The Law Of Revenge Episode 19

The Law Of Revenge Episode 19 Ellice takes revenge on Marissa by rejecting her works, Gabriel is confronted by his wife over his betrayal

In confrontation with her daughter, Marissa now confirmed her hunch about her friend was right and believed she was plotting against her to kick her from the company, hence, the reason she has not scolded her yet for knowing the paternity of Jacob.

Lucing gave her a slap, claiming Marissa wanted to snatch Ellice’s husband, in contrary, Marissa said she could not control the feelings of Gabriel or who he preferred.

Ellice checked on Hope, she promised to fight for her and their family. Meanwhile, Marissa assured Jacob that she would fight for his right as a Villarosa and would not allow Ellice to deny him the right to be closer to his dad.

Elsewhere, Caesar was still upset that the presence of Marissa in the organisation has taken his favour from the eye of Adelina so Red proposed that they eliminated her since she was being a nuisance but Caesar punched him for his inability to k!ll her when the right moment came. He was sure he would be blamed should something bad happened to Marissa and had a plan to use Marissa’s weakness, her emotions.

The next day in the mansion of the Ceñidozas, Gabriel set the table for breakfast and called on Ellice to eat but she did not mind him and checked on her daughter. At the Villarosa mansion, Sonya informed her family about how Ellice made allegations and accused Marissa of money laundering while disgracing her but ended up being disgraced.

Ellice and Marissa clash in an elevator. Seeing Ellice, Marissa decided to greet her. The two began getting eachother upset when Marissa asked if she was able to sleep well without her conscience bothering her. Ellice said she slept well knowing all her claims were true, it was a matter of time. She believed if she looked at the right places the actual person telling the truth would be revealed.

Marissa believed all was in Ellice’s head just like how she pounced on people accusing them of having an affair with her husband.

“What I can assure you of is that I don’t feel happy with this feeling of being paranoid, it is quite tiring actually,” Ellice said.

Marissa indicated that Ellice might be finding it hard to adjust to the working condition due to her long stay in the house it was difficult for her to take everything under her control but Ellice said she never lost anything to reclaim it and reminded Marissa that she was the owner and her name was Ellice Ceñidoza-Villarosa.

The workers were also waiting to use the elevator, not knowing Ellice has stopped it in her clash with Marissa. However, the workers preempted the clash and when the elevator opened they saw the cat and dog facing eachother.

The CEO and the COO came out of the elevator and the workers ran inside the elevator to continue their rumours. Tutti complemented the looks of Marissa and said Ellice was copying her since the CEO was also wearing fitting royal blue attire instead of her regular office wear.

“That is what happens when someone jealous you, they copy you,” Marissa hissed.

Heidi sharpened Gelo answering skills for a job interview. At Ceñidoza, Marissa did a presentation for the company’s expansion project to secure possible investors. As part of the expansion project, she was targeting Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand among others which the Golden Sun Explicit designs that combined gold and gemstone would be exported there but Ellice was against the idea.

She wanted something that they could target surrounding countries to make their investors gain from their investment before they looked at countries like Indonesia so she urged the board that they had to look at pearls designs that could be cost effective to signify the emerald the company stand for, which was beauty and simplicity.

Ellice called off the meeting. Caesar who was smiling all along approached Marissa to whisper.

“Here I thought you always win.”

Gabriel went to ask his wife why she kept embarrassing Marissa. Seeing Marissa appeared, Ellice k!ssed Gabriel and Caesar who was eavesdropping laughed from where he was standing.

Later in the house, Ellice took her pillow going to sleep in a different room but Gabriel did not understand her.

“Hun Please! tell me what are you hiding from me?” Gabriel queried.

“You don’t know what is happening?” Ellice hissed!

“I’m I really the one who is hiding something?”

“Look Ellice! if you really think I am having an affair with someone then you are mistaken, I am innocent .”

“Are you sure?”


“You didn’t cheat on me not even once?”

“Hun I promise you, You the only woman I…..”
Before Gabriel could end his speech, Ellice slapped him.

“That’s your last chance for you to tell me the truth but you still chose to lie to me?”

Ellice then told him that she knew everything and even knew that he was the father of Jacob and all those while she and Marissa were having an affair. Gabriel asked her to trust him that it was just one night stand, hence have nothing doing with Marissa. Gabriel begged her yet she cried for his betrayal.

That night, Gabriel looked back on the repercussions of his one-night stand with his wife’s best friend. Gabriel finds himself caught in between wanting to be a good father to Jacob and being a supportive husband to Ellice.

The next day, Marissa was leaving for work when Lucing in fury asked her what she would do now that Ellice had gotten to know the truth. Marissa asked Lucing whether she was expecting her to lick Ellice’s feet simply because she has discovered the truth. Her mother believed Marissa was still planning to snatch Ellice’s husband.

“I am not planning to tear them apart, I am only doing this for my son.”

“I need to fight for my son’s right!”

“I wish you would too because he is your grandson.”

While Gabriel was leaving for work, Ellice said she would not kick him out from the house but would make him stay due to Hope. She did not intend to give Hope a broken family, so he would only stay for the child and asked him to remember that.

At work, Marissa also did another presentation for Mr Reuben Madriaga, a fashion designer for his upcoming show. She introduced something trendy and playful that would catch the public eyes when they embellish it with the gowns that the models would were on the runaway.

Ellice once again rejected the idea and proposed their regular classic designs for the event, terming Marissa’s own designs as tacky. Mr Madriaga preferred Ellice’s idea and went for the classic one.

As Marissa stormed the office of Ellice to confront her for the deliberate act to get her humiliated, Gabriel was also brooding over the act of his children’s parents and Caesar consoled him. Gabriel got to his wife’s office to find the two women in heated argument and queried:

“What is going on.”


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