The Law Of Revenge Episode 17

The Law Of Revenge Episode 17 Marissa saves Ellice’s life, Gabriel disappoints Marissa

In the Villarosa mansion, Heidi was dressed up to leave the house but was stopped by Sonya. Heidi made an excuse that she was visiting Gabriel to check on Hope but her mother knew she was making that excuse up to meet with the “houseboy boyfriend” of hers.

Heidi denied having anything to do with Gelo, they were merely friends. Sonya had been tipped off by Heidi’s friends that she has been meeting with Gelo and advised her daughter to date an affluent person, a man who would take care of her not the other way round. As the conversation was ongoing, Helena was also eavesdropping.

Elsewhere, Gabriel told his friend about his wife’s suspicions. Seeing how Gabriel was striving hard to keep the truth of Jacob under wrap, he advised him to spill the truth, believing his wife might forgive him. Gabriel was scared to lose his family but his friend insisted on revealing it to ease his conscience.

Since Andres was not appearing, Ellice smelt something fishy and rushed to the man’s house to find out that Andres left the house since morning. At the Ceñidoza office, Caesar came to inform Marissa about the plans of Ellice in meeting Andres. Marissa called Adelina to inform her while assuring the woman that she would ensure Ellice did not find out about their organisation.

Later, Tutti stumbled on Caesar making a call, ordering someone to carry out an evil task so Tutti blew the horn to Marissa that Caesar was enrolling vicious plot to get rid of someone. Marissa had bad feeling and called Blue to prepare the car. She rushed to Gabriel’s office to enquire from him where his wife was and was devastated that Gabriel did not know where Ellice was.

Ellice called Pinky to voice out about her suspicion of Marissa being behind Andres’ sudden disappearance after reflecting on what Agatha said against Marissa. Ellice left and Marissa was able to find her but she was far from her so Marissa ordered Blue to step on it in order to save her friend.

Ellice kept driving with a plan against Marissa, unbeknownst, her car break was not functioning and she had an accident. Marissa who had been tailing her friend to save her was not able to catch up early. She screamed in pain as Ellice hit herself on the car screen.

Marissa cried, she did not want anything bad to happen to her best friend. She quickly called an ambulance, as the ambulance was keeping long, she wanted to save her friend by herself but Blue held her back. The ambulance finally arrived and Ellice was taken to the hospital. She ensured her friend fell into a good hands before leaving the accident scene with Blue.

Marissa wept bitterly that her friend was at the blink of death, making Blue wonder why she was showing concern about a person she was taking a revenge on. Marissa said she was no murderer and k!lling was not part of her vengeance plan.

The Doctor told Gabriel that Ellice was in a critical condition and sustained some head injuries but various tests had to be conducted on her to confirm if she suffered some internal bleeding in the head. Gabriel was devastated and did not want to lose his wife so he told the doctor to do everything possible to save his wife.

Lucing wept and prayed for the safety of Ellice. She even suspected that Marissa and Gabriel were responsible for Ellice’s accident and Gabriel explained that his wife had an accident and it was no one’s fault. He used that moment to tell Lucing that he has planned to reveal to Ellice the truth about Jacob’s paternity. He also told Carmelita when she visited the hospital and his mother advised him to make his wife fully recover before.

Elsewhere, Marissa confronted Caesar for his act. Caesar slapped Marissa for backing Ellice. Marissa slapped him back and warned him against any act that would create problems. The issue reached the syndicate boss and Adelina was also upset and slapped Caesar for acting so carelessly as his actions would raise eyebrows.

Adelina stood behind Marissa and warned Caesar not to come in between Marissa’s plan as he has even disrespected her as the leader since Caesar took a decision behind her back. Caesar vented his anger on Red for failing to deliver the job. Red said he tempered with the breaks but Marissa saved Ellice. Marissa rushed to the hospital and was devastated.

Gabriel told her about his decision to inform Ellice the truth once she woke up and get better. Marissa supported his decision. Since he had to take care of his wife, he told Marissa to be in charge of the office and she accepted. He hugged Marissa and suddenly, Ellice woke up to watch them. Gabriel realised his wife has woken up and he broke from the embrace. In merriment, he told Marissa that Ellice was awoken.

Gabriel rushed to her ward and Ellice k!ssed him just to get Marissa jealous for hugging her husband. Marissa who was watching them in discomfort reasoned: whether Ellice would accept her husband should she get to know the truth or not. Gabriel left for Marissa to also talk to her. Marissa told Ellice how happy she was in seeing her okay.

Ellice said in witty manner that she would bounce back when Marissa least expected. Marissa who still felt sorry for her friend said Ellice should relax and recover, she would handle everything at the office in her absence. Ellice obnoxiously thanked her for always being there for her.

Later, the investigator told Ellice, Gabriel and Pinky that what happened to Ellice was not castrated by anyone, she was riding on top speed, thus the accelerator had an issue which eventually affected the breaks. In the Villarosa mansion, as Carmelita was expressing sadness for Ellice’s condition, Ramon indicated that Gabriel and Marissa would have ended up together should Ellice had not made it alive.

Carmelita took it personal that her husband had wished death for her to end up with his mistress but he should bear in mind that Gabriel was and would never be like him. Ramon told his wife that he was just kidding but since she was still upset and not ready for humour he walked out on her.

“I just had an accident but Gabriel and Marissa keep on making a f00l out of me,” Ellice hissed at the hospital when talking to Pinky.

“Those blur face liars!”

“I hate that they cannot afford to give me little respect and dignity.”

“I am really sorry mom,” the gay apologised
“It’s my fault!”

“No Pinky,” Ellice raised an objection “None of this is your fault so don’t blame yourself.”

Ellice failed to relax as she wanted to recover early to get back to the office to set her plans in motion. She proceeded to say that the pictorial evidence she gathered were inconclusive and needed the affidavit of paternity acknowledgement to drag the a$$ of Marissa from her company and enlisted Pinky’s help in delivering that task.

Fast forward, Marissa dropped by Gabriel’s office to enquire from him how her best friend was doing and Gabriel said she was discharged the previous night. Marissa asked if he had been able to voice out the truth to Ellice but Gabriel indicated that woking up in the morning and seeing his wife sleeping soundly next to him, he realised he could not afford to lose her so he has decided not to cast lot with his luck and would not tell her the truth.

Marissa felt pains in her heart as her eyes were heavy with tears. As soon as she left, Gabriel torn the DNA test results of Jacob and threw it into the trash can. Unknown to him, Pinky had seen him and she picked the pieces from the trash and joined them, stressing that it would be of help to Ellice.

In the house, Marissa opened her safe to take the comb which she stole from Ellice during their childhood and thought about what Gabriel said. She felt shuttered that Gabriel could not tell his wife the truth.


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