The Law Of Revenge Episode 18

The Law Of Revenge Episode 18 Ellice falls into her own trap sets to disgrace Marissa, Lucing suffers Ellice’s wrath

While taking care of Hope in the house, Ellice read the DNA test result which Pinky joined together. She wept for being stabbed at the back by both her husband and best friend, however, Gabriel arrived home with a bouquet.

Seeing the tears on his wife’s face, he asked of her problem and she said she was shedding tears since she had been suspicious of him while he had done nothing than being a good husband. She ironically told Gabriel that she did not even deserve a husband like him.

The next day, Lucing dropped by the house to ask Ellice if her husband had come clean with her. Ellice believed that her husband was not planning to voice out the truth. To make the matter worse, he was seeing the other woman while she was on her sick bed. Lucing said it was good that she has voiced out, since that could help ease her pain.

Gabriel visited Marissa to check on his son. Marissa asked him when Ellice would resume work and he said he wanted his wife to have enough rest to fully recover. Elsewhere, Christina passed by the house to talk to Ellice. After seeing Sonya and her daughter arguing, she offered to be the ally of Heidi so that she could help her meet Gelo secretly. She offered to go out with the teenager with an excuse to see Ellice so that she could bond with Gelo.

Gelo was unhappy that Heidi had to lie to her mother just to see him. He appreciated everything Heidi was doing to be with him but he wanted her to come clean with her mother. He explained how good it was to have a mother by one’s side, a privilege he never had.

Fast forward, Marissa packed some foods in her lunch box. Lucing wondered why she had to send all those foods to work and she said she was doing that since she wanted to serve Gabriel with some.

“And do you think that doing all these things will make Gabriel look at you and worth a shot?” Lucing reprimanded her.

“Stop fooling yourself Marissa it is good to open your eyes and stare at the truth.”

Marissa did not mind her mother. She later received a call from Gabriel informing her about a presentation they had do to gain a new investor, Mrs Antonia. As the partners were talking about their new work, Ellice was also styling up to take them by surprise. At the workplace, an emergency meeting with the board was about to be held.

Marissa was shocked to receive that news from Tutti. She asked Tutti whether she knew the agenda on board but her secretary had no idea since no one was aware that Ellice would even return on that day. All the executives gathered in the board room and were dumbfounded when Ellice accused Marissa of money laundering.

She presented the board with all the documents to prove her accusations that all the discrepancies happened during the leadership of Marissa. She also had a second backup financial documents that had the accurate figures for the board to compare with the massaged figures which the annual income is increased by 20per cent. Marissa was surprised by the act of Ellice and Gabriel seemed all worn-out.

Marissa wondered what Ellice meant so she looked through the documents. Ellice was feeling all pompous believing she had caught off the head of the termites bitting her life into pieces, however Marissa raised an objection.

“But this is not the right documents.”

Ellice had that satisfying look until the tables were turned around for her to look like a f00l. Marissa ordered Tutti to get the right financial statements from the account office. Stunned by Marissa’s move, Ellice and Pinky locked gaze. Tutti returned with the supposed right documents and she distributed them to the board members.

The executive looked through and one stated that there were no discrepancy in the financial statement authenticated. Ellice did not want to accept that there was no anomalies, she knew her friend has pulled the strings again and warned her to stop playing games with her but Marissa gave the innocent facial looks while she gave her the sigh that Ellice could not defeat her.

Ellice now stated that Andres was the only person who could voice out the truth but Marissa had shut the man up and has kidnapped the man for him not to be seen.

“Is it that he does not want to be seen or he did not want to talk to you,” Marissa hissed.

Since Ellice insisted on her claims, Marissa told her not to worry as Andres was on his way to the place. Andres showed his face in the boardroom.

“Well speak of the devil,” Marissa smiled.

Marissa handed the document which Ellice said was the exposé but Andres rejected the document as the rightful one and chose the one Tutti distributed as the real one. Ellice tried to force the truth from Andres, claiming he was the one who called her to accuse Marissa of money laundering and asked if he was being threatened. The board ended the meeting since Marissa has cleared her name.

Andres left and Ellice followed him at the elevator. The gossips in the work place spread the news through text messages and saw Ellice as annoying who was back with her accusations. Ellice caught up with Andres and scolded him for disgracing her but Andres failed to talk and left while Marissa and Tutti watched them with a satisfactory looks.

Gabriel tried reaching Andres but his phone was off. Caesar insinuated that Ellice’s action might be fueled by something else but for the finances everything was authenticated and there was no discrepancy. Ellice came to Gabriel’s office and Gabriel tried to find reasons for her accusations. She shoved Gabriel aside, saying she knew everything and left.

Tutti followed Marissa to her office to complement her for escaping the crouches of Ellice. A flashback showed that Marissa gave some files to Tutti to exchange it with the ones in the financial department.

Later, Pinky came to the financial department to take the documents and when Tutti informed Marissa about the emergency meeting which Ellice was holding, she made Tutti call their key alibi to the meeting. It turned out that Blue had threatened Mr Andres Franca not to involve himself in the issue otherwise his family would k!ss good bye to the world, the reason the man distanced himself from Ellice and lied to save his family.

Lucing got to the Ceñidoza mansion to find Ellice crying in solitude. She told Ellice that she had something important to say to her and Ellice also said she had something to say. Before Lucing could talk, Ellice opened up that she knew the truth already and the person her husband was cheating her with was no other than Marissa.

Lucing said they were not dating, Ellice realised Lucing had been keeping the truth from her. She sacked Lucing from her house, claiming she was the person she trusted the most but she also disappointed her. Lucing pleaded with her to listen to her side of the story as the truth was the reason she was there to tell her since she could no longer bear it in her mind.

At Ceñidoza, Marissa got to the office of Gabriel to play the victim. She described Ellice as selfish for asking her help in the worse time of her life and when she helped to put Ellice’s business on its feet, she no longer needed her and accused her of money laundering. Marissa cried that she abandoned her life and work to focus on Ellice’s own but that was what she got for being helpful.

Gabriel pleaded with Marissa to understand his wife’s situation but Marissa insisted that Ellice was selfish. She faked some tears and Gabriel consoled and hugged her. Unknown to Marissa, Caesar was spying on her and went to inform Adelina. Since Marissa was able to cover up to solve the earlier situation, Adelina shun Caesar’s claims and drove him out from her presence while warning him to allow Marissa to be.

Marissa and Sonya met up in a restaurant. She told Sonya the traumatic experience Ellice made her go through earlier at the office and Sonya described Ellice as cold, uncomfortable to be with and full of troubles. She even wished that Marissa was her sister in-law instead and told Marissa to consider her as a sister since Ellice did not deserve a friend like her.

Gabriel arrived home to find his wife on the bed. He told her that he tried to support her so he had a second look at the financial documents yet could not find any discrepancy but Ellice snubbed him so Gabriel decided to give her some space.

Sonya escorted Marissa home and when she left, Lucing scolded Marissa for forcing herself on the family of Gabriel. Marissa remained quiet as she already knew the mother she had.

“In case you haven’t seen it, Ellice already knows that Jacob is Gabriel’s son,” Lucing added while Marissa looked so surprise.


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