she even neglected her friend.

She asked Marissa why she had failed to have a l0ve life of her own. Marissa said she had been busy working and taking care of Jacob so she had failed to prioritise l0ve. She stressed Ellice would be the first to know should everything work for her with a man who she was eyeing.

When Marissa asked about her relationship with Gabriel, Ellice claimed she had lied to have said all things were going on right. She still suspected that Gabriel had a mistress and had a son with that mistress and termed the issue as complicated. Marissa was shocked but she hid her emotions. Ellice went ahead to say that she found some receipts of some expensive gifts her husband bought for the son and suspected it might be for Jacob.

Marissa denied Jacob receiving any expensive gifts and offered her support to help her find the truth. Ellice complemented Marissa for not running after her child’s father as she would have ended up k!lling the two of them if she was the wife. Ellice went home to cry and Lucing asked of her problem. She said her husband cheated and had a son. Lucing suspected it was Marissa.

Marissa returned to the office and Gabriel was anxious to know if his wife had found out the secret since his father and mother already knew the true identity of Jacob. Marissa concealed the truth while Pinky called Ellice to inform her. Believing that Marissa had not told on her, she could continue her mission of gathering evidence.

In Marissa’s office, Tutti asked about how the lunch with her friend went, her pen fell and she stumbled on the transmitter. She alerted Marissa, Marissa thought of everything Ellice said and realised her friend was listening onto her conversation so she changed the entire direction of the topic. Ellice who was listening was surprised to hear Marissa making it seemed like his suspicions about Gabriel only existed in her mind.

Gabriel got home and sent along a bouquet and Ellice asked the kind of crime he has committed that he was bringing a flower as a peace offering. Gabriel seemed lost and asked if he had to do something wrong before giving a flower. Marissa went home and Lucing squeezed the truth about the paternity of Jacob from Marissa.

Upon hesitation, Marissa finally admitted that Gabriel was the father of Jacob. She received multiple slaps from her mother. As she termed the act as a mistake that would cause her friendship, her mother’s l0ve and would affect Hope and Jacob. She told her mother that it was hard to keep the truth from her and Ellice for betraying them, adding that Lucing could decide to tell Ellice the truth since she was tired of hiding the truth.

The next day, she went to work to discover some changes only to realise Ellice had returned without informing her, claiming it was a surprise since the company was hers. This made Marissa begin to suspect Ellice knowing the truth.

The workers gossiped how terrible it was for her to have returned since it was a disaster the last time she came when she obnoxiously accused Marissa of cheating with her husband. Caesar who was eavesdropping was glad to hear that. Gabriel sent his wife to the office and she spotted what could possibly be an evidence against him and Marissa.

She acted like she was helping her husband to cover the files. As his wife was going through the documents, Gabriel recalled leaving a DNA test result inside and tried to stop his wife who was holding the result.


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